I Tried To Re-Create These Corgi Macarons

– Okay, so, here we are. This is Eating Your Feed, my name is Niki. Today my friend Adam is
challenging me to make macarons shaped as corgis. It’s this shop called Honey &
Butter in Irvine, California that makes a bunch of
different types of macarons, one of them is this
thing called a uni-corgi. A uni-corgi is a corgi
with a unicorn horn. It looks really easy
based off of the video ’cause it shows her just
like piping the shape of a corgi and then they
fill it with what looks like a chocolatey filling and they kind of just pop it right on top. Everyone loves a macaron. Never made macarons and I’ve
never made any type of food in the shape of an animal before. As always today, very talented, Tasty chef producer Rie is here. How hard is it really? – In my opinion, it’s one of the most
difficult design to make. So, you just need to practice. – The feet of a macaron
is when the cookie rises and so that’s like an
important mark of a macaron. So, if you don’t have
feet, that’s a bad macaron. Great. If I struggle, I’ll give you a call. – Okay.
– I found a Tasty recipe, I’m gonna just make regular
circular macarons first and then if that goes well, I will graduate to the uni-corgi. Look out world. What if I’m so good at this? So, I printed out a template, I’ve seen other people use
it when they pipe it out so that it’s relatively
the same size and shape. So, ,that’s underneath
a piece of baking paper. 200 grams of powdered sugar, 110 grams of almond flour, 100 grams of egg whites. Shabam. Stripe city, population me. 50 grams of sugar for my meringue. Big bowl. An important thing is
that the almond flour and the powdered sugar
are as fine as possible. So, the way people do
that is to throw it in the food processor. (laughing) What am I doing wrong? There we go. Oh yeah, this (bleeping) gonna be fine. So, I’m gonna make my meringue which is like the base for this cookie. A little splootsch of tartar. And then I’m just gonna whip ’em. That will give us the
firmness and structure for this light and fluffy cookie. What a weird thing. These things come out of chickens. Oh, that looks pretty stiff. Oh, what’s that thing? I’m really scared to do this. – What are you doing?
– If you can like lift it over your head
and it doesn’t come out that means it’s ready, right? I could really (beeping)
myself over this morning. Whew. And I guess that just all
of it, it all goes in. We’re not going any food coloring, these are just gonna be plain macarons. And now we fold. Don’t over mix, don’t under mix. We wanna get it to like
a ribbony consistency so that it is fluidy,
it like holds it shape. Wow, these were very stiff peaks. I’m gonna go a little bit more. Yeah, that’s kind of innate. I’m gonna stop mixing, I think we got it. So, I’m gonna be baking
with a convection oven which like blows hot air throughout and so you don’t want any
paper flapping back and forth so I’m jus using a
little bit of the batter that kind of like spilled over and I’m putting it on the
corner of my baking paper so that it stays down. I don’t have much experience piping but when I was like a kid
and watching people bake, it was always like the
most appealing part of it. Oh, it’s coming out. Was I not supposed to cut the
bag until the stuff was in? (beeping) (groaning) These look relatively close to each other. Okay. There’s like a tapping
thing that I have to do to kind of get rid of all
of these little air bubbles that you can see. (tapping) So, now I have to let it
rest for like 30 minutes. I don’t know why. So, what we wanna check is
that there’s like a smooth film that has created on the top
layer so when I touch it it shouldn’t like indent. Oh yeah, pretty solid. 285 for about 15 minutes. Oh, man, it’s flapping. Okay, so, it’s been 15 minutes, I’m gonna take them out now. So, they do have feet but it’s little. Okay. So, these are cooled. Ooh, they’re sticking a little. Yeah, they’re a little under done. Good, huh?
– Yep. – So, I’m gonna try regular macarons again because the consistency of these, there’s no way I would’ve
been able to pipe a corgi. Attempt number two. I think the recipe was spot on, I don’t think I need to
change a whole lot there. It was just really the
mixing and the bake time. No, it does go this way. How did I do, what’s happening? (soft music) We’re stiff. Ready to sift in the flour and sugar. So, I’ve got red and yellow food coloring to make, hopefully an orangy corgi color. Why do they look so different? What the… I am being tested. This is weird. Are we sure this is foo coloring? Looks like icing, right?
– Yeah, this is just icing. (beeping) – I found orange. Wow, a little bit of that
stuff goes a long way. It’s a little thick still but here’s where I gotta be real careful. I’m gonna stop, all right. Ooh, I’m making a mess. This already looks better. Okay, definitely more pippable. (tapping) Those are gonna set for 30 minutes. I have batter left over, should I try making shapes? I’m an expert. So, the corgi kind of had a biggest head. So, he’s kind of got a funky ear. All corgis are different. Oh, what a disaster. I also think my orange
is a little too pale. We are making improvements. Okay, let’s go. All right. So, we have feet, we got nice round edges. I think I definitely got
more of a rise out of these. I think I still over mixed which is crazy. I definitely need more orange. These corgis are pretty pale, this is like human flesh color. I think I’m gonna make a filling. I think what I’m gonna do is a ganache and I learned how to make the ganache when I make the crepe cake. Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop. (groaning) I’m gonna do a one to one ratio
of a chocolate to a cream. Cool. Oh. Hot cream over chocolate and then that’s going to
sit for about 30 seconds and then I’m gonna mix it. I think it’s gonna thicken as it cools. Get it to room temperature
and then I’ll… All right, oh no. The whole bottom came out. That does not look half bad. Not delicate at all. I don’t know if it’s like I
haven’t let them cool enough. Yeah, I don’t know what it is. – It’s under bake. After you bake, peel one. If it stick in the paper,
that is under bake. – But these feet are better, right? – Mhm.
