Inside the Japanese Hotel Staffed by Robots

we’ve all imagined in a world where robots do every job going well imagine no more because in a remote part of Japan some sense of that future can be experienced at a robot hotel enjoy your confortable stay will enjoy my comfortable stay thank you over Japan already employs over a quarter of a million industrial robot workers more than any other nation in an effort to counter high labor costs big business would like to see that number go up to 1 million over the next 15 years but as developers get better at building humanoid robots bot is in the service and entertainment industries are eyeing up ways to automate their workforce – what we’ve come here to find out is whether this is just a local obsession or something that could become the norm for anyone that goes on holiday in the future and along the way we want to answer a bigger question what is it that humans need to do to make sure that they’re still needed as robots continue to take over you Japan has always taken a lead in designing what our future might look like we were there to visit the latest innovation in hotels but 30 years before robots run them capsule hotels from the imagined future so firstly we went to visit them you have to cover them in tattoos in the capsule hotel stop the Yakuza kicking off fashion no no usually wearing socks and sandals not here is it your if I said to stay here it’s my first time stay here so this is your look local Iran it hasn’t really been explained to me why I have to put this on I’m going along with the capsule outfit so this is my room for the night yes easier all right into the capsule it’s quite hard getting in hit elegant I thought it would feel more like being in a coffin but actually you could imagine having quite a nice relaxed sleep here I think the capsule hotel is a fantastic invention and I don’t really know why it’s not been replicated everywhere else in the world what do you think about the idea of robots doing the job of receptionist’s so if Nihon hemos oído hotel agave has material desk a demo yeah see no hotel ET no mo tennessee no hogar de ningún tonight o devdays no cactus Amano yo si esto hace koto music Renault motor Koto’s akima Arista Kinetico donde la paloma telecine okura and in gains and a total miracle – thank you very much do with our lips wetted with the taste of human hospitality we headed to the Mariah can museum robots and display their are intended as a study to see how humans interact with humanoid robots with their silicon skin and artificial limbs that were molded from real humans these remote-controlled robots bear the closest resemblance to real life people of any machine at the moment so the idea of this robot is that it takes in use from all over the world and just transmits it instinctively think that you’re in the room with another human being just by the features and the skin is so accurate strange what is the world coming to to run out I’m holding the Telenoid and I think the point of it is to enhance telecommunications so we’re going to try it out we’ve got our producer in the box next door so what have you done today Lucille don’t hug loads of hugs lots of hugs you’re holding me funny I can’t quite move my head properly if the whole point of it is to replicate sort of human emotion and help people get closer to other people then I’m just not sure if this is the best way to go about it and so you’re in a tunnel ride what isn’t a ton of wood she’ll look like she look like an did I tell me how old are you oh are you asking my all I’m asking you it’s a secret yes we do your lips despite how realistic they were I found the robots awkward to the conversational niceties of meeting people on common ground even applied to artificial beings as a left Tokyo and boarded a plane to Nagasaki this question was still on my mind by now I was looking forward to finding out where that middle ground lies when robots are doing actual jobs the Henner hotel roughly translates into weird hotel but would that describe the human experience of a place almost exclusively run by robots welcome to the Hangout hotel if you want a check-in please press 1 if you want to check out please press the check out of the right of the touch panel please move to the right touch panel and check this reminds me of go to the supermarket I’m to check in check out there which I struggle with as much as I seem to be struggling with this but this persevere do you race to use facial recognition for injuries I do okay you put your card there Roman for me called a kite over the traitor a British TV check-in is all finished enjoy your confortable stay will enjoy my comfortable stay thank you over I’m good he can ride on it it’s not a quicker way of getting your bag to room and we’re here you can sort see what people mean about kind of robots having personalities I Robot thanks for your help okay so we’re going to see if the facial recognition key system works that’s so clever day is clever I’m very impressed by that I were to those set of instructions and Coe would ask him to show the lights off Judy Chan man missile Akari ket and the like so I wanted to meet the man behind the robots the hen our hotel was the brainchild of Japanese travel tycoon Hideo sourdough hideo’s like the Donald Trump of the travel industry in Japan and only had an hour to spare with us out of his busy schedule we’re inside this kind of Edwardian style Dutch town house it looks how you’d imagine sort of the inside at the White House or something to look can you describe to me the relationship between robots and people in Japan here Nevada near Mackesy I know what I did Josiah dokie yeah gonna do give me a two anime/manga de robot on an Amiga iPad Tetsuo tomo toka my rear toe an astro boy in a desert road i rana Herrera sono Lovato doto anno domini oh no DeGrasso I know I know the new Honda robot Alisa is your new machine readable to get skeptics animus do you think the robots replacing humans it – Booker a no time Josiah toka containers sorry Jamie robot Tony and Oscar – – cuca I was what – kaboom catalytic engaged Akina I see what don’t mistake about a book I see what – I have another night too – no no but the hotel is no concept much knowledge don’t know the stores cannot be stay in the water this is a salt or you could expose merriness suits me ID must lift at the mega dismay every time a chicken a guitar domina no there yeah sure I were you know what hunger good mo da di da da – they tell Munna into pneumonia cotton whatever then ii ii ii look at Tito Amos since things were going well with Hideo he decided he wanted to give us a guided tour of his hotel yes I you can get inside yeah he said and what you your baggage okay I’m not sure how practical this robot is the technology is incredible it looks like it should belong in a battery or even an art gallery rather than a hotel it’s nice to meet you my name is nao nice to meet you and we guide inside the building what do you want to know check-in where do I get to breakfast you can have it at breakfast at the restaurant dollar which is two minutes by walk prepared thank you very much thank you very much it was quite interesting talking to CEO then his love of robots means that he can innovate within his business and part of that innovation helps him cut costs I think as the consumer we’re going to be forced to love robots they’re going to be sold to us packaged up as dinosaurs but for the people driving this innovation it’s really capital that’s doing that do you think that the Bravo hotel is a good idea it’s good idea I think yes yeah by using robot we can cut cost and it’s very high so a robot dog ideomotor a tomaten descoteaux to Takara Sodor tomorrow – don’t worry master hobby see stuff and I know hopefully more digital then when I needed one like a million away document you’re gonna take that it took a bit as unit I will call me point advantage article okay son great or model domani tonight so there’s no bar in this hotel and there’s no restaurant that learn anyone to cook any food what we do have is vending machines so we’re coming here for dinner the economy a cube are my favorite the casual frozen foods there’s one lesson to be learned out this robot has a very little waiting three two one alright a delightful were passed on a robot evening like tonight as fuel the slippers in a robe and I didn’t even have to speak to him when it came to Japan I was entirely consumed with the problem of robots taking human jobs now that I’m here it’s easy to see why that’s happening it was completely simple checking into this hotel using the sort of dinosaur robot computer combo and even renting a set of pajamas from the vending machines but the end of the evening when I sort of sitting in my room I thought about that something had been missing from the whole experience and that was a human connection but otherwise compensates for the quite isolated experience of staying in a hotel essentially the hen our hotel is just a fun experiment at the moment but it does pose a serious challenge to humans if robots and their human owners have set their sights on running hotels then humans need to become even more human to make themselves a replaceable cheer Chan pillow talk with a robot a quarry cushy tea but here now I’ve got a yogi smash that oh it’s quite nice you don’t feel so low having a little robot sleeping next you Oh

