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  1. Abroad in Japan says:

    A big shoutout to Pete Donaldson for joining Journey Across Japan, he'll be sorely missed! To find out who's joining us next as we journey south towards Hiroshima, be sure to check out the end of the video, when he who must not be named is finally revealed.
    And for more of Pete, you can always tune in to the Abroad in Japan podcast, where we discuss all things Japan, every single Thursday! (Podcast: http://hyperurl.co/nhgr30)

  2. Archangel Gaming says:

    Anyway someone can tell us the name of the establishment they visited? Would love to visit there as well on my next trip

  3. fazisa says:

    Pete is so fucking hot

  4. Gaurav Saxeriya says:

    The quality here is fucking awesome!

  5. jayhawker931 says:

    I actually went to this restaurant, best 180 dollars spent

  6. Liso Campos says:

    Brackish is salt water flowing into fresh water lake/river…i think. Let me know in the comments below.

  7. Zairem Renthlei says:

    this beef is so good they named a basketball player after it.

  8. Maria Katrina G. says:

    Lol ok… i love the fact that you put a gaming analogy there 😂👌🖤

  9. Norey 1991 says:

    Price ?

  10. nebpro says:

    Did you know that Bryan Cranston's character in "Malcolm in the Middle" where he plays Hal (Malcolm's dad). There was an episode where they ate KOBE BEEF. Hahaha. That was a bit ironic.

  11. Ng Shawn says:


  12. Dom Edwards says:

    Pete's top is fantastic. is that a United Shirt

  13. DMONICUS6 says:

    You have obviously not had an excellent steak cooked over hardwood coals…. No way in hell would I pay the kind of money for that "best beef" from Japan…

  14. InfoVator says:

    Pete has quite the resemblance of Chester Bennington!

  15. Kristi Jones says:

    Rewatching the videos as I'm catching up through the podcasts and I'm enjoying them just as much the second time! Also Chris I think you are my soulmate (may have said that before). And I say this because not only do we think the same and like A LOT of the same things but your love for steak is just as great as mine (#sorrynotsorry vegetarians/vegans). Pete is a fucking trip! He is so hilarious!

  16. kuagelo says:

    8:54 I honestly thought he was wearing the A5 beef.

  17. Henry Ting Hang Chan says:

    I have never try kobe beef

  18. Phonz Silvany says:

    Loving the music used in your videos!😍

    Oh , and the Kobe beef looks good too 😃

  19. Fu Ndjck Ue says:

    What the fuck i wonder if i can just take a massive chomp off of a live kobe cow

  20. Rooster D says:

    Dont lie muthafucka


    can u put this in mcdo

  22. Judas Iscariot says:

    I'll take a well aged ribeye over this nonsense any day of the week.

  23. Chris Pohl says:

    I would be the guy who eats it coocked medium & side of a1 sauce!

  24. Orka Drones says:

    I have literally subscribed to this channel many times now… Why am I being unsubbed?

  25. thecanadianwill says:

    what a ripoff for fatty Asian beef…..

  26. Ix GRUB xI M says:

    If you’re into chewing straight butter then have at it! Over priced shit!

  27. Gate Watchers says:

    It worth tasting the Kobe beef. It makes me hungry at the same time..thanks for recommending.

  28. Azoller says:

    Name of the music 0:00 to 0:19 ?

  29. Lambert ofMtl says:

    That outro is so intriguing

  30. myHuge249 says:

    "it just kept coming chris" pete 2018

  31. Nikolai Sverdrup says:

    how is that other guy holding his chopsticks?

  32. Jackson2e says:

    What call of duty is you playing🤣

  33. I PolarIsTaken says:

    Watching is torcher?


  34. nyeland harmon says:

    “You said I was the juiciest beef in the whole wide world”

    Pause 🤚🏾 hella sus

  35. BerserkerKingdom says:

    I want more adventures with you and Pete

  36. iam47 industries says:

    Say my Name


    You got damm right

  37. A.S.O.L Anonymous says:

    That ending was something out of this world

  38. David Wun says:

    6.34, these guys are hilarious. Usually, talking over art sounds crass and salesy, but these guys did it alright.

