Human Flaming Hot Cheeto Challenge

– They say you are what you eat. And that’s why we’re turning Link into a human Flaming Hot Cheeto. – I don’t really eat those. – Too bad. We’re still turning you into one. It’s time for the Human
Flaming Hot Cheeto Challenge. Let’s start with creating
some Cheeto dust. In the traditional wine stomping fashion. – Okay. Right into there. (crunching) – Isn’t this fun? – I smell Cheetos! – Don’t be like that lady. You know the famous lady who. – Oh, oh, oh, oh! – Who fell out? That’s my favorite
internet video of all time. – I’m sure it’s hers too. – Okay. That looks good. (upbeat violin music) – Wow, that was fast. – Yeah, well, the truth is, the crew has been running
150 bags of Cheetos through our food processor
over the past two days. That’s how we got this much Cheeto dust. Alright, Link, disrobe please. We’re Going to coat your
entire body in karo syrup. Oh yeah, I’m going to start right here in the middle of your back. (gasps) – Oh gracious you coulda warmed it up! – Take your boots off. – Every new area you touch is so, – Arms up. – Cold. – Comin’ across the belly. – Ah! – You go high, I go low. Alright, now Link, you’re just gonna have
to control yourself. I’m going across the Netherlands. (laughs) – That part’s not cold. It’s such a weird gooey feeling. I feel like I should be on
display on a candy shop window. – What about the facial region? – You know what to do. You coulda done the mouth last. – You smell incredible. – You know Cheetos don’t have, don’t have the cheese
on every square inch. Let me hold your hand. Oh, it’s so sticky! So sticky. – That was probably unnecessary. But okay, alright. Now just step into the Cheeto dust. – Oh, okay. – Just do whatever you need to. However you wanna envelop yourself. I suggest a good roll. (grunts) – Oh yeah! This feels good. It smells great in here. Smells like spicy. Oh yeah! – [Rhett] You’re really enjoying this. – This is nice. This is much better than the
sushi roll I’ve been laid into. (coughs) (classical music) I’m inhaling Cheeto dust! – Just breathe out through your nose. – My nose is clogged! – Breathe out but don’t breathe in. – Get the inside of my mouth too. – Okay, why don’t you
go ahead and stand up. Pull this up. (dramatic music) (coughs) – [Rhett] There ya go. You’re a human Hot Cheeto. – Cheeto man! Did we do it? I can’t see anything. I think I did it. – I think there’s one last touch. – Oh! – Chase? – You taste incredible. – Here’s the nipple if
you wanna lick that. (laughs) – Alright Chase, what are we doing next? – Next, we’re doing a helium balloon ramp. Stick around. – [Narrator] Hakuna matata. What a wonderful cup. It means no worries
because this orange and black GMM mug is available
now at Mythical dot store.

100 comments on “Human Flaming Hot Cheeto Challenge”

  1. Zombienuke 5618 says:

    Don’t say “This is a waste of food” because Cheetos are absolutely terrible for you

  2. TBNRsayian 123 says:

    why isn't rhett becoming any food yet

  3. Kai Kalino says:

    How long did it take for the crew to make that crazy human size cheetos bag?!

  4. hanna says:

    i should be sleeping right now but i'm watching a shirtless grown man cover himself with cheeto dust while his best friend watches him. this right here, is the 20th century, ladies and gentlemen.

  5. Xiomarra Salas says:

    "Sponge gloss!!!!!!!"

  6. lea's tanuki says:

    Only disliking because I'm jealous of Link
    Still love you guys

  7. Penny says:

    Even the promo for the mugs at the end was funny… I don't know what to say guys, your show keeps improving and improving, and never gets old

  8. Wayne says:

    I feel like they always make Link ‘become’ the food lolololol

  9. Edgar Martinez says:

    Who else ate hotcheetos while watching

  10. Hi Hi says:

    I'm hungry now that looks delicious

  11. Monet Eichhorn says:

    It's funny cuz when he was rolling in the cheeto dust, they were playing the music from the dorito commercial

  12. Richard Harley says:

    I love the hot Cheetos hey like spicy things and then goes out things then sweet and then salty

  13. ur mom says:

    This is why you don’t drink wine kids cause people stomp on your drink

  14. Brenna Sherman says:

    Okay but Rhett w/ Links glasses😍😍😍😍😍

  15. s h e a s m i t h says:

    I could never see Rhett doing this! 😂

  16. the1andonly Rand0m_medic says:

    I feel bad for link

  17. Georgie Burns says:

    😎you should turn in to a taco

  18. Monica K says:

    he looked like elmo at one point 😂

  19. Carson Tyler says:

    links chest 3:34

  20. ZyX says:

    2:33 close your eyes and listen

  21. Wubba Wubba says:

    Link is probably still picking bits of Cheetos dust off of himself. 😂🤣

  22. Evelyn Steinhauser says:

    where do they get the shit they put link in?

  23. Stephanie Coulon says:

    I think link has a kink for this kinda shit

  24. _Ruby •Gacha_ says:

    I think they should turn rett into something

  25. Filmsparks says:

    how did they get such a big bag?

  26. Ellieee says:

    Link, how long does it take you to clean all the from your body?

  27. Just Me Qk says:

    Where's Gooddddd mythicalmorninnngggg?

  28. El Jefe says:

    A young Link frolics on Mars

  29. xydoit says:

    Link need tighter underwears for this things. Like speedo and things like that.

  30. xydoit says:

    Rhetti think that Link make you horny

  31. Carrus Brick Productions says:

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    Please pin this took forever

  32. Chad Small says:

    I am so upset they wasted so many bags of my favorite chip. To this day, I still gauge money by how many bags of hot cheetos it can buy me. "9 dollars?! That's 9 bags of Hot Cheetos!"
    For shame, GMM. I could have eaten those.