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  1. Incognito Demigod says:

    Honestly, in a capitalist world, people and things are always being replaced. When Apple and the smartphone era took over, phones like from Nokia etc died. It really just depends on if we as humanity can keep up with the pace of development..

  2. just watching says:

    robot workers,robot prostitutes.are they going to have robot drug dealers and crack heads to?

  3. Moogie B says:

    What is with the huge cock on the robot suit at 9.59

  4. Moogie B says:

    Nice jammies at the end.

  5. Heather Sutton says:

    I would like to be a voice for the Robots . At least I would have a job then .

  6. Danger Dawn says:

    I prefer robots over humans

  7. Lenny Robinson says:

    It has no soul Not for me

  8. Rose Venezia says:

    Great, less jobs for the people..

  9. scarpettaT says:

    Agenda 21 to depopulate, robots to take over most jobs, humans will be obsolete, apart from the elites.

  10. dipty teronpi says:

    I hate robots,
    As i have robophobia.
    I think they'll get smarter and smarter,
    And then kill or invade humans.
    I'm leaving now. I want humans!!!😘😊😉😚😄😃😀POSITIVE+, Positive++++ , poSitiVE++++😊😊😊

  11. U was at the club says:

    Okay but, this guy's eyes are beautiful

  12. Nyxollo says:

    The capsule would give me claustrophobia

  13. AntSrMe says:

    Be safe brother

  14. Purple Six Beats says:

    🎵 Lol at the robot with penis at 5:44

  15. Ashley Mcbride says:

    This is how all humans are going to go extinct not just from us depleting the world of its resources but us creating things that are just going to take over I want to go there and kill all the robots Japan is just f**** us over

  16. Alexandria Mcnally says:

    I'm wondering if you had face tatoos would you be aloud in

  17. Patti Murphy says:

    Kill Kilroy!

