Impossible Foods Pork first taste at CES 2020

– Hey, I’m Liz, from “The Verge.” I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years, but today I’m gonna eat pork. (bright music) So, we’re here CES in Las Vegas, where Impossible Foods is
introducing two new kinds of meat. One is sausage and one is pork. So, for most of human history, meat has been associated with
wealth and really desirable, but lately people have
been really concerned about the effects that meat has on human health and the environment. So, Impossible Foods thinks it
has the perfect alternative. This is supposed to taste like meat, but it’s made out of plants. So, this looks a little like ground meat. It’s pink, and the
texture kind of looks like maybe a chunkier hamburger. One of the things that I
noticed while eating it is that it’s pretty juicy
and you can sort of see some of the oils in the pan. It’s definitely sizzling. So, it definitely changed color, and the browning seems
to be replicating meat. You can definitely see the areas where it’s gotten a little bit more cooked in the same way that you might
with a barbecue or something. So, we’re gonna do some
investigative journalism now. I’m gonna take the meat
out of the sandwich. Okay, so this comes apart pretty easily. It’s not as tough as meat usually is. And I’m just gonna eat it
straight, because why not? (bright music)
(crowd murmuring) It’s fine, so it tastes salty. There’s almost like a kind
of nutty flavor to it. It’s not one of those things where you have to be like (growling). You chew a little bit
and then it comes apart. I can’t really tell you
if this tastes like pork because I haven’t had pork in
20 years, and to be honest, I don’t really remember
what it tastes like. So, I’m gonna tap in somebody who does. (crowd murmuring) – Hmm, yeah, seems legit. (bright music) – But this isn’t really
about me or vegetarianism. This is food science. It takes a lot of work to
make something like this, not just to make it taste right, but also to make the nutrition right. But one of the things that’s
maybe worth keeping in mind is that pork is one of the
most eaten meats in the world, and it’s especially important
in the Asian markets like China, for instance, has
had a booming pork industry. So, it’s possible that
this is a brand new market that opens up for Impossible. Impossible Foods is also
introducing the Impossible sausage, which I didn’t get a
chance to try tonight, but that’s gonna be available
as part of the breakfast menu at certain kinds of Burger
Kings around the country, so keep an eye out for that. It’s gonna be part of their
Croissan’wich I guess? I dunno, I’ve never had
it, but I hear it’s good. All right, I’m gonna
start with the noodles. It feels safest. Sorry everybody, my chopstick
skills are not top notch. All right, here we go.

100 comments on “Impossible Foods Pork first taste at CES 2020”

  1. Financial Shinanigans says:

    This review isn't legit.

  2. Rudra says:

    "This isnt about me or vegetarianism, it's food science". You are right, this is for the meat eaters who are interested in health but don't want to give up meat.

  3. Romeo Levii says:

    "I can't tell you if this tastes like pork coz I haven't had pork in 20 years". You could have gotten someone off the street to do a better review fam. I'm actually done with this , like wtf

  4. ant says:

    Don't you think we would want to know if it actually tastes like pork…

  5. RKGSD says:

    Elizabeth says she hasn't eaten pork in over 20 years so she's not sure if Impossible Foods' version actually tasted like pork. I mean doesn't that defeat the purpose the story? How about The Verge have a reporter that actually eats pork do the taste test!

  6. Alfredo Cruz says:

    I'm watching this while eating some real 100% grass fed steak 😉

  7. TheAstronomyDude says:

    Dude, here in Toronto you have to be a millionaire to afford a vegetarian diet. Meat is for poor people this century.

  8. Sean Im says:

    Classic verge

  9. Fei Han says:

    Haters gonna hate

  10. Magic Diner says:

    What a joke lol…

  11. ZZMonster says:

    Thanks for the non info.

  12. Labersack says:

    Okay and where is the Review?

  13. HowTo says:

    shouldnt the person eating it be a meat eater? so they have something to compare to

  14. Peter Cheng says:

    wasted 3 minutes of my life… i just unsuscribed so that i wont make that mistake again

  15. Mogen Cheng says:

    I stopped watching when she said “it tastes salty”

  16. Abdul Aden says:

    So would this be technically halal 😂 such strange times we live in lol

  17. MarioMadness says:

    Rawr Rawr Rawr… Shes a Dinosaur

  18. Ginanjar Utomo says:

    How can it be Electronics?