  39. Royce Sato says:

    You really like that call of duty hand grenade metaphor

  40. Shendue says:

    Actually, the fat in kobe beef is pretty healthy and it's low on cholesterol.

  41. Jim Hoadley says:

    4:45 – Calling Ponzu "soy sauce with vinegar" is somewhat misleading, for it misses many key ingredients, not the least of which is citrus. All varieties of ponzu contain some citrus juice added at the end, usually a traditional Japanese citrus fruit like sudachi, yuzu, daidai, or kabosu. It also almost always contains mirin, katsuobushi and kombu. It's a much more complex and aromatic. Worcestershire Sauce isn't just vinegar and molasses. Ponzu isn't just "soy sauce with vinegar."

  42. Bald Guy says:

    (5:17) Sooo are they eating Bryan Cranston? I have not see him in any screen credits lately.

  43. Cheasy says:

    he canot be a genius if he is a comunust……doesnt go together

  44. thorbergson says:

    There are few things more satisfying than a Brit in a USSR tee.

  45. Jacob David Cunningham says:

    0:47 sounds like the dirt trade guy from Water World

  46. CD T says:

    what's the music in 8:54 ??

  47. Ragnar Malcolm says:

    Brackish is usually referred to when salt water meets fresh water.

  48. badatbass says:

    Shoutout to my fellow vegetarians out there

  49. Khew Jun Jie says:

    anyone have any idea whats the name of the restaurant they went to eat this?

  50. og loc says:

    I tried Kobe beef in Kobe at a restaurant part of the Kobe beef society (or whatever it is called) paid $65 for 120 grams and I wasn’t too impressed. But this may have been because I went for the second cheapest cut out of 6, with the top 180 gram cut costing nearly $700!!

  51. Nick Mattio says:

    So $75 each? Doesn’t sound too bad considering it’s the best beef in the world

  52. Anthony says:

    Didn't think it was possible to eat Kobe and make a Call of Duty reference.

  53. Anthony says:

    Brackish is the part of a river or body of water that mixes with seawater. (salt water and water mixed)

  54. Kaleb Kuan says:

    I salivated so much during this video that I choked on my saliva😂

  55. Vidserver says:

    The total bill scare me

  56. ameyarocks says:

    Pete Donaldsons T-shirt looks like Kobe beef.

  57. SuckLess says:

    Is no one going to mention the fact that Mr. Donaldson's shirt has an uncanny resemblance to the marbling of wagyu. (If not quite as well marbled as that being eaten)

  58. Grim Zkull says:

    Too much fat for me

  59. TheBigH says:

    This is why I like this channel when it comes to food; Other food review channels will do the "food pron" type thing where the descriptions and the glory shots go on and on – there is nothing wrong with that, but this gets down to business.

  60. CON D. ORIANO says:

    The Fact that they arent eating the beef with rice makes me anxious.

  61. lolmao500 says:

    Vegans triggered

  62. Max Rockatansky says:

    I'm Hindu and vegetarian, don't know what I'm doing here. Not offended though even that meat is cow meat.

  63. Logan Neslage says:

    intro music song name?

  64. CrashMK1 says:

    For anyone wondering. I'm sure that there's a very specific definition, but brackish is usually used in reference to a type of water where fresh water, and salt water meet and mix. Therefore, brackish water.

  65. Im not mark says:

    You know what it taste like? Fatty beef to be honest

  66. Gaochang Li says:

    Why am I watching this? I haven't had dinner…

  67. Png. Png says:

    ecchi shiyou ze >:)

  68. Mike Lee says:

    Since you didn't pay for the meal, it technically mean that you still owe him a meal for that shoutout.

  69. Junon Tann says:

    why the constant thanks to bryan cranston?

  70. The Predator32 says:

    North, north UK? Sooo Scotland?

  71. SarcasMiss says:

    im just catching up now and Im scared of what to do with my life when ive finally caught up with this show and wait like the rest of you lot.

