i only ate JAPANESE MOVIE THEATRE foods for a day

Alpha-1 ended up being the most iconic food of the whole video. I did not see that coming. Can you believe that? I’m sure this is no surprise to any of you guys because lately I feel like I’ve been all over the place But I’m actually in Tokyo in Japan right now. There’s a storm going on at the moment So I’ve been sitting in my room Kind of bored and like with nothing to do and I really wanted to film a YouTube video I was thinking if I was back home in England, and he was raining so much outside like my ideal day would be to go to the cinema or to the movie theater and just eat my body weight in popcorn and hot dogs and all these like things that I love and then I also thought Well, I could actually do that here in Japan I’ve never seen a YouTube video of Anyone going to a movie theater or cinema in Japan and just showing the foods that they have at the cinema? I thought this is a great idea for YouTube video. I am interested in this. I hope that you can accept interested as well I wonder what cinema or movie theater foods look like here in Tokyo So we’re just gonna go to the nearest cinema and hopefully there’s actually food in there like maybe hotdogs I mean, at least I think they have popcorn even though I did read online that in Japan It’s not very typical for people to eat popcorn during the movies You actually eat it after so you don’t disturb anyone else Which I’m conflicted about like it’s a good thing but like the popcorn is the best part of watching a movie We officially gone here to the cinema is right there. I’m not sure it begins. Wait. This is really bad camera work I kind of want to go see a movie but then I’m also Scared at the same time that Eve mine will have subtitles He might actually speak in Japanese in the movies, but we’re gonna go inside and have a log because it’s a movie theater They might kick reality. They might all want me to be filming in there. So I don’t know how that’s gonna go So we’re gonna go inside. I’m gonna try to feel like the food So yes again like a big picture of everything, but I’m very hungry very very excited let’s go is this like the Japanese version of like Harry Potter because The similarities though when you copy someone’s homework This is actually me posing for a thumbnail and my security is always these are all the movies they’ve got and if you love like cartoons and anime you would have a Lot of options here. So here we are the movie theater guys, and the choices are going to blow your mind First of all, they’ve got all these sets which is really cool They’ve got an Incredibles one and a Pokemon one, which I’m not sure which one I’m gonna get tell me this isn’t everything They’ve got fruit in tea, but like actual real fruit goes into the tea So I really want to get one of those It’s called an English summer tea and this is really my favorite part because if you think that the flavors of popcorn Are gonna be normal? No thinking to him the flavors of popcorn are salt, which is pre normal caramel Which is also alright and then butter soy sauce, which is the one that I want to try the most I also want to try the hard talk with the potatoes. These churritos look so delicious How dare they come from Mexico’s brand like that like that looks so so good And of course we couldn’t leave without trying the fried chicken as well So this is a lot and honestly I’m here for it Love ever single items is going to be so much better than I expected. And if you thought that was everything Let me just blow your Bibles again because this is the single best item that X seems as I go here They’ve actually got some chocolate popcorn It’s popcorn in one side and they call it the chocolate popcorn, but I think it’s just like chocolate pieces I don’t really know if that’s real popcorn in the center this is gonna be the toughest decision of my life to choose between The Incredibles 2 or the Pokemon Pikachu 1 Stop the video right now and guess in the comment section which one of these two I’m gonna choose would you look at this? Like isn’t that beautiful? Look at all the different things that we go? this is the longest churro I have ever seen I Have got no words. This is the news Have ever seen I’m gonna be eating these for the next 24 hours. So obviously we Lunch dinner and then practice two more maybe by mailing it in the morning these chocolate cherry toes look delicious, but the real star of the show is The hiss when they say that I want a light snack. This is usually what I mean This is the soil popcorn, which is the one that I want to try the most here We put the ice tea and explore actual fruit in it This is the fried chicken, but I’m going to show this to you later when we’re back home And this tiny one is the hotdog It’s a very very tiny bowtie, but I will also show this to you later because I’m going to be having this Afternoon snack dinner. I Use a pin resist By evolution and the item that really makes me feel like Japan is Now is the chocolate popcorn, like I said we’re gonna eat is what I can hope I just gonna try the chocolate popcorn here just I Am in disbelief, I mean it’s incredible the best thing about this is I’m sorry. I have made it my whole life and they didn’t even know there’s gonna be walking around like oh my It’s logical Always mentally It is the afternoon, but I haven’t eaten anything to die yet so I’m very very hungry I feel like I’m gonna binge eat this whole thing in like one meal and then probably be in a food coma till tomorrow Which is happens of way too often in my life I’m trying to fit all the foods in if a human that I barely have space to move That actually tastes like homemade tea It’s go strawberries lemon and something else that I can’t recognize because I have no healthy Well, I want to try something solid now or should we start with a hot dog? Because we haven’t even seen the hot dog yet. It’s a very tiny hot dog, but you know what? It’s not the size No, ketchup, no mustard. I guess I should have done that there, but I actually like my food plain, so It’s a little bit dry it’s not gonna lie, but It’s pretty good. I like the flavor of it. It just tastes like a hot dog. It is a freaking hot dog It’s a good one, though Personally I really really like it but there’s so many foods to try so I’m gonna save the rest for later Well, I need to drink something that was really really dry I Almost forgot we still have the fried chicken I mean, I was trying not to eat everything in one go so I can save this until tomorrow But this is all gonna