How to stay fit&How to impress a girl?ft.Soma Laishram(English Subtitles)

10 to 15 years where do you see yourself
what can you tell? after 10-15 years I am there with my new house
with my new family of course I’ll be having two three kids ha ha
what’s up you guys in today’s video let’s talk about little-little of
everything about my channel which includes your fitness so today I’m
joining by the most elegant, the most gorgeous Soma Laishram thanks for
being on the show Hiii..!! thank you for inviting. so let’s start with something simple like
everyone wants to know that what does Soma Laishram eat in a day?
even i want to know & The audience wants to know You came straight to the question ..Haha..haha so what i eat in a day is like what everyone eats apart from few exceptions we being on screen we should be health conscious having said that i am not that conscious because of my busy schedule sometimes i cant just carry the diet plan its like everyone’s breakfast,lunch with rice and curry with some lean protein i try to avoid junk food and of course cheat day once a week but sometimes depends on my mood i eat twice,thrice its same what normally people are eating and avoid junk and oily stuffs so you know now what you can eat so Soma laishram once a week like how many times you work out in a
week ? work out say like I would go gold’s gym and I have a trainer there Phiremba,Suresh i usually go morning this also sometimes i have night shoots and sometimes early morning shoots so i cant be that regular so in a week i try to go 4-5 times and sometimes i do yoga since my aunt is a yoga instructor meditations of um
so meditations and then gym workout, cardio i do these talking of meditations pls tell us the importance of meditation you can ,apart from the gym apart from the workout
meditation how meditation helps in our overall health tell us your experience its all about leaving the negativity and collect positive vibes in our minds and then we can be relief of anxieties and work pressure stress by meditation so in today’s lifestyle everyone is busy we get stress easily work pressure so i guess as soon as we wake up in the morning we can do may be just in a room corner we can do anywhere we dont need equipments like the gym so if you want to stay heathy if you want to get that more
positive vibe may be in your corner of the room in the morning try to do it for a while you will feel so good okay you guys know I’m a huge fitness
level and she’s a huge fitness lover everybody knows that but lets ask her
like till this point what has kept her motivated till this point? to stay in shape everyone has different concept but i have a simple logic why do you need motivation if i want to stay fit it’s all about you loving yourself
ryt? if we love ourself and the body normally we will be motivated by yourself like if we work out we can get rid of so many diseases
cardiovascular disease and breathing problem etc then muscle weakness bp,diabetes so if we dont want to get that we should be health consious we need to swaet through exercise any for exercise parts everyone knows that already so we dont need motivator for that so many people have fitness icons but like i said before it is people’s opinion but
I love myself so I want to keep myself healthy and keep my goal to make myself healthy even though if you dont do heavy workout atleast workout 30 mins daily even if you dont do daily even if it is not exercise i go dancing any form of activities
would do the job who is your fitness icon
for me personally it’s Cristiano Ronaldo oh woww..!! so many are there how do you start fitness? is it because of movie? or because you love it? its because i like to stay the same way i am its because i feel comfortable and i feel good my fitness model/icon is “Galina Dub” i want to tell you a story here Cristiano Ronaldo is my personal fitness icon i didnt share yet this story he is the man i look upto as a role model not only for fitness but for everthing he has amazing physique right? yes..!! so we look
upto him so I started thiking he being the fittest person alive if he eats whatever he wants all the junks like burgers or your pizza if he eats that i was so overweight here is a pic so if i continue eating all what i want even ronaldo how he will achieve that physique..!! that struck me an idea about salad fruits
boiled chicken etc i thought of adding healthy foods in my lifestyle thats how i lose weight in the first place here is a picture its a huge change like its great you kept someone as motivator so i want everyone to do the same and have same patience now you can check on google or anywhere what you have to eat ryt now also we are sitting infront of us as an example follow him especially in this society specially in
Manipur everyone looks up to you especially the
girls they look upto you they look mostly for stylish pls tell the girls one basic tip how to look stylish like soma laishram its about carrying the trends with you or you can be a trend setter and wear
something which is comfortable to you you know whats comfortable for you once you know that it is easy according to you how do you
impress a girl suppose I want to impress kanishka wants to impress soma what will you see in me? my personality,my height? well that depends on the girl so according to me if I want to impress? I want to be
impress you. not you .a guy want to impress yeah a guy want to impress me according to
me I dont know his dressing sense matter and his sense of humor that’s very
important yeah and may be like height? many think that height is an essential factor but
how is it right or wrong for you oh yeah like average type sure it doesn’t really
matter it doesn’t matter for me average others may differ so guys sense of humor is important…!! I like
good smell thats very important i want to meet fresh and smell good plus your hygiene game should be strong exactly you dont want to smell bad ryt now you are doing movies and all these stuffs
modeling and all so after 10 to 15 years from now not five years from now and ten
to 15 years where do you see yourself where do you see? I am there in my new house with my
new family of course I’ll be having two three kids with my future partner i see that we are doing great business and having having my own levelness or
brand congratulations in advance thank you coming to next lifestyle question i want to know what is the best outfit you think is the best
which a guy can put on? about that it depends on the ocassion normally i would go for casual like fitted jeans t shirt and a sneaker and on occasions semi formal like that so guys learn from today before ending this i want soma to give a
little bit of advice to every youngsters who are watching out there maybe about
their lifestyle to make themselves better in any way I’m my channel is all
about making themselves better in every way so what is the best advice you
can give to everyone out there not exactly advice but
sharing my thoughts to all the youth out there watching this life is very short
so live to its fullest with happy thoughts always love yourself yourself and then no to drugs follow your dreams make it higher and then yeah love your parents
yeah have good character good discipline
that’s it earlier story we talked on how to impress a girl let me add something just be
yourself thats what i am trying to say the right partner will come to you at the right time no
way impression and life partner is different i have known a few people they are just trying too hard
to impress the girl in like in every way they can but like it’s just not working
out it’s all about like seeking attention I don’t know thank you once again
this is Kanishka signing off and Soma signing off now bye

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