How to Make Prison Style Sweet and Sour Pork With Andy Roy

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  1. BronzeBobCat says:

    Prisoners become chef

  2. The805biker says:

    I heard you can’t jack off in prison ? Lol

  3. EL Dinamita says:

    Wanted to see him fight the guy at the end

  4. J Rod. says:

    It’s been 5 years since this video, bet he’s back in prison lol.

  5. Tokio says:

    Outside prison this shit is worse than garbage but in prison this is a 5 star meal

  6. mrcinemajunky says:

    Im just guessing but I think sweetened koolaid might work better.

  7. H20deezguts5 says:

    My boy going my peoples beer

  8. Dave says:

    Probably made this for his boyfriend when he was incarcerated. Then gave him a suck off for dessert.

  9. John Gonzalez says:

    I bet it looks and smells like shit

  10. ncsam 000000 says:

    Crack is a hell of a drug.

  11. AJ Bigfoot says:

    How did this guy go to jail, he seems so cute and innocent.

  12. SquirrelForce says:

    He is using the wrong kind of koolaid. You need to use the one with sugar premixed into it. The one he's using has no sugar so it's super sour.

  13. Bill Sabado says:

    If you make all the pieces smaller, leave out the siracha, use better chips, use less hot water, and wrap it all in a chip bag to steam, it tastes way better.

  14. Y Tho says:

    This dude looks like he will buy kids alcohol then sell them a Mountain Dew hat😂

  15. Dickie Punchcock says:

    He’ll be back in prison within a year

  16. Sami Uddin says:

    Why would he take prison over drug court? I don't get it.

  17. Douglas Newman says:

    “i give it a cool 7.5/10 .. honestly”
    DEFINITELY has been in before

  18. Douglas Newman says:

    hes street dirty and has a funny personality, he could become a next hit youtube channel

  19. Justin Sane says:

    Prison food? Yeah right, fuck off. If it doesn't contain hair, blood, semen, roaches, spit, you can't compare it.

  20. RexRekts says:

    This man wild and chill at the same time

  21. Kalinna Vyacheslavovna says:

    I swear the picture behind him when he's cooking looks like trump as a chicken….

  22. WhoEverTheFuckIwantToBe says:

    This man probably been through so much he just not scared of anything anymore judging by the way he talks and act which is great tbh, a great way to be happy is just to not give a fuck

  23. Charles Salas says:

    He looks like he asks were the meth at

  24. Rudy Genetiano says:

    Koolaid don't work unless you tryin color ur noodles ….we use prison koolaid cuz they already sweetened

  25. Orion Legore says:

    God he looks like shit right there glad to see him sober n have teeth now

  26. Trevor G says:

    Rob drydek on meth

  27. arcia95 says:

    Yo he pulled his teeth out… put them back in…and then touch the food wtf

  28. sodaboii bo says:

    I bet he's from Texas lol

  29. Cindylu Who says:

    Lmaoo I love this guy!!!!! He needs his own channel!!!!

  30. JayOOOh24 says:

    4:00 I thought that was Bruce Willis son…

  31. Jonny_A B says:

    God just watched his pod cast with Novak as geuss, so stoked on how well he's doing

  32. Tuan Murphy says:

    Fuck yeah Andy Roy!

  33. Eduardo Verdin says:

    The tweak is heavy ,

  34. Ray Rodriguez says:

    Andy roy tried to choke out dmx one time…funny

  35. James Raine says:

    We need Andy to have his own tv show

  36. Ted Bundy says:

    Did that guy just say “a bitch ima break ur camera “ or somthin at the end?

  37. Jay Raiders says:

    Bruh u missing out, we used the thousand islands and koohlaid not siracha😋 fucken bombay!!!

  38. Vitaly Greddy says:

    why the fk would any dumbass bitch make prison style anything when they're free

  39. amstevens23 says:


  40. Miguel Rodriguez says:

    i could eat that all day

  41. Carlos Perez says:

    He used Kool-Aid that had no sugar

  42. Joel G says:

    When your body is free but your mind is still stuck in a cage.

  43. Caleb Heney says:

    I remember flipping the fuck out when he got his teeth. Me and all my skater homies couldnt believe it, a toothed Andy!

  44. goblinbread says:

    you know it tastes terrible but deep down you still wanna try it

  45. the big mick says:

    That's that trader Joe's siracha sauce

  46. Dynoesaur says:

    Still tweekn

  47. Mac Faerwald says:

    Bécause we all enjoy and miss prison food…

  48. National Security Agency says:

    Why does the caption for english have the entire title of the video.