– My ganache’s too wet. – Did you put it in the refrigerator? – No. – Maybe that’s why. – Day two, macarons. So, Rie said my last
batch where under baked, so I gotta do a better job
getting them baked properly. I also realize that these
are like gluten free, dairy free cookies. 200 grams powdered sugar, 110 grams (grumbling). Super fine. We are not going to over mix this. Shoul I try counting? One, two, three, four, five. Okay, we wanna do a little
more than I did last time. 11. 12. 24, 25. 35 feels good. My instinct is to go a little bit more but I think that’s what I did last time. This is it. This is definitely more
orange than last time. I’m gonna continue to make
the little circle cookies here just to make sure I can
get a good bake on them and then whatever leftover batter I have, I’ll practice some piping corgis. (tapping) All right, so the batter is gonna set and then we’ll be ready to bake and I think the corgis are
gonna have to bake longer than the little ones. Pretty stable there. Let’s go, oven time. Rie recommended taking them out and seeing if it’ll peel
off relatively easy. That means it’s completely baked. I’m gonna go test one, see where we’re at. I think it’s okay. I’m gonna let them sit and dry. I turned the oven off, I
left the macarons in there with the door open a little
bit so that it will dry out. The ganache yesterday wasn’t
quite the right consistency, so I’m gonna go for more of a buttercream, chocolate buttercream is essentially butter, half a tablespoon of vanilla. Yum. Maybe my butter should’ve
been a little soft. That’s creamy. More powdered sugar. Quarter cup of cocoa powder. So, I put in one tablespoon of milk and just a little more, so
I’m just slowly incorporating all of the ingredients. It tastes good and it looks
like a good buttercream and it’s gonna be like
a sweet heart attack. So, it’s been 30-ish minutes. Oh ho ho, baby, yeah. Yeah. Let’s see how these boys look. Oh yeah. Look at that. Yes. I gotta go get that buttercream ’cause I’m gonna put these on them. This is a goopey. Little corgi poo. It works. I made a sandwich cookie. Should I give this
little doggy poopey eyes? (wheezing) Just like the video. These aren’t perfectly shaped but I have a top and I have a bottom. Mm. Now the uni-corgi. I’m gonna make two batters: one just orange. Let’s make some ears. I have to make another batch now. I need a white, black, and red. I’m gonna try and mix
it and then split it up. Oh, (beeping). Well, this is going to be very black. That’s okay. Oh yeah, that’s a good red. Three colors. Okay, I got my corgi face up. White on the ears and a unicorn horn, a line down the middle,
nice big ol’ eyeballs, an oval for the mouth. Not looking too bad. Oh, it looks so cute! All right, I got a lot of work to do. They need their white eye dots. My first one was definitely the best. It really just kind of
went downhill from here. Okay, it’s been roughly 30 minutes, these corgis have set and
they are ready to bake. Look at this ear, it lifted. We’re good. All right, putting them back into dry. I realize that one tray
is completely missing the one white eye dot, so
I really only have one tray of viable macaron corgis. I think we got at least
one good one in there. I think they’re done and
I’m gonna go get ’em. Uni-corgi! Man, I really hope they peel off. Oh, yeah. I’m really worried that bow tie just is completely gonna break off. And the horn. Please don’t break, please
don’t break, please don’t break. Ahh, I’m squishing it. Hey. Uni-corgi, check it out. (squealing) I’m really surprised actually. All right, buttercream. Oh. Oh no. I shouldn’t have put it in the fridge. Can I warm it up? Stand by. (soft music) my buttercream was too cold, I microwaved it 30 seconds
and it’s nice and soft. These look like bellies. That wasn’t great. Obviously not enough
frosting on that side. It looks like doggy poo. I think I did so good. One ear’s way bigger than the other. The bow tie’s a little bit blobby. But he’s got a good unicorn horn and he’s got a cute face. Let’s tell Rie. – Oh! Did you go to the store and bought it? – No, I didn’t! I made these. You didn’t think I could do it. – To be honest… (laughing) – You can be honest now. – I’m so surprised. (laughing) Can I eat it? – Yeah, let’s eat one. – Nose to nose. Nice, like, inside it’s kinda chewy, outside it’s crispy. – It’s just so sweet. – Oh, good.
– Right? I did so good, no one
thought I could do it. (laughing) That’s my favorite feeling. All right, so, I figured out
how to make a good macaron and I figured out how to pipe
them in the shape of corgis and get a good bake on them. Made a chocolate buttercream filling. I feel, this is the
closest I’ve ever gotten to like nailing a video. Took me two ays to be able to make three that look kind of okay. But the restaurant has
like tons of these to sell which is really, really cool. – I think you nailed it. Wow.
– I’m gonna put this on my resume. I can make uni-corgi macarons. (soft music) – [Man] Oh, yes. (camera shuttering) (soft music)

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