How to Make Shoyu Ramen (RECIPE) Collaboration

Today we are visiting one of everyone’s favorite local restaurant. Yes, I can make ramen in 1 minute! Hi there. I’m Shitosarinashiyo. Here we are in front of Ramen Beats on their last day of business. Just look at the exterior of this shop. It has a certain nostalgic charm. Let’s go inside and check it out. Woah, as soon as you enter, the smell of ramen immediately sends your senses into overdrive! There’s a customer over there. And it looks like he’s the last customer. So let’s go and have a chat with him. Hello. Can we have a few words with you? Yes, of course. Did you frequent this place? I sure did. I’m pretty depressed as they are closing today. I don’t blame you. I’d like to have a word with the owner as well. Would it be ok to have a word with you? Yes, of course! Many fans will miss your ramen. Thank you so much. I really have to thank all our fans who came to my shop for all these years. Oh, I have a crazy idea! Since today is the last day… I’ll show you guys how I make my special ramen. Hmmm….let’s see… Give me a hand, will you? Thank you for waiting. This is our last bowl. This is my last bowl of ramen… You slurp like you mean it! How’s the taste? The flavors all come together and comforts my soul. This is real soul food. I really wish the best to the owner. Thank’s for feeding me all these years. So that’s it. I’m Shitosarinashiyo, reporting from Ramen Beats. Maybe I should make this on my channel. Soggy noodles…MAJOR FAIL

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  1. lavendermemorylane says:

    I love Ramen very much, and crave for it every so often even I don't live in Japan. I had Tan Tan Ramen two days ago 🙂 But I'd never ever knew nor cared to know how to make the broth. Ramen is something I always eat at Ramen noodle restaurants, even I don't live in Japan. When I can't find the Ramen noodle restaurants, I made "instant" ramen noodles with the powdered broth inside of the package. I saved this video.:) I remember, over three years ago, my friend went to Yokohama? where the "Ramen" museum is located at, and he brought Ramen noodles itself, but not the broth, thinking me knowing the recipe, and I said no… never ever made it at home… Only if you did this video 3 years ago… hahaha 😉

  2. astroboy3507 says:

    Cool I love the special effects!!!!!! 😗

  3. ayu chan says:


  4. Thaeru Whisper says:

    Oh what a wonderful video, very entertaining and helpful too. thanks for your efforts

  5. Iphy's Kitchen says:

    great job

  6. chen li says:

    So so so cute and creative video!!!!

  7. Critical Eats Japan says:

    Great video!  But kind of a sad story… At least I could finally see that that was a scallion you were carrying! 😉

  8. Cheryl K says:

    Loved it…nice!!!

  9. Silvia Carranza says:


  10. SatanSupimpa says:

    Just noticed today that your YouTube username is fabaquarius.
    And also great video.

  11. Curly and Unconventional says:

    great video 🙂 kojocho-san is getting a new subscriber as well, me! ♡ great video

  12. Maiki Chen says:

    It was awesome 😃
    Great job 👍🏼

  13. Lee Nedlog says:

    You always do such a great job on creating your food commercials!!!

  14. Iris says:

    Oh wow, the video looks amazing and the recipe is awesome! ♥

  15. Ana G says:

    I can't watch anything with Ramen cause I instantly want some lol. this was very entertaining. I love the bit of you all carrying the ingredients that was very funny. And you all did a great job. 2 thumbs up.

  16. Erin Uber says:

    This was really fantastic! I love how you showed the ingredients – so clever, and a great use of special effects. The ramen looks so delicious. The broth especially looks good, and I think I need to try making it! Thanks so much for all the hard work that you two did, along with all the other YouTubers! I'm looking forward to watching their videos, too. 🙂

  17. Christy J says:

    Great video!!! So cinematic!!! Thank you so much for the ramen recipe, I can't wait to try it!!!

  18. internationally ME says:

    Great work 🙂 And otsukaresama for the bootcamp! Hope to see you guys soon!

  19. JÖYの貓 says:

    ahhh. I can't seem to catch a break to watch Youtube videos!!!! but yay. I am back again. =P
    ps: I love skit videos =D

  20. Mastel .T.Nouveau Monde says:

    Hahaha Satoshi so cute.

