Ice Cream Rolls | Vanilla & Brownie / Fried Thailand Ice Cream rolled by Fortunato in Chile

Ice Cream Rolls : Your Ice Cream Channel good Presents : Fortunato Handmade Ice Cream Rolls Look how this Handmade Ice cream rolls , are made here at Barrio Franklin Santiago, Central Chile Look at that mouth watering ice cream syrup , probably vanilla or milk flavour. Now adding Barrio Franklin Santiago, Signature Black Chocolate Bar . Slicing them using a special knife, and mixing the chocolate onto that vanilla ice cream will definitely add a mouth watering delicious flavor. Now as you can see the Chef is spreading that ice cream all over the pan to cook it evenly. This method will add a twist of fried crispy and yet mouth watering flavor of a traditional ice cream into a delicious savory Handmade Ice Cream Rolls . texture is very satisfying There you go , Now We Have the Traditional Barrio Franklin Santiago, Central Chile Handmade Ice Cream Rolls. . Adding some brownies and syrup to add more flavor and texture to this sweet delicious dessert that kids love.

100 comments on “Ice Cream Rolls | Vanilla & Brownie / Fried Thailand Ice Cream rolled by Fortunato in Chile”

  1. I - says:

    Whats the name of the music in the back

  2. lils 77 says:

    Ayyyyy Thailand

  3. lils 77 says:

    He's probably thinking what a bad job the person is doing

  4. lils 77 says:

    Because they do it differently

  5. Anari’ Manghane says:

    So good

  6. David Carrasco says:

    How much does this cost in Chile?

  7. Jai Dev says:

    How much invest in this business??

  8. Chuspet * says:

    Eso es en Costa Rica?

  9. juan muñoz says:

    La evi es mala

  10. Arjumand Shaista says:

    why dont you open your own shop

  11. ก็มาดิครับ TV says:


  12. SHANIYA TV💖❤️💗 says:

    Who ever made those rolls needs help

  13. Miss Miranda says:

    The guy or girl making these sucks at it. I can’t do any better but… still

  14. awi sticker says:

    my mouths watering

  15. Cynthia Leonards says:

    I am drooling right now.. haha! That looks delish!!

  16. Average Person Who Used To Be A Random Person says:

    This may look cool on video. But it’s even cooler in person.

  17. Kyla B says:

    I just had one today! There amazing!!

  18. Mehkia Asangmbeng says:

    eating ice cream rolls while watching ice cream rolls being made

  19. Mehkia Asangmbeng says:

    and the same flavor oreo

  20. Felipe Solis says:

    duuuuuude that diabetes in a cup

  21. Sawdust Therapy says:

    Need to get this guy to patch my drywall

  22. The Chemist says:

    Why did she say gracias if this is Thailand i-

  23. Jeff Joseph says:

    Great videos!! Hey I have a question. So I’m trying to opening up my own rolled ice cream stand. I need some help with finding a ice cream mix I can use. Any tips?

  24. Haytham Gu4hi says:

    Soooooo satisfying

  25. Mary Alice Harrison says:

    Soooooo satisfying!

  26. Mary Alice Harrison says:

    They kinda remind me of crepes

  27. nguyenbaothucvinh nguyenbaothucvinh says:


  28. Focu น่ารัก says:

    Wow that's

  29. Just a Regular taco says:

    I like turtles

  30. antreas giorgalla says:

    What is this white thing?

  31. jelly bean says:

    I isn't know what rolled ice cream was but then I went to the mall with my friend and got some so now am happy

  32. Waris Arif Khokhar says:

    mouth watering

  33. ZeroTempz says:

    Is it weird I watched this in my science class?

  34. blackfriendiya says:

    why watch this on my period?

  35. Yanuari Noer says:

    My favorite food

  36. Shajahan Begum says:


  37. Sarah Jones says:

    Once I was in Richmond I saw an ice cream shop they had rolled ice cream I got a banana flavor

  38. Daniel Martinez says:

    Very nice

  39. Gacha Studios-Vids says:

    Holy heckamole I want some:0

  40. TheGaming Sharieff says:

    That looks delicious oh wait …. it’s ate this before and I made a video like this on my channel

  41. Tishmonike Massey says:

    All ice no cream…

  42. jack chan says:


  43. braciolanti says:

    Mamma mia……the italian gelato is another thing……

  44. s H o o K says:

    Is it hot or cold 🥵

  45. Milan Ghatani says:


  46. Rijaniquá says:

    It kinda reminds me of making eggs

  47. Tk and TK says:

    This is not a good a rolled ice cream wtf

  48. Joshua Keneth says:

    Where is the location right now?