  19. matthewweaverworks says:

    It doesn’t taste like pork. It’s not the same nutrition. Call me when it is.

  20. Vegard Heyerdahl says:


  21. Janjua __ says:

    Stop pushing this vegan cult BS

    How is it meat if it’s not actually meat?

    Demented liberals

  22. jetstream222 says:

    2:05 Goals

  23. Sergio Aguilar says:

    Stupid reporter

  24. Pedro Ivo Hudson says:

    On the verge of a breakdown with this video.

  25. c c says:

    …9/11 Psyop Staged by the United Terrorist Snakes (War Criminal)& the world elite

  26. Jank Paul says:


  27. Travel Ninja says:

    In the Verge of collapse. 🤣

  28. Natraj Patil says:

    A Vegetarian reviewing Meat alternative.

    Says "it's chunkier like ham burger"
    How do you know that hamburger is chunky if you are vegetarian.?

  29. Matthew Wach says:

    I'll never understand why vegetarians constantly want to pretend to eat meat.

  30. Alex Walters says:

    So they brought a mute and a vegetarian to a product review, where the review is of a meat substitute…

  31. MickyAvStickyHands says:

    We are all dumber having watched this. I award her no points, and may god have mercy on her soul.

  32. chocolate42069 says:

    Video starts at 1:57

  33. georgiaputZ says:


  34. Clayton Cain says:

    I sure hope my hamburger wouldn't taste like pork… because hamburger patties are usually, you know beef. Not pork.

    She also introduced this video with Impossible having Pork and Sausage alternatives. I'm assuming the sausage was also pork? Otherwise, why wouldn't they use that other meat alternative for the burgers?

  35. Mark Easley says:

    Vegetarian: it's fine…

    Glowing review for the meatless revolution.

  36. jerrodkilla23 says:

    Eww 😷

  37. Black Tiger says:

    Never saw any healthy looking vegetarian.

  38. Sheku Sheriff says:

    You haven’t had pork in 20 years? This is so funny 😂

  39. kotov dot in says:

    I turned Wold of Wall St. to apples. GO KOTOV!

  40. Jatinder Bajwa says:

    Raar RAAaRr RrRaAArrr..

  41. Mr. Baskins says:

    I’m glad all the comments share a similar concept. I dig her enthusiasm and your coverage (specifically on CES) but her commentary lacked perspective for obvious reasons lol I don’t need someone to describe salt to me

  42. Moustafa Almeahi says:

    'it tastes good' exactly why we eat meat

  43. Martín Piana says:

    The two humans (the one with the idea and the one that approved it) that didn’t see the stupidity in making an almost life long vegetarian taste a pork-like replacement should not only get fired, but sued…

  44. lotfi b says:

    absolutely halal

  45. apachemosquito says:

    So… Is this halal?

  46. Cursed says:

    Seems legit? Thank you for your valuable feedback.

  47. Captain GreyBeard says:

    Now with 400 million times more estrogen.

  48. Michael Bobarev says:

    This is "the finish" of healthy life ! -((

  49. ML91 says:

    this is a bad review smh

  50. jeremy jaeger says:

    Why would you send a vegetarian to do this?
    Who is the editor?
    Is the company hiring?
    I can easily make better choices than this.

  51. OdesyGames says:

    This has to be a troll channel!!?

  52. Ismail Zeitoun says:

    1:06 investigative journalism another word for I'm gonna eat this

  53. Vinicius Eloy says:

    Waiting for the review of the new Asus 360HZ gaming monitor by someone that's blind…. we'll have a line like: "I can't really tell if it's 360HZ, because I haven't seen anything in the last 20 years,…"

  54. Waldemar Perez Jr says:

    Impossible Pork: Say goodbye to your testosterone and goodbye to your masculinity.

  55. Pie Crust says:

    Rawr Rawr rawr

  56. Farrell Azhar says:

    finally! i can eat pork

  57. Nick Cronin says:

    Next you should have a blind guy review the new TV tech.

