I Made The World’s Biggest Sushi

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  1. Inga Lam says:

    Sushi for days!!! I wish you all got to try a piece 🙁 Thank you ROLLN for making my dreams come true!!

  2. Kpop Jennieration says:

    wow are they aussie

  3. T J E says:

    Why did that Australian guy use the imperial measuring system when we already have a much better and more logical measuring system available to us from birth?

  4. Kristina Andrea Pedere says:

    Inga: Go big or go home. Don't at me Alvin

    Alvin: She's trying to steal my motto

  5. Pancakeninja says:


  6. Yoselin Gomez says:

    Wait did NY Tasty merge with LA Buzzfeed? Because isn’t that Andrew behind Inga at the beginning of the video? And isn’t Andrew from LA?

  7. jonah's kicks says:

    She’s so cute😂

  8. Bread Pants says:

    Ah yes my midnight snack

  9. Oscar Yzl says:

    i can watch Inga allll day long ~~shes so cute omg

  10. swifty ql says:

    Great…now I’m so damn hungry

  11. Butter on a pop tart says:

    Big marvel flashbacks

  12. GamingPotato says:

    6:18 don’t look at the captions lol

  13. Anime Geek says:

    I envy her energy lol and I also envy who got to eat it

  14. Iman Sarah Azmi says:

    This video was so pointless

  15. Tri Huynh says:

    The dude named “Gavin” (sorry if I heard it wrong but he was there at the end) low key looks like asian Elon musk :0

  16. Khoa võ đăng says:

    I'm glad that they make it smaller to enjoy the sushi.
    I was hoping they were not making it super big then used some knife and forks to cut and eat that whole sushi like it was a steak or a cake. And Im glad that they didn't.
    Btw Good job guys <3

  17. Ellyka Pono says:

    Alvin is quaking

  18. 8 preceps of death says:

    @7:10 that's a good workout method..😁

  19. moonlightmoods says:

    Ah i loved this episode and i loved that they did donations for Australia!😍❤

  20. Karim Yassine says:


  21. MaximumRideMaster says:

    Sushi is great and all but I wanna see a video of her skin care routine 😊

  22. Nicole Shkarlet says:


  23. hussainzakir1 says:

    Alvin must be pissed watching this

  24. Antonio Bousaba says:

    When you tell her its 8 inches
    "I mean It looks huge, but I want to know exactly how big it is"

  25. Patrick Min says:

    wait so they are australians ? lol just curious

  26. amani c says:

    inga: i made the worlds largest sushi
    alvin: am i a joke to you?

  27. Jadon Kim says:

    I love how when she slapped the rice scooping thing she slapped like she was about spank someone

  28. Rman Nayr says:

    70 POUNDS?!

  29. Rman Nayr says:


  30. Yeep says:

    Alvin likes Inga but Inga's like…nah lol Poor Alvin

  31. Aaron Yeung says:

    I wish great big story got the respect it deserves

  32. Syrus Reeves-Campos says:


  33. Ivy Lee says:

    Inga: Final peice, watch me drop it on the floor

    ~Chefs hand comes in from below~ oh no u don't

  34. Charlotte Grace says:

    Well they're definitely Aussies

  35. Ryzen风 says:

    too little rice for me lol

  36. Albert Ngangom says:

    Inga's sudden burst of laughter. Love it. ❣️

  37. Prk J says:

    That’s technically not “sushi.”

  38. Instrumental Studios says:

    I want that giant sushi for my birthday cake 😋😋😋😋😋

  39. Ellamarie Favela says:

    Me: reads title
    Also me: Alivn has left the chat

  40. Wiell Nyan says:

    No it is 69 pounds because the plate.

  41. Clang says:

    Inga = My personal clickbait.

  42. hmmm mmm says:

    The guy in the white shirt looks like an Asian Elon musk

  43. Jhoffer Agulan says:

    bigger than Alvin's sushi🤣

  44. Elwan Sene says:

    isn't that sashimi

  45. I'm a shadow says:

    6:58 that's what she said


  46. Daniel McGuire says:

    Ur voice kills my ears

  47. Kate Armstrong says:

    why does the background look like it's been green screened in at 1:18 XD great video though

  48. eric t says:

    😑 😐 😦 😯 😳 🥴 🤢 🤮

  49. Phoenix L0rd says:

    Does that fish have corona virus?