  49. Master S says:

    I'm from Laos and Thai is like Laos

  50. Bryce Burton says:

    The music tho😂

  51. Sprinkles says:

    I love watching the making of rolled ice cream

  52. Bd JoYnAl says:

    ice cream roll machine price pls

  53. Cxptain Selena says:

    I work at sweet rolls and I need practice ;_;

  54. Olemae Jones says:

    I want to hear y'all restaurant at 4 in Statesboro it's fun I love the cookies and cream

  55. Robinson17 Blanco says:

    Me podrías ayudar en mi canal

  56. Abby Love says:

    Hair flattening it for too long

  57. NYC cool rentals Inc says:

    Very labor intensive business,

  58. Jasmine Butler says:

    Rolled Ice cream is better(my opinion) on the streets of Thailand ; it originates there ; it’s faster and cheaper and wow that mixture looks so watery but it’ll get there 😂

  59. Xx ausome life Xx says:

    Who is scrolling down the comments to see what’s going on

  60. Patrick Walsh says:

    Too bad they taste like shit

  61. Suprio says:

    I already eat this and its very good. Not The best but very good. I eated better ice creams

  62. Urmomgay Lol says:

    The hype around it does not live up to the taste it taste like normal plan ice cream

  63. anime studios says:

    Beli nya di mana

  64. Gak Mau says:

    Jadi pengen bikin tapi susah

  65. Дед Инсайд says:

    Guys can you help me where i can eat this rolls

  66. Nicholas WIlliams says:

    What’s the problem with regular ice cream?

  67. Tiffany Black says:

    Today I tried this for the very first time at the Asian store in Myrtle Beach SC and it was delicious, chocolate ice cream with Oreos, almonds and gummy bears. Tommorow I will be getting another one.😍

  68. Mia Suwannarute says:

    I got those before at Springfield Mall it not bad it tastes pretty good

  69. Chunyapak Kidchob says:

    Oh im from thailand :O

  70. mae km says:

    i work in a cafe where i have to do this and i can tell you it is difficult- especially with people watching !!

  71. mae km says:

    i’m sorry but i do these at work and mine are better pahahaha!!

  72. Sarah Ford says:

    Wow all that watching and the ice cream didnt even go to him

  73. Lylah the boxer dog says:

    I've had Ice Cream like this, but not the same flavor

  74. Angel Rodgers says:

    What’s that machine

  75. Your name says:

    You should watch this with captions on

  76. Depressed Wolf says:

    Now I'm hungry ;-;

  77. Jennay Fuentes says:

    Bro u know how to make it you put to much milk or what ever it is

  78. Jennay Fuentes says:

    If your going to make them that big then get a bigger pan kid

  79. thao xiong says:

    It look like Oreo

  80. Martin Olias says:

    Can i get the name of the tool,like the chopping tool and the board?

  81. Jhen Carreon says:

    Does anyone know what you call on that flat surface machine they used to make that ice cream roll?

  82. Kayla And love playzroblox says:

    I had tasted strawberry before

  83. Rolled says:

    Looks amazing

  84. Muthia Mukhrini says:

    Where did they sell this?

  85. Ms Pot8o says:

    In my place (wolfchase mall) there is only a little 😂 mane this look good

  86. Amalia Nibre says:

    Thanks you

  87. leah toledana says:

    Please subscribe my channel is: Amalia nibre and lea toledana

  88. leah toledana says:

    Please thank you

  89. Ibby Rifaie says:

    hey can u come to lyndale and give me some ice crem

  90. Umesh Acharya says:

    Where to buy this table ?

  91. MAEVAN ESA says:

    I want somee😭😭😭😮

  92. Nacho Nina says:

    I had this before it’s so cool how the make it my was made in Pennsylvania

  93. cheryl blanc says:

    Looks like vomit haha

  94. Daniel Tefft says:

    who’s here after tasty’s trendy vs traditional ice cream

  95. عنيده كلا مى ما بعيدا says:

    واو واو😘😍

  96. A.D.A.K says:

    This is sooo satisfying to watch😇😇

  97. Zak Priestly says:

    Very poorly made :/ seems like now it's being just used for profits now.. not the art..

  98. alyson liew says:

    as someone who makes thai ice cream, this was torture to watch. unless your machine is at a warmer temperature than usual, you should not be keeping the ice cream on the machine for that long. that’s why y’all rolls are fucked up LMAO

  99. Cambria Lynette says:

    These are sooo good

  100. Roma Davituri says:

    ra magari mutelisa

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