I Wore Only 5 Pieces of Clothing for 5 Days

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  1. Cecilia Tran says:

    Me: wears 3 pieces of clothing for 5 days straight as a normal thing

  2. Lesilie Lesilie says:

    Next video: Wearing only 365 pieces of clothing in 365 days

  3. Myeon Soo says:

    When i'm sad i wear the same two articles of clothing for a week, this is a challenge i wouldn't fail at.

  4. En snygg brud i lyxförpackning says:

    Nina is so beautiful and just awesome! U go girl!❤️❤️

  5. Gale Paquet says:

    I’ve been wearing the same jeans for two weeks so like what’s your point?

  6. Irish Ocampo says:


    Public People: U guys r lucky u don’t have to struggle to choose an outfit everyday.

  7. Divjot Itie Singh Wasu says:

    I don't want to wear just black, so, I am going to wear black and white. 😂♥️

  8. No Name says:

    I’m a teen and I liggit have clothes that I wore when I was 7

  9. Erylaria says:

    the problem is: if you have body image issues/body dismorphia you need a lot of clothes for different "body feels". like on days where i feel enormous i can't wear the same stuff i wear when i feel *tiny*. also work and free time are veeeery different outfits where i live (i could never go to work in a crop top).
    this whole minimalism stick is fine for healthy people with money to invest into really durable pieces. for everyone else who's broke and has issues? naaah.

  10. Rainicorn says:

    wearing 5 pieces is normal. they should change the title to "dressing like normal folks"

  11. Aminath Jameel says:

    Am i the only one who can survive with a T-shirt and jeans for a week??😂

  12. Lee Trevis says:

    Buzzfeed is getting so desperate that they are plagiarising their own content 😂😂😂

  13. Eleanor Sharwood says:

    “You’re like the makeup on euphoria” is the most accurate comment I’ve ever heard

  14. Lexi Covers says:

    i wanted to see her wear the shear dress with like the black bralette underneath and the black pants. that would have been cute

  15. Leigh Zunigae says:

    Dear, you can make your dress a top. Dress is versatile, sweetie. Watch bestdressed’s video.

  16. ella maree says:

    i literally only own 5 pieces of clothing sooo

  17. Judith Furmston says:

    This is normal. This is what we all do.

  18. Lydilein says:

    5 slips.

  19. Jillie says:

    Great video but why only 5 days? She should have had her closet organized 1st but that could be another video.

  20. Lily Hagen says:

    I thought it was normal to wear 5 pieces of clothing for 5 days, i do this all the time… how is this a challenge? Do i just always have a capsule wardrobe? I'm confused

  21. Lily Hagen says:

    Americans have such big closets and so much clothes! Here is like one cupboard or some drawers (not both) and there is your clothes

  22. Alisha Reyes says:

    I only have 5 pieces of clothes…

  23. Jainlin says:

    Guys don't throw out your old clothes!! Donate them instead 😊

  24. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz says:

    you know you can wash it?

  25. marrymaus96 says:

    I think if you wear a bralette as kind of a crop top that is cheating on this challenge because it is an extra piece of clothing

  26. Kaitlin Ellerbe says:

    People with a work/school uniform are snickering right now.

  27. Priyanka Nimbalkar says:

    To be honest.. I am so over these clothing videos. I feel these guys can do more than just clothes.
    I mean, the clothing videos are find but we audience want to see different now.. 😑

  28. Rin says:

    So she got compliments for every outfit everyday…. Dont buy that.
    Also, whenever someone compliments her in the video I imagine how the person starts a compliment and she is like ''wAIT, I HAVE TO FILM THIS!''

  29. camille anne says:

    Wear sustainable clothing!!!