  33. Alterpath says:

    Lil xan is watching this rn

  34. Moiz Ahmad says:

    "How was work today, Chase?"

    "Pretty uneventful, just licked Cheeto dust off my nearly naked boss."

  35. Radioactive llamas says:

    Charles almost suffocated

  36. Kaitlyn J. says:

    Oh no they put the syrup in Link's hair 😂😬

  37. Løvely Lady says:

    Ugh I could've are those

  38. Sophia224 says:

    Why do they always make Link human food, why not Rhett?

  39. Laura Kovacs says:

    i love chase so bloody much

  40. poptart Art says:

    It's always link

  41. Aras Limaj says:

    3:03 look at his 👃 I'm ded 💀🤣🤣😂

  42. Noah Miller says:

    On gosh 😵 😥😥

  43. Jini Manard says:

    I know Rhett doesn't /need/ glasses, but he needs glasses.

  44. Tammy Miller says:

    Why is it always link????

  45. Sally Taylor says:

    This is what I imagine extreme torture being like not just this video but all videos turning link into food

  46. Stumpy Datto says:

    In every single human something video link says “you could’ve warned it up”

  47. k*don* says:

    Look at those armpits

  48. King Flamingo says:

    Now I’m hungry for cheetos

  49. Memealicious Pp says:

    What was the point of this

  50. dank Dreams says:

    This is the quality content I subscribed for.

  51. Savannah Ortiz says:


  52. julia gulia says:

    OMG Link 😂

  53. Alexander Liu says:

    I hope Lil Xan doesn't come or else he will overdose

  54. Dinosaur Puppet Plays says:

    2:51 YEET

  55. Tiana Myles says:

    Its always link 😂😂

  56. mason olsen says:

    Oliver Tree family friendly edition

  57. Jenn Weaver Martens says:

    that day u forgot to shave

  58. Rachel Austin says:

    I really hope that it didn't get into his pee hole

  59. Ishii Schatten says:

    Link just looked like elmo.

  60. Galaxy Stitch says:

    Why is link always food

  61. Audra Jones says:


  62. Jennifer Griel says:

    What did you do at work today honey?

    Turned my boss into a giant Cheeto

  63. Monroe Robbins says:

    Just a quick question; I wonder how one does a human pop tart challenge?

  64. SourDragon says:

    Gotta have some tea with those Cheetos

  65. Sun Kissed says:

    I’m watching this while I am eating hot Cheeto puffs at the same time. Life is good.

  66. Bridget Meyers says:

    Where did they get that giant Cheeto bag?

  67. Karis Peyton says:

    Cheeto less

  68. BillyTheHardcoreGamer says:

    Pause at 1:48. If you look at Links leg, part of his skin is gone and you can see red. Now go back to 1:28 look at that same exact spot where it happened, and as you can see it's not there. Now play the video until you get back to 1:47. Now don't do it yet keep reading. While doing that when he is putting the syrup on Links leg at 1:44 watch where it was red, no red but when he puts it down at 1:45 then the red spot appears. Now you may continue. And after doing this you are done. Your welcome everyone. 🙂

  69. I Love Dogs says:

    While watching this I SWEAR I can smell the syrup

    I'm scared

  70. That Rainbow Redhead says:


  71. Challenge Master200 says:

    2:53 any body else think link looks like elmo

  72. Martina Bruno says:

    Rhett looks Goooooood in glasses!

  73. N Kundu says:

    "Here's the nipple if you want to lick that"😲 what do u want Link?

  74. Missy Rose says:

    Rhett looks good in Links glasses. Very cute indeed. ❤😍

  75. Kayley Baker (Student) says:

    Chase must love his job 😂😂

  76. My little dream working the machine says:

    Man, the new Bon Appetite for Katy Perry's Music Video is looking great.

  77. Alcat Smore says:

    How did they make that bag?

  78. Rachel Otremba says:

    2:20 It made me irrationally happy that Link's shorts matched the Cheeto dust really nicely

  79. Tyler Haddox says:

    I would feel like crap after that.

  80. OhRlyNao says:

    straight up someone in the crew keeps suggesting Link be covered in food; and it is 100% a kink

  81. Super Gogan says:

    Cheeto man!

  82. Edna K says:

    I love Chase (and his laugh) and I hope he stays with the show as long as it airs!

  83. LOOP - o says:

    A dem boooots clean

  84. cRu II Cozy says:

    The arm hair! 😂

  85. Cutiepie Nyima says:

    2:15 who thinks Link looks like a newly birthed baby just me ok

  86. Cheyenne Maginity!! says:

    This is making my eyes water…

  87. xX_lilDragon_Xx says:

    Do a human taco

  88. Dr.phil_is_our_g0d_forevea OwO says:

    Why is it always link?

  89. Sarah Smith says:

    The Thieving Magpie – excellent music choice!

  90. Omar Feliciano says:

    🤔 Chase lowkey was considering licking Link's neeple… (look at min 3:46)

  91. Look at my Fish isn’t he cute? says:



    idk why but i find it so sweet how often rhett takes links glasses and wears them himself? like even tho they're prescription he's just like my face is the safest place

  93. Candy eliina says:

    did anybody else see Links armpits at the end xdxd

  94. Ethan Matthews says:

    0:03 they say you are what you eat I don’t remember eating a legend.

  95. CupOfIceTea says:

    Chester would be proud

  96. goth crazy says:

    Why is link the only one that is covered in stuff

  97. Joe S says:

    Just… look at Link’s armpits when he’s covered in dust

  98. Purplesoup Plays says:

    french culture

  99. cabbage man says:

    no one:
    link: HA T U N A MA T A T A

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