  21. まえちゃんねる MAECHANNEL says:


  22. Cat Sieja says:

    Guys you both did GREAT!! Everyone did an awesome job. Not easy doing what you did. Out of your comfort zone. Plus ramen looked delish!!👏😸

  23. Elizabeth R says:

    I loved it 🙂 both sinishi and satoshi 😀

  24. Nancee Kwok says:

    Excellent!!👍🏻👍🏻 Thank you for sharing the recipe! Definitely will give it a try!

  25. Kiran says:

    Wow, what an amazing video! you guys created something really wonderful, and looks like you had a lot of fun as well! Well done my friends 🙂

  26. レインボーコーラル says:


  27. therealParisHilton says:

    not a bad video at all why were you worried?!

  28. Audrey Puyol says:

    It was amazing seriously ! Seems to be so friendly and funny time that you spend in this youtube event. I really enjoy the listing of ingredients, it was so fun ^^.
    Congrats guys, can't wait to see all the next videos !

  29. FoodishBeauty says:

    Wish I could give this 100 more likes! Well done guys! The colouring, lighting and everything of this video look so professional, loved it so so much!! 👍👍👍

  30. 納豆カレー says:


  31. Terry Lyle says:

    That was great! Now, the crazy ideas I have for videos seem not so far fetched. You are an inspiration!

  32. Edric Hsu says:

    Very professional and well put together, and looks like all you guys had a blast creating this video! 🙂

  33. Legend Ragnell says:

    this video is amazing but I'm a little bit upset about that Ramen shop.

  34. Nicole Romero says:

    FANTASTIC!!! I love this!!

  35. Jeff Simone says:

    This is so different from your usual stuff! I enjoyed it!

  36. ToffibaerCookie says:

    this was so funny and cool xD Thanks for that video <3

  37. Minoru 10 says:

    So cool…..
    Wish there were english subtitles.
    Great video !

  38. Anorak says:

    Fun video! Good job! And now I want Ramen!

  39. Harper Beresford says:

    I am so hungry now! What awesome editing! Kojocho was darling and added a lot of charm to your already charming work 🙂

  40. Patricia Murray says:

    Loved the video and the ramen of course!

  41. rollingdownfalling says:

    I lolled when I first saw Satoshi in the camera as tencho.

  42. Annie Gilpin says:

    Such a fun video! The ramen looks amazing! I've only had instant ramen and the fresh ramen with a liquid soup base packet that I get at the local Japanese market so I will definitely have to try to make it from scratch soon!

  43. Elizabeth P says:

    that was hilarious! I can't stop smiling! very entertaining! recipe looks yummy too.

  44. Tante Agi says:

    kojocho is very beautiful ❤

  45. Helen Mackay says:

    So fun and different in style I liked it but still missed you guys I liked the graphic green screen stuff that was funny and the concept was great

  46. jarles666 says:

    These Japanese Style Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Will Blow Your Mind – Elite Daily
    Found this today. Congratulations on being written about guys!💯💯💯💯

  47. Yoshiko Yeto says:

    Wow, super fancy production! Congratulations on your achievements. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this, and the ramen looks fab. I will definitely check out your collaborators' channels.

  48. TabiEats says:

    Hey guys! We are heading to Narita airport and will be on our way to Hawaii shortly. Once we get in and settled, we'll check our messages again. Hawaii here we come!

  49. Kat says:

    Anyway, おいしそう~

  50. Ericsurf6 says:

    Whoa! What a production. I think you guys learned a lot from Next Up! Amazing…Teach me. LOL

  51. Frederick König says:

    Awesome! Great video!!!

  52. Ryan Lok says:

    great job guys! glad to see the result was great

  53. Ted Gameplays says:

    Hahahahahahaa amazing guys! I really enjoyed.

  54. Christina Kim says:

    kojocho!!! She's so cute!!!! Omg satoshi is the owner?? This is soooooo hillarious!!!!! Laughed so hard when the she was flying with ginger 😂😂😂😂 love this the ramen sure looks like it would feed your soul!!

  55. november flower says:

    aww I loved the little story with the ramen shop^^ this video was seriously awesome guys, great job!

  56. Mina Slavutsky says:

    This was awesome, guys! Couldn't stop laughing (with you, not at you). Super keen to try this recipe at home. <3

  57. Kawaiiness5 says:

    omg that so awesome !! you guys are so creative good job!!

  58. E MacInnis says:

    Good job! I especially liked the VERY big vegetables with the VERY tiny Shinichi, Vinn, and Kojocho. But next time I make Ramen I will try your recipe. I see you have to start the night before by soaking the seaweed. That is very dedicated!