  30. avakin sad says:

    i think the 2nd outfit is for coachella

  31. Francisca Quental says:

    5 pieces are more than enough for 5 days. Especially if you change underwear. 🙄

  32. Ale24 M says:

    My whole life is a capsule wardrobe … i literally have 2 pair of pants

  33. Flower on Discord says:

    Try my closet. I only have 1 shirt and 2 ripped jeans (not really good looking ones)
    I just saved up money to buy myself a shirt that’s actually on sale 😊

  34. Devara Dheera says:

    She could of picked 5 jumpsuits to wear for 5 days👀

  35. Boston Book Bitty says:

    I wear the same few pieces cuz I hate ironing but can't bring myself to wear a wrinkled shirt lol

  36. talia841951 says:

    23.8 billion pounds of clothing get thrown away each year? where? i buy A LOT of clothes. I throw away 1 article of clothing in 5 years. People donate clothes, not throw them away.

  37. Bethany D says:


  38. Olivia Mcardle says:

    I love Nina and her fiancé

  39. insurgent saj says:

    Can you actually use only 5 pieces of clothing to match a dress code for work, then school, then business meetings, dinner dates, casual affairs, weddings, day in the park,…just thinking about it is giving me a headache lol

  40. Kamna Pamnani says:

    To all the people who feel this is not a big issue, please do some research-

    Do u even know how much we pollute the environment in just the production steps of a new garment. The textile waste that comes in the garment making steps is itself alarming. Clothing is the second highest pollutant in the world today.

    Apart from the land fill part, a single tshirt takes up about 2720 litres of water, which is as much as what a single adult would drink in 3 years.

    So the problem is not donating, it’s the basic attitude, we need to buy what we really need.

  41. 心b·tch says:

    y'all acting like this is a challenge, this is what i do everyday

  42. Janset Cinaz says:

    What did she wear to the gym

  43. Debbieanna says:

    Does wearing 5 dresses for 5 days count as a challenge then? 🤔

  44. Briggette P says:

    6:06 GIRL where'd you get your sweater!! 😍

  45. Angela Bonilla says:

    I've done the 10×10 clothing challenge and it helped me in discovering that not buying a lot of fast fashion is good for me, my bank account and the environment. Taking small steps at a time.

  46. Sidney Cobbs says:

    Ever herd of donation

  47. mosingbubble says:

    I've NEVER had this many clothes at any time in my life. I have 2 pairs of jeans, like 10 shirts, 3 shorts and 2 dresses all of which were thrifted (except undergarments obv)…having a walk-in full of clothing like that seems overwhelming = .

  48. For Fun says:

    Just please donate ur clothes

  49. Alexandrea Nolte says:

    The blazer was worn too much…

  50. TSLstudio says:

    looooooooool what!!!?? since when is it special to ware 5 pieces of clothing for 5 days!!?? It's more completely mental changing everyday everything 😉 (expect of it's like 40+ degrees celsius or it's like muddy/rainy everyday… okay…)

  51. Isabely Fujii says:

    I thought that was normal… Who else thought that to ??

  52. Nell TheBombshell says:

    I was all into the video, then I saw the word FIANCE! And then I was like "WHAT?! 😮 NINA'S GETTING MARRIED!!! OMG!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!" 😍🤣🤗❤

  53. Nate T says:

    I have 2 pairs of skinny jeans, 1 pair of shorts, and like 5 shirts

  54. kate k says:

    so the black crop top and black booty shorts don’t count?

  55. Pauline Moira says:

    So 5 adds before the video has started? Isn't that a weeny bit ridiculous.

  56. Cristina Bustos says:


  57. Paulina Marie Guilarte BRIDGE USA says:

    Clothes are biodegradable unless they are polyester

  58. Kelly Small says:

    Where is the link to Jazzmyne’s video?

  59. Saksham Ranga says:


  60. Sarah Purcell says:

    I literally cleared out my wardrobes yesterday and donated 3 bags of clothes. My wardrobe is still busting…

  61. Voldemort says:

    ….but I think of myself as a semi fashionable person and i wear five pieces of clothing a week?

  62. Julia Alice says:

    Sorry but try doing this in Norway

  63. lestrange says:

    When layering a dress under a skirt to make it look like a top, it helps if the skirt is not SEE THROUGH. LOL. When every layer is sheer, you can see the layer underneath.