  58. Joiion says:

    At first I thought the downvotes were because it’s vegan. Then I watched the video and realized it’s a bad review, even for me as a vegan

  59. Kemal Rifky says:


  60. Tom says:

    This should be the most disliked video in 2020

  61. Lee Glasgow says:

    Human health, I lost 45 pounds essentially eating mainly meat and i keep it off eating mainly meat.

  62. aleon1018 says:

    1:41 ?

  63. Flowzerker says:

    How much estrogen is gonna be in this impossible food this time?

  64. Cherry Stone says:

    Why is a vegetarian eating this. It’s for non veg to try this and see the difference…

  65. Obieze Eze says:

    I can understand having a vegetarian review the impossible pork as a way to show new options for them to no longer miss out on meat while also sticking to their morals. But y’all could have gotten someone who actually knows how to review food, or at the very least offer more than “salty” and the other waste of time “seems legit”.

  66. SaMiChi says:

    Comments: people complaining about review
    Title: does not mention review

  67. Logan Young says:

    This makes me enjoy Guy Fieri

  68. i103772 says:

    What were they thinking making her do the video?

  69. sumon kakati says:

    She's only here to eat guys.

  70. Anthony Agli says:

    “Mmm ya… seems legit…”
    Exactly what you say when you like something

  71. Agathe Mametz says:

    As a fellow vegetarian I am very interested in this review, from the perspective of another vegetarian. I already know what every meat eater is gonna say: "Hey, that's not bad, but this is not like my steak".

    Thank you for the video.

  72. Shaurya Gaur says:

    this is straight up mukbang lol

  73. Cliff J. Fenelus says:

    Not much thought was put into this video.

  74. UnicyclDev says:

    This is video is like asking a blind person to rate Picasso painting.

  75. Andrew B says:

    Total waste of time, turn back now if you haven't watched video.

  76. Mr. Classic says:

    If you haven't had meat in 20 years, then how are you still that large? Like c'mon, who are you lying to like that? 🤔

  77. Jonathan Gil Santillan says:


  78. Brokenbox Productions says:

    Get a vegetarian to eat meat alongside the impossible food option! THAT will make for a good video!

  79. transformersloverjon says:

    Why are these comments so salty? It makes no sense at all to be upset by this.

  80. hyou zan ren says:

    …..? You should bring meat eaters to give a try this instead!

  81. Safaa A.Mohammed says:

    The Vergetarian.

  82. CerberusTheSavage says:

    Lmao, I eat meat everyday! If I could I would eat it more then everyday like every hour!!!! Meat is heat! I love meat smmhh you know what.. Imma steal some meat so I can go and eat that meat, lmao I don't get it tho! So if you don't eat meat then you need to take like these vitamins… sooo it does mean that people need meat! And these vitamins? Are these healthy for you???

  83. Rene Lesch says:

    If you are a vegitarian you should not need something to replace what you decided not to eat anymore

  84. Jamie Davis says:

    what a waste of time.

  85. DR NO says:

    This was awful and pathetic

  86. JFIVE says:

    To words "Soylent Green" 🤣🤣🤣😳

  87. Adrian G says:

    I haven't learned anything from this video…

  88. Carlo de Guzman says:

    Tell them to partner up with McDonald for the mcrib

  89. robertson Patrickson says:

    really? a vegan to test it?

  90. F J says:

    I'm gonna taste something and compare it but I don't know what to compare it to but I'ma give you my useless opinion anyway….

  91. sebastian gonzalez says:

    i only last till the 29sec, worst video so far on 2020

  92. Yoyo McFly says:

    id rather this video was never mad….worst review ever

  93. Z Phish says:

    why would a vegetarian want to eat something that tastes like meat?

  94. dark light says:

    She was the worst person to do this segment

  95. David Harjowinoto says:

    So.. it’s kosher and halal eh?

  96. Richard Schembri says:

    I liked this video because I really wanted this content covered but I am far from a fan of this presenter and her skill of conveying information descriptively. The support given by the meat eater was non-existent.

  97. Thomas Ahn says:

    "Investigative Journalism"

    that was supposed to be funny


  98. Murkwood says:

    The impossible pork pairs greatly with bpa products!

  99. Ivan Bayu says:

    Finally i can taste pork as a muslim! Alhamdulillah!!

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