  50. ThatBoiBas says:

    That dude on the right looks so much like elon musk

  51. Corrupt says:

    Holds big paddle "I need this at home" she likes some scary stuff in the bedroom

  52. SnowFox08 :D says:

    She just straight up stole Alvin’s thing

  53. SnowFox08 :D says:

    Bruh forget Matt Stonie, get Zach Choi in on this

  54. Artpacbell Bro’s says:

    Where is the seaweed

  55. Sour Gacha says:

    Tell me…. does anyone know where to find a giant sushi for sale…

  56. ABigPileOftrash says:

    5:10 Me: vivid flashbacks

  57. Kaden Tan says:

    When Inga slaps her hand with the rice paddle multiple times…

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Asian parents be like: time to spank u!!!

  58. aisyah rusdi says:

    is it just me or does gavin look like jason from @wahbanana? 0:58

  59. Philip Jonathan says:

    she's cute

  60. Jade Lee says:

    There should be a show called make it small

  61. Coffins says:

    I want this girl to be my wife… 🙁

  62. Peakzs Pc says:

    they sound australian

  63. Eleonor Ramirez says:

    Alvin will come for you 😂😂

  64. CJ Smoke says:

    you made the biggest corona virus

  65. JustPlayer PT says:


  66. Dylan Uzzle says:


  67. Andrada Marcu says:

    *Coronavirus entered the chat *
    (Just a joke )

  68. Pikagem8_gacha says:

    When i saw the cover, I was like…HOW MUCH FISH U USING GURLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  69. Weafy says:

    That sushi is literally heavier than my best friend..

    (He weighs 60 pounds.)

  70. Crusty Burger says:

    I created the worlds biggest waist of food and I am the worlds biggest waist of time.

  71. Daniel Patelesio says:

    I’m trying to watch this quietly while my family sleeps but I keep having to adjust the volume because of Inga’s voice (the loudest beingwhen she’s excited) 😂😂😂😂

  72. M_L_G kK P_O_H_E_R says:

    video smells corona

  73. IneedViews Plz says:

    No wonder why Salmon is getting extinct

  74. FYN Christian says:

    I need this at home 💀

  75. SQEK Unicorn says:

    Gavin tseng looks like the Asian Elon musk

  76. Kind Devil says:

    Alvin who

  77. Brendan Thompson says:

    inga + australian accents! next, i think you need to just come to australia, hint hint

  78. Tim Chen says:

    Alvin is offended

  79. 7 steps says:

    Inga : I'm gonna make a giant sushi.
    Alvin : why don't you invite me?!
    Matt stonie : Whose gonna eat that except me?!

  80. PangoCham Gaming says:

    I’ve been commenting on Alvin zhous page forever to do this. If only would respond

  81. Saad Mahmood says:

    69.2 pounds lol

  82. blewyd says:

    I expected the chefs to have an Asian accent and was very surprised to hear an Australian accent.

  83. Snypotion says:

    Alvin Friend ;^;

  84. Geenee Phan says:

    The vibes to this video aren’t it.

  85. uBiuui says:

    Google: "Gaki No Tsukai – Giant sushi roll"

  86. RevineYT says:

    ok alvin

  87. A. K. says:

    Also love GBS❤

  88. Fast doggo says:

    I want it

  89. Mike Pierce says:

    Alvin- 71 pound giant Sushi

  90. 이헤진 says:

    she said “watch me drop it on the floor” a comedian

  91. Joe first says:

    Looks good, but that’s not sushi, it’s nigiri.

  92. Mae Wobniar says:

    tell me why David Tam sounds like Henry Golding oml

  93. Konoha Miyagi says:

    Inga: “world’s biggest sushi!”


  94. Zenitsu Agatsuma says:


  95. Yujiro Hanma says:

    I despise buzzfeed but this video was cool

  96. Void High Ground Retakes says:


  97. Jeremy Kim says:

    4:42 "Litres" damn the editors are stressed

  98. Troyvon Villaranda says:

    There is 666 coments when I saw the video

  99. Taekook 9597 says:

    Way to 20M subscribers

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