  72. ham and cheese says:

    I wonder what the Japanese people would make of my baked beans and toast with some a1 bacon.

  73. FunMixTime says:

    Fun fact death row last meal normally can only cost between 40$-50$

  74. Troy Lee says:

    8:55 his shirt looks like A5 Beef

  75. Kayser Yoshimatsu says:

    you know, kobe isnt that expensive of the japanese beefs? there are far more wagyus that are a LOT more expensive…

  76. DarkSteel says:

    was it justice delicious?

  77. Taysco says:

    Gordon Ramsey would tell you that steak was still shitting itself

  78. FCBayern4Ever says:

    Asians have the best food!

  79. aimanseymos says:

    Did you really left pete??? please no

  80. Carlos V says:

    Me, First 5 seconds: "Is that Wakkoqu?" Looks at the description: "Oh nice!"

    I went to Wakkoqu myself in 2014. I wasn't using any sort of mobile maps back then because I was too cheap to get a WiFi hotspot when travelling, so I got lost, and no locals I asked knew of the place. I had to reorient myself with a static map, and it didn't help that I was already close to running late because I took the wrong shinkansen from Hiroshima.

    Anyway, that was the best meat I've ever had in my life. It's definitely something everyone should experience at least once in their life. I really want to go back one day.

  81. Ģirts D says:

    This wtf moment when eat total row meat insane

  82. Reeze Vlog says:

    the CCCP shirt has an A3 fat content…………

  83. Martin Tremblay says:

    So let's dew it- Guga foods

  84. Pekka Laitinen says:

    Next: We tasted Bryan Cranston

  85. Dean Gully says:

    The cows keep getting yeeted to the slaughterhouse. Hence the name

  86. Dean Gully says:

    My man pete just gets a higher IQ when eating beef of this quality.

    Big Brain

  87. Hugh Janus says:

    stupid english accent, it's not kobee.

  88. PoLISh JeRRY says:

    y e e t

  89. Rick Bailey says:

    prob only 500-1k worth of meat but they charge the customer the price of a car so 10lbs is worth 3k but that hunk is prob heavier but maybe not since its 95% fat

  90. Super Slovak says:

    i think if i tried this meat i would orgasm instantly

  91. HardWorkingSlacker says:

    That’s not correct about wagyu beef all coming from Japan, a couple of years ago I saw in an agriculture paper that they, a Japanese company, started sourcing wagyu from Idaho. They have to follow very strict standards, and all of it monitored by the Japanese to make sure the quality is up standard

  92. Igor Malusevic says:

    Pete struggle with chopsticks xD

  93. Yes Mam says:

    For real, when you eat this you litteraly drink the meat you don't even chew…
    Can you imagine how digusting that is ?? like …
    Beef and fat put in a blender still hot and fcking drink it.
    While you at it make a kobe beef and 90% fat candy .
    Just melt a stick of butter annd drink it, I just madeyou save 250 dollars, you sheep.
    Wtf is up with the meat rating that is completely stupid A5 god damn.

    Man, it's only fat.

    Dude, this beef have nothing special, it's only a fat lazy cow who was treated way too much.
    Come to France, ask for an AUBRAC medium rare and fcking tell me that is not better than that dumb shit…

    And guess what, why they serve a only 3 pîeces of that sht on one plate and they serve this right in front of you?
    because if the fat cooldown it fcking goes back to the consistence of a chewy dirty paper..
    the whole piece taste like that because the meat isn't meat , IT'S FAT , YOU ARE EATING FAT.

    250 DOLLARS
    10 GRAMME

    Im triggered.

  94. Arthur Yamashita says:

    jesus why is he holding the hashi in such a stupid way

  95. Taiko Krchy says:

    Why can’t we raise cows like this…

  96. Cherry Blossom says:


  97. A RB says:

    5:00 that the salt bro

  98. Virishikii says:

    soma vs nikumi flashbacks

  99. drencoss says:

    Meanwhile im eating 4 Wagyu Iceland burgers for £3.

  100. Kazuma Yagami says:

    Shouldn't Gordon Ramsey be there eating that??

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