How to Make Teriyaki Chicken Onigirazu

What’s up everyone, I’m back with Togashi and I’m learning how to make a new thing today. You might have heard of Onigiri, which is those little triangle rices and you kinda pull the plastic and eat it. We’re doing a simpler version today called Onigirazu. And it means, “Without molding.” So you don’t have to actually mold it into the triangle. Okay, today we’re doing Teriyaki Chicken. Togashi: Teriyaki chicken. Martina: Teriyaki chicken with teriyaki sauce from scratch. Togashi: Yeah. Martina: Woooaaahh! Martina: Okay, let’s go! Chicken? Togashi: Chicken. Martina: I’ve never seen this part of chicken! Togashi: *speaking Japanese*: We just need to make it thinner. Togashi: *speaking Japanese* We want to make this flat. Martina: Just the way it is? Togashi: Yeah. Togashi: Teriyaki sauce. Martina: Teriyaki sauce. Martina: Mirin (captioner’s note: mirin is a type of sweet rice wine for cooking) Togashi: Mirin. Togashi: *humming* Stop! Togashi and Martina: Soy sauce. Togashi: Go go go go go go…stop! Martina: This is Sato (?)? Togashi: Sato. Martina: Okay, one spoon here. Togashi: Okay. Martina: Okay. *stirring noises* Togashi: Okay. *speaking Japanese* Next, let’s fry the chicken. Martina: Mm-hm. On the stove? Okay. *captioner’s note: Mid-tempo, happy jazz is playing throughout most of this video* Togashi: No oil. Martina: No oil? Really? Togashi: Two minutes. Martina: Two minutes. *timer beeping* Togashi: Two minute! *sounds of chicken popping in the hot pan* Martina: It sounds really angry! Martina: Is there a Japanese sound? Togashi: “Pachi Pachi.” Martina: Pachi pachi? Togashi: Pachi pachi pachi! Martina: Pachi pachi pachi! I like that. The splattering sound? Pachi pachi pachi pachi! Togashi and Martina: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. *timer beeps* *sounds of the food hissing* Togashi: Woo! Martina: Flipping? Togashi: Yeah. Okay. Togashi: *cooing like a pigeon???* One minute! Martina: That smells really good! One minute. *timer beeps, Martina imitates the beeping* Togashi: Finish! Togashi: Open! *chicken sizzling* Martina: Teriyaki sauce. Togashi: Go! Martina: Chicken smells SO good right now guys. Martina: It smells totally awesome! I really didn’t know how easy it was to make teriyaki sauce. I feel pretty stupid right now. Martina: Freshly steamed rice, okay. We’re using rice that we cooked in the rice cooker, but you guys can use like, microwavable white rice. Martina: Okay. Nori (dried seaweed). Togashi: One. Martina: One? Okay. Martina: Nori is seaweed. So there’s the SHINee side and then there’s like the rough side. You wanna have the rough side up. Togashi: On the rice. Martina: On the rice. Togashi: Teriyaki sauce. Martina: Teriyaki sauce. *record scratch* Martina *laughing*: The whole chicken? *EXO’s “Wolf” plays in the distance* Martina: This seems like a Simon Meal(tm) right now. This is like, a LOT of chicken. Togashi: Rice. Martina: More rice, okay. Wow, this is a Manwich right now. *soft crackling sounds from the seaweed paper* Togashi and Martina: 1, 2, 3, 4. Okay. 1, 2, 3, 4. Togashi: *humming* Martina: Okay, you’re making it really tight. Togashi: Bam, bam! Martina: Like making bread! Martina: Cutting in half. *quiet knife sawing noises* Both: Finished! *sexy, funky food porn music plays while Martina and Togashi make admiring noises at the food* Martina: I love- that is awesome! Oh my god. Togashi: Very easy. Martina: Wow, really easy, look at that! Who wants that for a sandwich? I do. This is great! Togashi: Like that. Martina: Ahhhh, and you can leave it on so your hands don’t get disgusting. *classic Simon and Martina food tasting music plays* Togashi: *laughs* Martina: Mm! Mm, mm, mm! That is really good. I feel like you could make a lot of different versions of these. Wanna try some? Simon: Of course! Martina: I think these would do well with a layer of ranch, Simon. Simon: *slightly muffled* This is great! Martina: Isn’t that great? Simon: Feels like an upgraded version of a sandwich. Martina: That’s what I was saying. Simon: I know! Instead of bread, you have rice. Martina: And you know, it’s really warm right now, but if you popped it in the fridge and it was cold, you could easily take it on a picnic lunch. Simon: You could bring this to work if you want. Martina: Yup. Simon: This was so fast to make as well! Martina: Do you wanna take your half sandwich and leave? Simon: Ya! Martina: You go, Mister! Martina: You go on your way, okay? Okay. So, Togashi and I are gonna work on some more cooking videos today so make sure you subscribe. Those videos will be coming out as well. If you’re looking for the original recipes, Togashi has a website with all the recipes up, and more, as well as these amazing little instructional videos. So please check that out. He is the chef, after all. I hope you guys are looking forward to more cooking videos coming up soon.

