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all this jinkies is for one pizzas like mom ma I’m gonna be here for course we are going for one slice the size of four entire pizzas hello my name is Alvin I am a tasty producer and I love making giant crazy food so I got a message from my friend Noah and this guy is a huge pizza guy and he goes hey I saw your giant burger video gonna be in town tomorrow can I request a giant pizza the thing is no one I used to go to this pizza place slices literally as large as your head and Noah is the only guy that I have ever seen finished to though it’s just starting to sound pretty exciting so I’m like oh okay how big big big like dumb big that’s pretty big I’ve also been getting a lot of requests making giant pizzas so I think I know what I’m gonna make today all right I got you what’s up dude yeah how’s it coming man oh good I just got you my favorite pizza yeah I want you to try it looks really good what do you like so much about this slice pizza dude first it’s all about the crust must be chewy not too thick not too thin perfect and the sauce a little sweet a little salty really really smooth and have to really taste like tomato topping cheese mozzarella got to go with pepperoni it’s just the classic when all those things come together and you get this beautiful slice of pepperoni pizza oh I’m gonna see if I can make you a giant version of this so I’m gonna get to work and I’ll see you in a bit okay all right man all right see it it is okay let’s make this pizza first thing’s got to do got to make the pizza dough start with some warm water some sugar and add yeast to this little bad boy let the yeast grow cuz East doesn’t grow don’t grow this recipe is actually a tasty 101 his pizza recipe by Claire and Brenda I’ve never made pizza before oh this recipe doesn’t look too bad seven cups of seven cups of flour guys I take everything back two three four hope I have enough flour seven there’s a lot of flour we got some salt olive oil and we’re gonna pour in this yeast mixture okay onto the mixer actually the recipe says to do by hand I am one lazy person so Claire and Brenda if you’re watching and I mess up your recipe I’m so sorry oh it’s not turning off please turn on what the heck oh there it is alright we’re back in business oh this is gonna go for ten minutes and then we’re gonna see how it is and we’re gonna make the rest of it those actually looking really good I’m just watching the stand mixer it is a doing it work right now I just think if I to do this by hand I might be here for a while okay I’m gonna give you a little break okay but I think some nice dope you still have to work the dough a little bit because even though it’s really mixed together it needs to be in a really nice circle shape so alright it’s good some flour oh gosh I missed I totally miss get this dough all out over here Oh feels so nice like a soft pillow I think I did a really good job this entire batch of dough is supposed to be enough dough for for total pizzas there’s usually six to eight slices in the whole pizza right we’re not doing that we are going for one slice that is the size of four entire pizzas precious roboball I think he deserves a little break so let you rest while my dough takes a well-deserved nap I’m gonna make this tomato sauce I’m gonna use San Marzano tomatoes because these are really really good tomatoes you kind of like the Ferrari of canned tomatoes this recipe makes enough sauce for about two or three pizzas but I’m just gonna dump it just in case cuz when I was tomatoes look at how smooth and peeled they are oh my sorry I got a crush do that some sugar onion in garlic powder oregano like Gordon Ramsay said some salt pepper track the lack is starting to bubble already okay let’s drop this basil the basil you got to roll it up real good the tighter it is the better smells like my grandma was actually Italian not Chinese there’s still a lot of chunks in here I’m gonna use one of my favorite toys this is an immersion blender this thing turns all your chunky problems into one smooth solution so here we go yes there we go that’s what I like to see see that oh god I just got splattered it’s hot whoo that’s better looks pretty good it’s thickened a bit texture is great okay sauce is done let’s talk cheese usually in pizza they use breaded mozzarella basically kind of like this cord you just oh good is that gonna be too easy a little bit I want to make essentially giant quiche Ritz how do you do that I’m not sure but I have an idea mozzarella blocks use this vegetable peeler and appeal’ giant cheese shreds Optimas whoa that’s it kind of worked it’s not bad that’s a cheese shred right that’s like a giant cheese shred man this is a big cheese shred look she said I’m not gonna lie guys I’m crumbling over the place it’s gonna work out so well