  59. gigi soutairon says:


  60. Ami Di Bella says:


  61. P092O9901O09 says:

    Woohoo! New Ramen recipe! Thanks!!

  62. shisuna愛 says:

    11/10 from Germany. I love Japan <3

  63. Jacq's Munchies says:

    OOOOOHHHH SO THIS IS THE FINISHED VIDEOOOOO XD amazing! Hard work pays off indeed ❤️❤️ the recipe looks yummy! I was kinda hoping naruto will appear somehow (cuz he's a big fan of ramen) ahahaha XD

  64. Kenko706 says:

    And Itake it there's a reason a Kenshin lookalike is a reporter?

  65. pcbrs says:

    Didn't like this. Some of the shots are good "water in bowl" like the food images. But other than that I like the old styles of recording you did in your kitchen.

  66. ahmedkhan94 says:


  67. Mitiyuki Kt says:


  68. Manu says:

    The recipe you realized tastes really like the original japanese Tokyo ramen? Or maybe the taste is different?

  69. Lucas Musser says:

    now I've seen the video =)

  70. Lucas Musser says:

    that was a really creative and entertaining way of introducing the ingredients.. I might actually attempt this one day.. I think I can find all the ingredients.. I'm not sure about the konbu but I have seen some type of dried seaweed sheets at the store..

  71. Shawn / Jumpy says:

    i actually thought this was actually a shop called ramen beats.

  72. iinioi Kabusu says:

    matte… did they make the soup base?

  73. TabiEats says:

    +Sakura Spring Yes, this ramen was worked on for weeks by Satoshi. Enjoy!

  74. Ebefren Revo says:

    Sound complicated and long….but damn it must be so goooood. I wish to make a trip to Japan even only for eat ramen.

  75. Animism says:

    Will it taste the same if it has no pork or alcohol? As I am muslim and cannot consume pork or alcohol (Alcohol is okay in food as long as no more than .5% of alcohol remains after cooking). I hope the answer is yes. As I still want the taste of authentic ramen. ;'(

  76. barbj672000 says:

    I'm Scared!!! Who is this orange haired boy??? lol

  77. Mitja LLL says:

    reminds my at Ichirakus Ramen restaurant in Naruto

  78. stupidtobme2 says:

    looks easier than the other recipes i've seen.. not scary at all.. i might just cook me some ramen soon.. thanks for sharing guys!

  79. BirdyKun says:

    Kenshin Himura! I was not expecting this. X3 Thanks for a making such an entertaining video! The recipe was great too.

  80. Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

    Omg I love love ramen!! 😀

  81. Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

    Cameo from the great rurouni himsefl Kenshin and master cook Satoshi…bahahaha this made my day 😀

  82. Mafer☆Art says:

    WTF Kenshin xD

  83. Westley Rinaldy says:

    the cringe.. aaaaaagghh. i love you guys tho

  84. SweatahVest says:

    He reminds me of an Asian Neil Patrick Harris for some reason

  85. n8ames says:

    Making this tonight, wish me luck! 😀

  86. Shinra Tensei says:

    Que kkk

  87. peglc legg says:

    Omgoodness, I love this video! So much fun! 😀

  88. Rhynda Watson says:

    You slurp like you mean it, lol

  89. K Anders says:

    Ok what am I watching? XD That ingredient reveal! And why was the reporter dressed like Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin?

  90. Elizabeth Shaw says:

    Love it even if my YouTube captions don't work! 🙂

  91. Elizabeth Shaw says:

    You should have had Lawrence as the lifestyle reporter in the red hair! 🙂

  92. SanityIsDead says:

    why the why is the interviewer dressed as kenshin the batosai?

  93. Sébastien Fortin says:

    That’s a fun and unusual video 😆. I’m not used to it from you guys. Like it!

  94. Carla Tate says:


  95. LadyRedHawk says:

    …is the reporter dressed as kenshin ?

  96. Simon Joly says:

    here is another great recipe :

  97. Fair Scale says:

    When areyou going to cook some Harbanero Ramen?
    I would love to see both of you slurping the heck out of it.

  98. Sergeantpaprika says:

    This is adorable! Besides the amazing recipe I love the production 😊

  99. Red Shiba says:

    Appreciate the Kenshin cosplay

  100. GwapoSoldier says:

    hahaha hilarious

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