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  1. SmartYouTubification says:

    I feel like I'm being talked down to "You guys can use MICROWAVEABLE RICE"…. WHO DO YOU THINK WE ARE MARTINA? We can handle stovetop rice…. god, at least I hope so…..

    BTW, I want to make this NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  2. Simon and Martina says:

    Thank you again +hoolmaek for the German subtitles! You're lovely 😀

  3. Just Peaceful says:

    He's so cute!

  4. Don G says:

    Just made this recipe and I'm in LOVE! (^_^)/ It's sooo delicious! I forgot to smear the teriyaki sauce onto the rice and I felt it was a bit lacking in salt. So don't forget it like me! 😀

  5. 譚奧黛麗 says:

    it'd be great if they add gfriend rough for the opposite of shinee XD

  6. FFXLover says:

    This is wonderful! I didn't know it was so easy, I'm definitely going to try making this…..especially cause my onigiris come out looking so awkward…

  7. Lou Rodriguez says:

    My partner and I just made this tonight! thanks so much for the recipe, it was DELICIOUS!

  8. Stephen Espitia says:

    Tried this. Very good and easy. Thanks!

  9. Alexia K. says:

    he has such a beautiful voice D:

  10. TheThunderEmperor88 says:

    what type of heat did you use to fry the chicken? medium? or high?

  11. Sophie Elizabeth says:

    What the.. what is 100cc? i googled it and it came up with cubic centimetre 😐

  12. Vanice Icarus says:

    So delicious looking. Except I would cook my chicken more.

  13. Shari Rivera says:

    I am going to make this for lunch today. But instead of seaweed I am using lettuce leaves like the vegetarian version. I'm adding grilled red onions, tomatoes and cucumbers. Yummmo!

  14. Reguna2907 says:

    I made this today with my father! Changed the seaweed for a certain type of lettuce though. We did the Teriyaki sauce too. Love this recipe, thank you very much for sharing it.

  15. Jaci's Peach says:

    I LOVE his soft yet harsh whisper of "stop!" while Martina is pouring

  16. budywudy9 says:

    it's like a sushi bowl

  17. Allen Leland says:

    This was really cool & looked great 🙂

  18. OceanSprinkles says:

    Does anyone remember "Juliet side down"?

  19. Diditap says:

    I made this today! well not the chicken or the teriyaki lol. I made a fusion kind. I took marinated Carne asada that I made the night before and put that in the center. omg it's so good. I'm obsessed!

  20. KpopTsuki says:

    I love you guys so much (just wanted to say this haha) <3

  21. Farah 37 says:

    Could we substitute mirin with other ingredients such as vinegar🤔????

  22. Leslie Reyes says:

    would I be able to just use soy sauce?

  23. Karin Dapper says:

    pls more of Togashi!

  24. zjohnfour blank says:

    Mmmmmm, if i could replace all the bread in the world with rice.. what an amazing world that would be

  25. Kaitlin Gillespie says:

    Chicken Cheese Tonkatsu sounds amazing! Do the Japanese make gravy for it like the Korean's do? I bet they're both delicious either way.

  26. Amerias&Bella says:

    i am so gonna make this!!! omg that looks awesome!!

  27. DuoDuo says:

    This reminds me of the rice-burger you can get in Taiwan at Mcdonalds. It's a hamburger, but instead of using a bun, they have two layers of compacted rice with the beef and fillings sandwiched in between. Have you guys seen it? Do they have that in Japan?

  28. mangoberrys says:

    OMG, this is delicious!
    The sauce is amazing, especially with a little ginger. I used avocado, mushrooms and spring onions inside and it was soooooo freaking amazing!

  29. Deathlove Scott says:

    Why Martina you say Shinee

  30. missbellalou71 says:

    Togashi is sexy! 😎 (just saying)
    That sandwich looked yummy, I will have to try this. Thanks for sharing, love your channel!

  31. Kirra Christiansen says:

    I just tried this out and it's so good~! I think I was a bit heavy on the soy sauce but I'll definitely make it again!

  32. Ashtin says:

    I love this series; please continue

  33. peaceful soul says:

    Wait so thats simply teriyaki sauce?!…. Wow

  34. stabulous Koda says:

    2:56 sexy, funky food porn music while Martina and Togashi make admiring noises at the food the captions on your videos are the best

  35. zoomanda BOOM says:

    NOOOOOO!!!! Chicken looked soooooooo raw!

  36. Michelle Ong says:

    😣Whyyyyyy did I click this video now Im hungry XC and my mom isnt home yet…. T^T

  37. AnaxErik4ever says:

    Nom nom nom!  Tastes good, fairly easy to make (if you have a rice cooker), and easy to transport too.

  38. Morgan Bellavia says:

    Why did they not use oil? I'm young and want to know cooking stuff.

  39. mingyan ong says:

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  40. Valerie K. says:

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  51. Baekiehyun says:


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    So happy I tried this out. I combined a store-bought vegetarian hamburger with cheese and teriyaki sauce. I definitely want to eat it all the time now for every lunch. XD

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  73. Jay Kanani says:

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