that’s okay we’re gonna shred cheese normally grater is not that good either hold up whoo that’s what I’m talkin about whoa wait this was some pigs dad cheese threads it looks like her plan was not so terrible after all it all that great cheese tray all this cheese this for one pizza slice just to everyday pepperoni but that is actually nowhere pepper we can come shrunk basically you take a giant sausage and you cut it up and not these bad boys these are some big pepperonis no I’m gonna be using these why be normal when you can be like that okay let’s see how my dough’s looking take a look at you oh mama look at that it’s so perfect Oh tuck all those bad parts underneath kind of like when you’re cleaning out your room shove everything that doesn’t look good under the bed whoo he does need to rest one last time put a little blanket my precious dough ball we’ll see you an hour okay okay so to make this giant slice I actually gonna make a slice the size of the biggest tray I could find that we have that actually fits in the oven see how this goes whoa we’re doing this right how do the professionals do it oh there we go that’s the stretch I’m talking about thanks gravity who then BP Oh bad for a first time I’m gonna be here for haha nope start shaping into its final form it’s been 25 years we now have air pods three okay we’re almost there I’m gonna be able to play the piano so hard I’ll walk into a massage parlor and they’re gonna be like hey what kind of experience you got I’ll just pull up this YouTube video you got to show the DOS boss that’s right how that kind of hurt maybe a rolling pin would be a better idea progress check next challenge is to get this entire thing onto this tray a little bit of oh okay not a very clean landing good the edges are getting a little squished I’ll probably just turn them off and eat a nice graphical I’m getting hungry at this point this tray is about two and a half feet long I did some math using Pythagorean theorem a squared plus B squared equals C squared and this comes out to be something along the lines of three feet because this pizza is so big I want to actually pre bake the dough I’m scared that if I put all the sauce and toppings on right now in middle just gonna be very very soggy 500 degrees for about five minutes okay here’s the dough that is pre baked let’s get toppings we have giant mozzarella cheese shreds homemade tomato sauce and giant pepperonis first we got to do the sauce and like that don’t get lost in the sauce kids I might have made too much smears that’s okay I’ll just make like 20 pizzas later time for the cheese so to make a ring oh wait it’s 2019 we’re making it precipitate feel like those rappers and they’re just tossing hundred dollar bills in the air that’s who I am right now except I’m tossing cheese when do I know when to stop man this is fun what officially ran out of cheese big pepperoni time huh kind of feel like Oprah you get a pepperoni you and you get a pepperoni and I get a pepperoni one too I’m dishing out them stacks final one Oh would you look at that there’s one left over this is a thing of beauty we have 18 giant pepperoni slices this is a serving size for one person if you were not me this is enough for a huge party of like 20 people this is gonna go in the oven 500 degrees for I want to say like 20 minutes and then we’re gonna go eat with no after that oh this is really heavy and Noah yeah you want your pizza all right no this is the size of one standard pizza is that right yeah all right close your eyes on the count of 3 1 2 3 open your eyes Noah oh my god oh my Wow the big guy guy do you like it yeah dude Wow look at this look at this FIFA dude there’s a little bigger than your normal pizza so I got some leftover ingredients so I mean this is get it right in try it cheers dude Cheers oh this is awesome you didn’t really did a great job it’s off you know the pepperoni we got the cheese death right and then you can finish it used to finish two of those big slices back in the day they’ll take me a little time in Atlantic weekend oh yeah we can beat you come out I don’t want any of this to go to waste I gospel friends I just need to cut off the baton part in that we can go and share the rest I was going some pizza guys today was super fun made a giant pizza I think at the end of it all it came up to be like three feet which is really long just to see the love that people have for pizza is just really awesome and Noah seemed pretty happy about it too so that means I’m happy the thing is I love making these crazy things so if you have a food that you absolutely loved hit me up leave a comment and send me a DM let me know what your favorite food is and I will do my very best to try and make a big version of that for you until next time peace [Music]

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