  64. OhMehli says:

    YES YES YES I love that you're talking about the sustainability aspect of fashion. Please do more like this, there's just this ONE world we have ♥

  65. Jackie Adriana says:


  66. AlumniArmy says:

    Nina walking half-naked into the Office. College: Completely office appropriate … ehmm we all need a workspace like BuzzFeed

  67. Amanda L says:

    Loved This!! I too spend way to much time figuring out what to wear this was a cool idea

  68. Ashlyn Juliet says:


  69. Jessica Ross says:

    Chloe, please go back to brown hair!

  70. leijah morin says:

    did anyone else hate every outift

  71. ladyydyonne says:

    Eh, I wish she could have done more with her hair. It might have amped up the different outfits ❤️

  72. Christina Renna says:

    This is why I like dresses! One article of clothing, yet it's a complete outfit. Get fourteen of them for two weeks of variability and you're set!

  73. Lauralie Kay says:

    This is me every week tf😂

  74. Miss Cacti says:

    Think I'm gonna try this for work this week 🤔 I kinda of already do it to a degree, but I want to try it just as it is here.

  75. Nicole Wilkie-Smith says:

    Only at buzzfeed would day 2s be considered office appropriate

  76. ayana hayes says:

    Lk already do this😂😂

  77. Jordan Cagle says:

    Loving all this Nina content lately!

  78. its all about yoouuu says:

    Lmfao this is what I do when I have divorced parents, a boyfriend, and a apartment and have to pack to stay at them in one go

  79. Michael Sigler says:

    Such a good couple, love them so much

  80. mahika kumar says:

    i just realised nina looked kind of like moana

  81. Lorddess says:

    Should have done the white shirt with the sparkly dress over it and pair it with the black jeans! Put on some heels and it would have looked great!

  82. Phat Rosie says:

    i love how they make this video like it’s a big deal, everyone does this

  83. giada120291 says:

    Loved this! Please do more sustainable fashion related videos such as trying sustainable brands, thrifting, 10×10 etc . Xx

  84. sah bear says:

    Oh dear god you Americans have so much clothes

  85. Cornelia Septyani says:

    This is me every 5 days….. only wear 1 clothes a day….

  86. Dana S says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the Shooky t-shirt 6:00 !!!

  87. Andrea Arguello says:

    Same clothes doesn’t mean you have to have the same hair everyday!

  88. Alice Dann says:

    i thought it was As Ls until she said it 😑 lowercase L and capital i look too similar

  89. Cherie Chaney says:

    Some bottoms we don't donate because they won't accept them with holes. It's just thrown away.

  90. Naomi Frederick says:

    This girl. B-a-s-i-c 😂😂

  91. αιѕнα says:


  92. todayillfight becauseImarmy says:

    That’s me every summer break for 2 months

  93. Vicky Rose says:

    Right you mentioned all the clothes that go to landfill yet you shop non stop for buzzfeed…?

  94. AD / HD says:

    I only shop at the thrift store I Rarely get stuff from an regular store and maybe every now and then I get something from online … I dont do this to be environmentally friendly… I am just a cheap broke stay at home mother lol and dont wanna spend $20 on a top lol seems a bit outrageous to me lol idn

  95. Treka Double says:

    I couldn't use 5 pieces of clothing for 5 days, because i need one top per day. It depends of course of what I do, but I sweat a lot. So I would need 6 or 7 pieces: 5 tops, one sweater, one pair of jeans. I can absolutely not understand people who change every piece of their outfit every day.

  96. Erika Lahnsteiner says:

    This is giving me some fashion inspo to start pairing and layering clothes I wouldn’t normally

  97. Carolyn Tucker says:

    I feel like wearing underwear as outer garments throws off the 5 pieces count. Also, most people can't wear a sports bra and a blazer to work 🤷😬😂

  98. niru style beautiful says:

    Can I get some subscriber please please please

  99. Blair Lavoux says:

    So, u don't wear 1 outfit per day?

  100. Some Lilliputian says:

    I’m so broke right now that I’m on this challenge 24/7

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