How To Open An Onigiri!

Yokoso Peeps and welcome to “how to onigiri” or Japanese rice ball. I’m in this random abandoned Japanese alley to tell you about Japanese rice balls or onigiris. Very simply, rice balls are balls of rice with different ingredients inside. When making it by hand it’s easier to turn into a ball but when it’s mass produced a lot of the onigiris are shaped as triangles. Here’s a fun fact. Oni means devil. So because it’s triangle shaped, it looks like devil horns. I don’t know if that’s true but it sounds right. Onigiris are a staple food for Japanese people for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a random snack when they’re hungry. Onigiris can be found at train stations, department stores, izakayas and most popularly places like this, Daily Yamazaki, which is a convenient store. But I don’t like Daily yamazaki so I’m not gonna get it from there. For onigiris prefer 7-11 So here’s a tip for all you cheap people! See onigirs are available at convenient stores like Daily Yamazaki, 7-11, Family Mart and Lawsons However, they’re a little bit more expensive. They’re about $1 to $1.50 per onigiri but if you wanna find cheaper onigiris, I recommend supermarkets. I’m gonna kill two birds with one stone. I’m gonna walk my dog Maple and go get an onigiri. Good job, but that’s not a tree buddy. Whatever. right now it’s morning so it’s peak time for all these foods like sandwiches, onigirs and bentos. so it’s regular price. But a good piece of advice is if you can come to an supermarket around 5pm or anytime after that, you’ll notice a lot of things are 50% off or even more. Even onigirs at the end of the day. Where here they’re 1.20 to 68 cents, they go to half price so you can even get onigirirs for 30 cents. These are my 3 favorite flavors, Japanese plum, Salmon and Tuna Mayonnaise. 3.39 for 3 onigiris. Alright, so the easy part is done, buying them. Now the hard part a lot of people find especially foreigners that have never had onigiris before is how to open an onigiri. So I’m gonna show you how to do that right now. Are you new to Japan? Is this your first time having an onigiri? Or are you just a stupid gaijin that doesn’t know how to open one? Is opening an onigiri more frustrating than pleasurable? Would you like to know an easy way to open an onigiri? Just follow these instructions! The onigiri has 3 numbers on it. One, two and three. Step 1 you take the top and just peel it down and all the way around. Two, you pull this side out making sure the nori or seaweed, stays with the rice. You then do 3, pull it out slowly, smoothly it comes off. And then you have the onigiri wrapped with the rice. And there you go. This is how you open an onigiri. Thanks Onigri Sensei. Now I can enjoy as many onigiris as I want! Yummy!

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  2. stvsueoka1 says:

    Such a good tip! Imma use it on my next trip to Japan.

  3. Luimi y Shira says:

    Loved your dogs reaction during the unwrapping instructions! Great vid!

  4. JaKeAFC09 says:

    i also had shake and tunamayo while travelling un the shinkansen. first one made a mess, second ive read opening instructions and was like "woooooooh"

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  6. SONNY da CUSE says:

    Are u sponsored by 7-11?

  7. Tnakamura11 says:

    Onigiri is broken down to o and nigiri, not oni and giri. O is prefix and nigiri means grip.

  8. Lev Fedorov says:

    I don't remember how I opened is, but apparently it was not a problem
    onigiri are the most affordable meals in Japan
    maybe not as cheap as similar pre-cooked rice foods in Thailand but still cheap for Japan
    I miss it 🙂

  9. Claudia H. says:

    I want an Onigiri <3

  10. TokyoDriving says:

    Man japanesepod101 just posted a how to on this. Funny just 5 days after you.

  11. Meh Apl says:

    oh man those wigs hahahaha how many do you have …

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