How to Make Temaki Sushi / Temakizushi Recipe (Delicious Hand-Rolled Sushi) | Cooking with Dog

♪♪♪ Hi! I am the host of this show,
“Cooking With Dog.” Okay, let’s have her prepare for Sushi rice first. Slice the ginger thinly. Chop the sliced ginger into fine pieces. Squeeze the roasted white sesame seeds
to increase the flavor. Next, you may blend the vinegar for Sushi rice. Add rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Mix well. The fresh steamed rice is cooked with a
kombu kelp. Remove the kombu kelp when you add
the fine ginger pieces. Add the roasted white sesame seeds
and the blended rice vinegar. Lightly toss all the ingredients,
to coat with the blended vinegar. That is it, for the Sushi rice. Now, let’s prepare for ‘Tamagoyaki,’
which is Japanese rolled omelette. Crack the two (2) eggs into a bowl. Add sugar and salt. Beat the eggs well. Let’s cook the Tamagoyaki. Coat the frying pan with vegetable oil. Check if the surface is hot enough
and add half (1/2) of the egg mixture. Spread the egg mixture over the surface. Start rolling the egg when it is half done. Place the rolled egg on the
bottom side of the pan. Coat the surface with oil again and add
a quarter (1/4) of the egg mixture. Spread the egg on the surface and roll it again,
making the second layer. Coat the surface with oil and
add the rest of the egg. Repeat the same procedure and this
becomes the third layer of the Tamagoyaki. Chop off the edge of the Tamagoyaki. Cut it into rectangles
and that’s it for Tamagoyaki. Okay, let’s prepare for boiled shrimps. First, stick a skewer at the back of the shrimp
and remove the shrimp’s sand vein. Next, stick the bamboo skewer into
the body of the shrimp, making it straight. Now, let’s cook the shrimps. Add salt. Place the shrimps with the bamboo skewers
in boiling water for two (2) to three (3) minutes. The color of the shrimps turns to red. Remove the skewers from the shrimps. Peel the shells and remove the tail. Slice the shrimps in half (1/2) and
that’s it for shrimps. Now, let’s cut the ingredients for
hand roll Sushi. Chop the ‘Chútoro’ (medium fatty tuna)
into half (1/2) inch pieces. Chop the ‘Kampachi’ (Greater Amberjack)
into half (1/2) inch pieces. Chop the fatty salmon into half (1/2) inch pieces. Chop the cuttlefish into half (1/2) inch pieces. Make a horizontal cut in the scallop. Turn it up and cut it vertically in half (1/2). Chop the Anago Conger-eel into three (3) pieces. Cut it into half (1/2) inch pieces. Slice the newly harvested onion thinly. Remove the root path of the radish sprouts. Slice the cucumber thinly and diagonally
and cut it into thin strips. Slice the ‘Takuan’ (Pickled Daikon Radish) thinly. Cut it into a quarter (1/4) inch strips. Peel the ‘Nagaimo’ (Japanese Mountain Yam). Slice it thinly and chop into
a quarter (1/4) inch strips. Chop off the stems of the ‘Shiso’ leaves. Tear the loose leaf lettuce,
into palm size pieces. Finally, tear toasted Nori after making
a cross in the middle making
a quarter (1/4) size sheets. Here’s the arrangement of the Temaki Sushi. Scallops, Tamagoyaki, salmon, Kampachi,
Chú-toro, Nagaimo, shrimps, cuttle fish,
Anago, Takuan. Here is an example of how to eat Temaki Sushi. Place a bit of the Sushi rice,
on a sheet of Toasted Nori. Put the Shiso leave, Chú-toro,
scallop, and radish sprouts. Add a bit of wasabi and roll the Toasted Nori. Dip the top of the Temaki Sushi
into soy sauce and taste it. Salmon is great with the onion and mayonnaise. You can also wrap the fillings with the loose leaf lettuce. Many choices and delicious healthy ingredients. Try many combinations and find out
your favorite Temaki Sushi. Good luck in the kitchen!

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