  49. George Fales says:

    Andy that s&s pork would of been good, but those coolaids don’t have the sugar in it like jail tubs. If you had added sugar it’s would of been bomb

  50. Junior’s BassFishinTV says:

    “Meat logs”😂dude was soooo excited to make it than boom this taste narly😂😂😂

  51. Dan Perry says:

    I fuckin' love Andy lol

  52. Pablo Escobar says:

    No human would want to break munchies camera

  53. Mr. Sega Lives! says:

    It's easier to just not go to prison.

  54. Justin Clark says:

    Why tf would you use that many Kool aid packets. One packet makes an entire pitcher of kool aid that stuff is extremely concentrated no wonder it was terrible 🤣

  55. TechShock says:

    Him+Maddy Mathewson=most amazing video ever

  56. Jaden Gin says:

    It looks good ngl

  57. Cinema Q says:

    "prison style?" nice!

  58. Tampa 813theFYE says:

    "Ima get me 16 months of prison" BRUH IM DYING

  59. bobo42024 says:

    I think I'd rather starve.

  60. Tee El Ess says:

    He asked if he can have a beer & offered it to his boys after they gave him the ok😂😂😂

  61. 74wess says:

    His blood is pure monster energy drink

  62. Lil Danger6000 says:

    @3:48 Dude looked he wanted to scream and blow his head off when he tried the food.

  63. Tony Fetuccini says:

    There's always a "tough guy" tryna start some shit

  64. Jean Pierre Wehry says:

    4:46 LMFAO why was this so funny 😂😂

  65. Angel Breniz says:


  66. Bob Marley mon says:

    Fucking crackheads
    Memeeeeeemeeenee that mouth sure can moove

  67. Stephen Bae says:

    A lot less kool aid powder and this is a great recipe i made it just like in the video just use 1 packet of the stuff and add alot more sriracha

  68. brandon York says:

    “Our new thing now is lighting each-other on fire” Lol😂

  69. eshhh says:

    i love andy roy

  70. Enrique Garcia says:

    Lay off the meth

  71. (Zuri) Zuri Kells says:

    Legit they just got this guy from the streets

  72. Bart about to cry says:

    YouTube am I going to to prison?

  73. Lil tris says:

    When you high as fuck but got no food so you watch people eat food😭😭😭

  74. Tex says:

    i knew it was gonna be gross when he poured like 20 kool aid packets in

  75. Insolentish says:

    Blink 187

  76. Kiree Potter says:

    dude so happy he got a beer

  77. Jeremy Burlingame says:


  78. Milwaukee Phil says:

    Whats next how to cook crack with andy roy??

  79. Moore Fish says:

    He looks so much better now!

  80. We Are God says:

    Lol, "it's gnarly, I don't know what you guys wanna do…." Hilarious

  81. JueputaGuebon says:

    back when Vice was cool n had balls

  82. ryan48888 says:

    Ain't nobody trying to get some food from a meth head with a camera

  83. don't put some dumb ass shit says:

    This dude gives no fucks

  84. BiG bLoOd says:

    cracked him right in the face *nice music starts playing*

  85. boston 420 says:

    How many people use that one spoon

  86. Matt M says:

    Weird to watch him like this now that he's sober and has new teeth.

  87. Snald says:

    We need a whole show just about him

  88. hecks blAze says:

    Everyone eating off the same spoon lol

  89. Los Rivera says:

    Meth meth meth..smh

  90. jaybazan says:

    Did he just flick his teeth at 4:[email protected]?! Legendary!!!

  91. Mowgli Howgi says:

    You have to put sugar in those packets lol

  92. Kayo says:

    i come back every year to watch this masterpiece.

  93. Rell says:

    no one noticed they only used two forks😂😂

  94. Dan Martin says:

    I just died watching this 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  95. V M says:

    He has a pod cast "rip ride with Andy Roy"

  96. 488 Goon says:

    is he 18th street?

  97. Lil Trunks says:

    I thin it would've been fine if he didn't add the Kool aid

  98. Chino Scars says:

    That dude with tattoo in his lip. Boy is acting tough but i bet he can't fight at all. You can tell he acts that way because hes short and he doesnt want to seem like a bitch.

  99. AP93420 says:

    "You almost threw up… RAD"

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