How to Make the Best Instant Ramen You’ve Ever Had – Make it Less Sad

So instant ramen is the archetypal sad food. If sad food had a mascot it would be instant ramen. When someone wants to illustrate that they were super broke, or in a really bad place in their life They talk about eating ramen for breakfast lunch and dinner. But you can make ramen into a decent meal. There’s tons of recipes online where you add a bunch of fancy ingredients and preparations to make the ramen taste good But if you’re gonna spend all that extra time why not just cook a real meal? Why are you eating instant ramen? So this recipe Turns ramen into something that you might actually look forward to eating. Now the first step begins before cooking. You’re gonna take your top ramen, and you’re Maruchan ramen and just throw it away. Because those ramens are horrible, they’re disgusting. We are instead going to cook the king of all ramens. This amazing spicy ramen call Shin ramen. We’re also gonna add an extra ingredient that you might not expect, so let’s take that instant ramen And make it less sad So you’re gonna take the amount of water it says on the package in the case of this ramen It’s two and a half cups. This is a Korean version the American version might be a little bit different and bring it to a boil with some spring onion whites in there. When the water is getting to a boil you could chop up your spring onions you’re not using a lot, so it’s not gonna take any time at all. All right so now that your water is at a boil you’re gonna dump in the seasoning packet and the dried vegetable packet. Preferably not in the actual soup itself It’ll flare up a little bit, but don’t worry about it. Give it a quick stir and let it go for about a minute. Then you’re gonna take your noodles and put it in. Do not break these noodles up or they won’t come out in long strings like you want in ramen. We’re gonna let that go for about six minutes. So for the last 30 seconds of cooking you want to take an egg and crack it in there. Fold the noodles over it if you want to. Okay, so this next part is crucial to making good ramen. It’s gonna sound weird, but just trust me on this one. Turn off the heat and Take a slice of American cheese, I mean pasteurized cheese product not fancy cheddar, nothing like that. Put it on top of the ramen. Put a lid over it so it’ll melt for about one minute. I know it sounds insane, but trust me this is what makes this bowl of ramen better than any other bowl of ramen it is this American pasteurized cheese product. Take it off the heat here. Let it sit. All right so once your cheese is nice and melted I’m gonna pour it into a bowl like so. Whoops! Hoping I’ll burn my house down with that one. Whoops! Put some spring onions on top of it. It’s kind of nice, right? So there you have it my friends you took your super sad weeknight ramen turned into something that’s actually good. You just made your top ramen a little less sad my friends. Thanks for watching. Everybody hit the like and subscribe button below. It really helps me out It’s a little bell icon you get a notification when I release a new episode every Wednesday That’s a new recipe straight in your inbox every single Wednesday.

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