go in one go and I already know maybe it’s because it’s been sitting here But it’s not too crisp. It’s actually soft and like wet. Oh You probably can’t see on camera, but the meat is like dark on the inside It’s like kinda smells like KFC a little bit. Maybe it is a delicious. I Think there’s quite a lot of fat in the actual chicken, that’s why it’s so dark as well, but it’s pretty great The flavor is good texture a little I like my chicken a little dry So obviously my taste is it the best fried chicken I’ve ever had No, but is it good that I’ve got the option for it? And the cinema? Yes 100% I would definitely order this especially if I was going to watch a movie the chicken or the hawk came with his potatoes and these are very soggy now these Are not going to be enjoyable Mmm, actually I spoke too soon. They’re incredible sale I was kind of worried though We got too many like sweet fruits in my enough savory ones, but actually this is great I’d like the selection of savory foods that we call it. I Love vegetables, but when I say a Helper war ended up being the most iconic food of the whole video. I didn’t not see that coming Can you believe that imagine ordering a churro and then they give you this I honestly couldn’t believe like this is insane Definitely not as crunchy as you would have been if I would have eaten it at the right time, but honestly What are the best churros I’ve ever had like by far seriously incredible I really liked the Taco Bell ones, but I would say this is almost better than those ones Specially desserts it’s a lot less sweet everything but you kind of like that For a change I think that might have been my favorite out of the sweet things we’ve tried But we haven’t even got to the popcorn yet, which was like one of the main things I wanted to try for the video I always saved the best for last so on my little Pokemon thing I think I’ve got it was this soy butter popcorn something like that our soy sauce and butter maybe Oh, no, they’re not crunchy anymore. I was really expecting for some good ASMR That’s pretty gruesome. Oh my god, this is so much better than just butter popcorn Holy schnitzel Raphaël go miss tuffsy space with popcorn for three minutes straight. Like if I didn’t edit the videos, that is literally what you’d watch so We didn’t even get To them to the chocolate ones and I’m already like shook speechless. No words I feel like it so many of these and this is actually not going down So in terms of size Which I think a lot of people care about this when you go to the cinema because things are usually very much overpriced It’s actually a pretty good size. I know it looks small, but this thing can take a lot of popcorn Can you believe that we lived our lives without seeing? Chocolate popcorn until to die like this is beautiful. I’ve never seen chocolate popcorn at least I know some of you guys probably have it in your countries But I’ve never seen this especially when you go to the cinema This is actually a mix of three types of popcorn. One of them is the sticky one, which I think is just caramel pop We’ll find out Mmm I think it’s just caramel, but it tastes like pumpkin spice to me. Maybe it’s the time of the year Maybe it’s the white girl in me. I Think the second type of popcorn we’ve gone is the same as that one the buttered Sawyer Mm-hmm. Yeah Keeping you real guys. Nothing tops. The Sawyer ones. The sticky ones are pretty good as well. Well, they’re nothing in comparison But We’re gonna try the chocolate ones. Now. I already know that this chocolate popcorn is everything but I’m still gonna be impressed Holy schnitzel, oh my god This is so good Mmm, it’s not dry at all so if you’re expecting them to be like just like cereal they’re not they’re like They almost wet on the outside like it kind of reminds me like caramel popcorn it still manages to taste like corn Which is really really bizarre because there’s no actual corn in it. I Don’t know how they make this but I need this for the rest of my life every time i see a movie. I Mean these are officially my favorite ones out of Everything we try like they’re really really good and I feel like and we tried. Oh, there’s the chocolate churros, but we’ve nearly tried everything I’m actually happy that I assumed or like a lot of food and I only ate like 50% of it So we still got a lot for me to eat later before bed or maybe I’m gonna yeah What if I heat these up for breakfast in the microwave now, that would be everything They look like chocolate churros, but they’ve also got like melted chocolate in the center like a liquid Center. So Mmm, these are having a cinnamon in it They still got sugar on the outside. Think I still prefer the first one we had but. They’re very good as well. It’s just because there’s no cinnamon To me. It doesn’t taste as much like a churro, but I assume i really like them That is a lot of sugar and my body is loving every second of it, let me just put this on I need to carry my popcorn at all times now I’m just gonna start filling this up with like other foods like Give me ideas for what I should fill this up with in the comment section I’m thinking maybe crispy bacon pieces or like chicken nuggets now, that would be everything There’s a video idea somewhere here, but can’t really figure it out right now Obviously, we only went to one movie theater, and I’m sure that if you go to different ones You’re gonna get different things I read somewhere online that they’ve got this thing, which is seaweed popcorn But at the place that I went to they didn’t have that for example I’ve also made a video before in which I tried movie theater foods in UK and the foods were very very good as well But if I had to pick a favorite, I think these are more exciting I mean the popcorn the chocolate popcorn Canas old me I’ve never seen a video like this on YouTube before trying cinema foods from other countries So if you enjoyed it I would really appreciate if you could let me know just give the video a like and make sure to subscribe to my channel Because if you like it, I might actually do this again and maybe go to different countries I think that would be a great idea I never realized how much I love movie theater foods until today like it was just so exciting the whole video and I think you can tell If you liked it leave your support for the video, don’t forget to switch my notifications on and a huge Thank you to everyone who does it I love you guys, and I will see you on my next video. Bye. Bye

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