How to make homemade pizza and pizza dough with Curtis Stone

I’ve got a meal that your
family will go crazy for. If you have kids, this is one
to really get them involved in because they’ll love
the process of making it, but even more than that, they will
absolutely love eating it. It’s a homemade pizza. It’s one of the most beautiful things
in the world as far as I’m concerned. We’re gonna make
the dough from scratch, then I’m gonna show
you how to combine all these different ingredients
and make a beautiful pizza bianco, which is of course a white pizza. So what we do is we take
some water – lukewarm – and you add to that
a little bit of sugar, which is gonna feed our yeast. So I’ve got some dry instant yeast. Give it a little stir around
and what’s gonna happen is the yeast is gonna become active
with the sugar and you’ll see it start to foam
in just a minute, like that. Beautiful. So you sit that
for just a couple of minutes. And straightaway, that yeast
will start to work. So into your food processor,
take a cup and a half of plain flour and a generous pinch of salt. Now, the reason you put
the salt in with the flour and not in with the yeast is because
the salt is the yeast’s enemy. Sugar is its friend,
salt its enemy. So the salt will
actually kill the yeast, so don’t put it in straightaway
with the yeast in the water when it’s becoming active. So once you can see the yeast
has become really quite active – and you can see it in here,
all these little, little bubbles – what that means is
it’s ready to get to work, OK? So what you’re gonna do
is turn on your food processor and just slowly add it in. You need just a tablespoon or so
of extra virgin olive oil. And then your dough will
come together just like that. Just work it a little bit. Sort of tucking it back underneath. So it’s nice and smooth. Pop it onto your tray,
cover it in cling film and give it about
45 minutes to an hour. It needs to double in size
before you’re ready to work it. Beautiful. So it’s been an hour
and have a look at this. The dough has doubled in size,
which is exactly what you want. You should be able to pick it up. Now what I’m gonna do is put it
on a really large tray, alright? You want it really nice and big
so it’s not gonna stick. Just a little bit of olive oil.
Just a little bit. I’m gonna wipe that around. Then it’s time
to stretch out the dough. Now, for me, the more you stretch
out the dough, the better the pizza because I love thin crust pizzas. Of course, if you want a thicker
crust, don’t stretch it out too much. But I like to just sort of get your two hands in there
and just stretch it and let gravity do the work
and just pull that down. And once you get it to a place
where you can almost see through it, then you want to get it
on the tray pretty fast. Beautiful. This way, you can kind of get it
into the corners of that tray, continue to stretch it out
just a little bit. So once you have your dough
rolled out, what you wanna do is get just a little bit
of extra virgin olive oil – just a couple of tablespoons – and here I’m gonna just
take my garlicky olive oil and this gives it
a beautiful flavour and just kind of spread that around. The next thing is just
a little bit of parmesan cheese. I’m just gonna sprinkle
some of that over the base. You wanna work quite quickly ’cause
you don’t want the base to dry out. You don’t want the dough to become too stuck
to the base of the pan there. And then you get the potatoes. Now, what I’ve done with the potatoes is I’ve just cut them
into little pieces and then I’ve stuck them into water,
brought it to the boil, let it boil for only two minutes,
taken it out and then you’ve got these beautiful
sort of semi-cooked pieces of potato. Next, I’ve got some asparagus spears that I’ve just
cut in half lengthways. Again, a little bit of olive oil. You can put a little salt and pepper. Just give those a really light
toss around like that and put those all over the pizza… so. Finish it with a bit more
parmesan cheese. And this pizza bianca
is ready to go in the oven. Beautiful. Now here’s
the important part. You’ve gotta put it
into a red hot oven. I’m talking as hot
as your oven will get. Remember, this stuff usually
gets cooked in a wood-fired oven and they’re really hot,
so 250 degrees at least. The great thing about homemade pizza
is it’s really, really quick. So depending on how thin you get it will depend on how long
it takes to cook. But, oh, yum! Isn’t that special? Just 10 minutes.
That’s all that it took. So I’m gonna just… Using a knife
or you can use a spatula, just pull that out. Oh-ho-ho-ho! Yum! OK, so the next thing we do
is take some prosciutto and I’m just gonna lay the prosciutto
slices straight over the pizza. You’ll see the heat from the pizza’s gonna come up and just melt
that prosciutto – it’s so beautiful. And then I’ve got all these
beautiful rocket leaves here that I’m gonna go ahead
and just sprinkle over the top. Drizzle with a little bit
of extra virgin olive oil. And I’m gonna put just a few drops
of lemon juice as well. That’s it. It’s so simple. It’s so much fun for your family
making the pizza. It looks absolutely fantastic, but even better than how it looks
is how it’s about to taste. Ha-ha-ha-ha! Buon appetito.

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  1. maryam fayyaz says:

    Love that …..,

  2. Amina Ymer says:

    I wonder if you are making a more traditional pizza- what's the best tomato sauce for the base?

  3. William Barksdale says:

    Curtis Stone should have his own cooking channel on youtube

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    Wow I guess people are lost when it comes to making pizza so sad

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    i love your food 🥘

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    I just love watching this guy cook, his accent is so damn cute, i've learnt alot from him, go Curtis, why is he not on food network?

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    cute way of doing pizza.. love it!

  8. S S says:

    That looks amazing, Curtis. I've been trying to get my son into the kitchen more and I think this will do the trick. Thank you for this wonderful idea.

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    I'm drooling… Excellent recipe!

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    Oh, I don't know about this pizza, it looks a bit too healthy.

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    Aussie pizza

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    Inspiring! Love it.

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    Looks unreal 😍😍😍

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    I would coat the potatoes with olive oil too before placing them on the base.

  17. Angel Jojo says:

    dearest curtis my favorite chef of all chefs … I wonder y we keep receiving un cooked dough from pizza places here in lebanon..what do you think the problem is??? we must cook the dough a little then add cheese…or just use the right fire???not to mention how humans love the loads of cheese on top which I really hate… I almost hate mozarella now :'(

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