32 comments on “How to Make Pizza Dough with a Mixer | Homemade Pizza”

  1. Damaris X says:


  2. Madison Smith says:


  3. AlphaBeast says:

    Try adding some milk in.

  4. boostdmustang says:

    Hey great way to explain technique for manual nead

  5. lcj E says:


  6. Penny Productions says:

    Phe didn't lock the mixer

  7. Adam Savage says:

    This is my first homemade pizza dough and it came out feeling like it was already proofed and ready to toss. I let it sit for about 30 minutes and it got really soft. What did I do wrong?

  8. G Jacobson says:

    It would helpful if the recipe/video would tell us how much water and how much yeast

  9. Lisa Pasechnick says:

    YES!!! HOW MUCH YEAST UGH!!!!!! idiot..

  10. william reeves says:

    that is not in any way how you make a dough ball

  11. Emma Staffner says:

    How much water and yeast

  12. Donna Roberge says:

    The video says 3C flour n the recipe says 2C. The measurements are off.

  13. barn owl says:

    Left most of the honey in the cup lol..

  14. Luvenia Waiters says:

    Go to woodprix webpage if you'd like to build it yourself.

  15. Pranks Vevo says:

    Wow buzfeed took ur place

  16. Egor Skavysh says:

    ould go to WooPep if you'd like to know how to diet good and be more wholesome.

  17. Sarah Wassmuth says:

    Great simple recipe! Worked for me! I used a packet of yeast and a cup of water.

  18. Matt Kaiser says:

    He says 3 cups of flour and a "little bit of water" (unknown yeast) and an unknown amount of honey.
    The description says 2 cups of flour. Wtf.

  19. Jason Rougeau says:

    all purpose flour, different from video TROLL DESCRIPTION

  20. goinghomesomeday1 says:

    If this chap had a proper dough kneading machine he wouldn't have had to knead it by hand – AWESOME.
    The usual amount of yeast to use is around 5g per 500gm of flour – AWESOME.
     Bench flour, table flour or flour from the bag are the same thing – AWESOME.
    He should have mixed the mixture in the jug to blend the ingredients fully – AWESOME.
    A BIT OF WATER! I thought water was a liquid, maybe he meant a drop of water – AWESOME.
    Oh my gawwwwd.

  21. menevetsny says:

    He says 1 cup of water but if you freeze the video, there's 1.5 cups.

  22. Sheila Snyder says:

    EPIC FAIL !!! Followed recipe (1 C water) to a T. What the heck ? ? ?

  23. Jacob A. Hull says:

    How do you keep the dough from walking up the dough hook?

  24. Starr Stroh says:

    You may go to woodprix website if you'd like to make it yourself guys.

  25. Rodlin Von-Hugenstine says:

    Oh you a honey dough homo

  26. DROS says:

    Hi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51C8kiqRhBU check out Nick from Australia's video and please, please subscribe !

  27. Chris Allison says:

    The description says 2 cups of flour. The video says 3. Please clarify which is correct.

  28. xyyx1001 says:

    Lost me when he pulled the scraper out of his back pocket and started pushing the dough around with it. Freaking gross.

  29. Muh. Harwin says:

    hello sir, can you make the fizza dough a little chewy, because there are two types of fizza, crispy fizza, with chewy fizza

  30. sabreteeth1212 says:

    Do you put oil in the pizza dough or not? It's mentioned in the written recipe but not the video.

  31. Diego Nik says:

    You never mention how much yeast

  32. Teddington Bear says:

    This guy is douchetarded

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