I Made A Giant 3-Foot Pizza Slice • Tasty

100 comments on “I Made A Giant 3-Foot Pizza Slice • Tasty”

  1. Farrukh Imtiaz says:

    plz make a giant burrito

  2. Chimmy Bt21 says:


  3. Lily Diamond says:

    Giant cookie

  4. Jemma nation says:

    Make a giant ice cream sundae or hot dog or burger

  5. The BrawlStar says:

    It serves only one- MATT STONIE

  6. xXTHEbomberManXx mastOr says:

    Ice cream

  7. Dalilah Reyes says:

    This so cool and everything but I’m disappointed that they didn’t get Andrew 😂 , he would have tore that up

  8. Aali Kat says:

    My fav is. macandcheese

  9. UTubester - 97 says:

    giant taco

  10. Adwoa Boakye says:

    Alvin is literally one of the funniest people I know.🤣🤣

  11. Kaleb Beagle says:

    make a giant taco

  12. Ant Chan says:

    Ice cream

  13. Sai Pallavi Lingambhotla says:

    Alvin is a summary all varieties of YouTube comments you see on any video. 😂

  14. DiamondMinecart Fans says:

    You should do a 3 foot sandwich 😋

  15. ShellyPlayz says:

    …I'm hungry ;-;

  16. Mason Means says:

    You know what else is three feet

  17. PubgPluem213 PubgPlayer says:

    3:56 I feel like he’s making pasta

  18. Irfan Hisbulwathan says:

    I want to make like that

  19. Matthew De la cruz says:

    gaint taco 😋😋😋😋😋

  20. Vincent Gani says:

    Giant Alaskan bombe

  21. Kelissa Duncan says:

    Make a big box of KFC a 2 piece and 2 fries

  22. Jakob Jelle says:

    Giant kebab

  23. Jayson Playz A.W says:

    Make giant meatball

  24. Finn Power Gang says:

    In the netherland whe have peperoni slices as big as a slice of bread

  25. Michael Chaplin says:

    you should make a giant waffle

  26. Vitam says:

    nice pizza, but a little thing to the sauce, add the basil after cooking, because the taste of basil is lost in cooking

  27. Giovanni Rios Conte says:

    Giant donut

  28. Lucy McDonald says:

    am i the only one that think he is a bean and needs to be protected

  29. Lil boss says:

    "big big"
    "Like dumb big"

  30. Clothing game hello says:


  31. øh_nø_ nøt_him says:

    Giant hot dog??

  32. mr player 699 says:

    Gigantic chicken will just make a video of it please

  33. FrenchHatNoob says:

    Gordon Ramsay: You forgot to season the salt and pepper with salt and pepper

  34. Enrique Chable says:

    I love pizza

  35. RisingStarFalls says:

    Alvin is so precious! I need a boyfriend like him.

  36. RaZe Miller says:

    Can u please make a massive donut 🍩

  37. Ougga _YT says:

    Make giant doughnuts

  38. Alishba Khan says:

    it's called Pythagoras theorem……..

  39. gacha moon wolf29 says:

    Giant cheese balls

  40. Habibur Roshid says:

    Can you make a giant parallel ice cream

  41. Simply Nia’s iPhoneCameraVlog says:

    A large fish and chips would be really cool

  42. Dan Bridger says:

    Who else prefers mushroom pizza instead of peperoni?

    Like if ya do

  43. Riyan Rai says:

    Smallest pizza

  44. Sil Maris says:

    You should definitly collaborate with Matt Stonie

  45. Fielding Young says:

    he should make giant taco

  46. Game Crusher says:

    For the basil, you gotta roll it up real good the tighter it is the better 🤣

  47. It's Just Cool says:

    Say o gosh not o God

  48. Destiny Thomas says:

    What about a giant taco

  49. Aaron Truong says:

    A big cake please

  50. KiddingAce says:

    make 8, 3 foot pizzas and connect them to make the omega pizza

  51. Savage Alpha King says:

    Make big size tacos

  52. Random cookie says:

    I never watched this show before, but my favorite food is a buffalo wing sandwich 🥪 THAT SHIT TASTE SOOO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOD

  53. Cameron Little says:

    I love pizza so much better than aver 👅

  54. Cameron Little says:

    It is so clos to my britday saptambr 12

  55. Game Player says:


  56. Sloth 112 says:


  57. Jack Nieuwstadt says:

    Make a giant milkshake

  58. Munzir Suliman says:

    Giant Quseldia

  59. Cohen Elrod says:

    I wan’t you to make popcorn

  60. lolzminecraftpro 53 says:

    I think you should make a giant crepe with icing. Pls like this

  61. Lily 1116 says:

    U need to make giant sushi

  62. Julie Erispe says:

    i love bigpizza

  63. Giuliana Pulitano says:

    Make giant gnocchi next please

  64. jordis Vdm says:

    French fries please

  65. Delaney Crawford says:

    macaroni and cheese

  66. AceRaps2CleanHisMind says:

    A giant white chocolate chip cookie. With raspberry pleaseeeeeee!

  67. Michelle Brake says:


  68. Zacobie Dyer says:

    Make a giant pie

  69. Boom Biss says:

    at the beginning
    the pizza slice the size of Noah's head
    y'all were at kornet's in nyc

  70. Rilla Järvinen says:

    Can you make giant sushi

    Like for one giant sushi

  71. Kerstin Fischer says:

    I love french fries

  72. Rose Haley says:

    alvin has one of the best personalities from tasty honestly

  73. AJEEl AJZZ says:

    make big verision of a sandwich . Like the giant sub in subway

  74. { •Honey Gatcha•} says:

    My favorite food is French fries

  75. amira sabour says:

    Can you make me macaroni and cheese

  76. jacqueline astorga says:

    I wish I was older so I can ask you to make me giant hot Cheeto puffs 😂

  77. ASAPixel says:

    sushiiiiiii please make itt :3

  78. Haymaker 5178 says:

    chicken leg.

  79. Davi & Luca says:

    Ci mancava solo che metteva l'ananas

  80. Cameron Donihoo says:

    I would love a good big boi salad

  81. Lorraine Carrrington says:

    Hit the like button if u wanna see a giant burrito🌯

  82. Wil Hobson says:

    If you could make a giant sushi I would freak out in a good way

  83. Jeffrey Wong says:

    Hi Alvin can you plz make a giant beef dumpling :):):):):)

  84. Hatem Obaideen says:

    Seems better than Domino.

  85. Mouhaned Abdelmouhaimin says:

    Keep going👍👍

  86. franz blanco says:

    whyd u use the pythagorean theorem? it's not a right triangle

  87. Faustas Labutis says:


  88. Faustas Labutis says:


  89. Probenjamin 8888 says:

    Chicken wing

  90. 222deff says:

    hotdog a giant hotdog make a hotdog plssss

  91. Leslie Gil says:

    can you make a large big cookie 🍪

  92. Lickmynut says:

    No one:
    Just no one:
    And i mean no one:
    Alvn: i get the peporoni you get the peporoni

  93. Kristin Barnett says:

    U should make a giant hotdog

  94. Amber Little says:

    He siad the pizza was doe like 20 pepole but for me and my family tahys fir for a 2,3 people

  95. Lucija Siketić says:


  96. Shotta Yunggin says:

    Make a giant Skittles

  97. jupe kauhanen says:

    Make giant lasange

  98. triggered parai says:

    Make a giant samosa

  99. Olivia Henderson says:

    🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍪🍩🍩🍩Giant DONUT🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

  100. catty angel pliego says:

    if you want him to make giant oreo sandwitch hit that like botton and type catty angel pliego and subscribe

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