  18. Patrick Boucher says:

    These are prototypes. Step 1 on a multi-step evolutionary process. AND WE ARE THERE! Now when the robot uprising hits we can say, collectively, “Terminator, where were you? Forget Sarah Conner!”

  19. Jaulcira Peniel says:

    Thousands of people are jobless and looking for jobs, these cowards are creating robots for what ? This is demonic

  20. Arcy says:

    I really want to greet the velociraptor

  21. NeNe M Wright says:

    Japanese women 👭 have Big tits (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

  22. Aika Papa says:

    Cut cost? Well how much was the price of the room compared to other hotels then ?

  23. BTS ibighit says:

    the relation ship robot with human being

  24. Mariana Toma says:

    7:00 when you have to do that quest

  25. Vianney Eudes says:

    Japanese people are so str8 up some of the weirdest humans on this planet. Wtf is this?

  26. bradengels says:

    Robots will take most of the jobs in such ways ..that people will pay $10 000 to hear a human saying "Good Morning "to them … £100 000 for one handshake with human … and $1 000 000 to drink a cup of coffee with a human … and billions and trillions to have a human friend

  27. Truth Teller says:

    Humans will become extinct. This is only the beginning of the end. The dinosaur is creepy. I'd rather be greeted by humans.

  28. kimchi • says:

    honestly robots scare tf out of me

  29. OffGrid Sequence says:

    Destroying human interaction one step at a time…

  30. Code name: destroy says:

    We are all dead because of japan

  31. MegaGangsta4life says:

    What the FUCK type of 5 nights at Freddy's shit is this?!

  32. Yesu_Desu says:

    This is Creepy af

  33. Tarah Stephens says:

    I like this host. he should host more videos 😊

  34. King Yea Yea says:

    That dinosaur at the start was some str8 up demonic shit lol

  35. Cypher791 says:

    Robotist 🙄

  36. harmony momentofbeing says:

    Ummm did the robot outide have a long dong ..rewind..yes it does

  37. Scobey scobe says:

    How long until the robots start bitching about wages?

  38. theFareulookinat says:

    I hope humanity boycotts this shit or ill just kms

  39. EVP'S Voices from the ether says:

    Transhumanism, welcome to the beginnings of the terminator movies. Science fiction… Science fact…

  40. jayxox says:

    Hi, I'm Connor. The android sent by Cyberlife.

  41. Luna Amore says:

    Those in charge of AI intelligence are more interested for the robots future it will make them money but did you ever notice they have no concern for Mankind's future. What will all the people do when there are no jobs left with adequate pay for a human. Hmmm.

  42. Shaquira Jay says:

    Yeah…what is this world coming to? This sum scary stuff. I don't think robots should be a global thing but I'm afraid it's already too late 😱😱😱 Side note: that dinosaur one was absolutely terrifying

  43. 4c1dr3fl3x says:

    Why no one just calls it a Hostel…

  44. Bobby Hemmit Snippets says:

    humans are so stupid. really. we are finished.

  45. Bobby Hemmit Snippets says:

    what is so fascinating about a plastic barbie with moving lips? really it is vapid. you have to be empty headed to interact with a robot.

  46. luke says:

    scariest part was that robot at 10:00 with that menacing looking cock. NO THANKS I thing the welcome inn will do me.

  47. David Stavros Onassis says:

    I have stayed at hostels in Europe where you hire a POD, pretty cool

  48. Dr. Rosenrosen says:

    If you want to see cool robots type Boston Dynamics.

  49. Water Man says:

    Humans un replaceable yeah right. In the future since humans can't find work because of robots, humans will threaten governments with war if they don't give their civilians free good enough money while still keeping living costs extremely low, it will happen

  50. t42 Press says:

    stuff of nightmares dude.

  51. Minhaaa says:

    … Aji3

    Yeah it's Korean I know 😂

  52. TheReality says:

    This type of system will be essential in space stations and bases as well as larger ships. The temptation would be to network the system which would be suicide ! Under an AI controller. Just never network. Don't let the bed bugs bite. Peace.

  53. dynodish says:

    I'd like the capsule hotel. I have the opposite of claustrophobia.

  54. robert1969 says:

    Creepy bastards!

  55. darthdmun says:

    damn, i can not get past that guy's accent. so it put me off watching past 20 seconds.

  56. Hope Wiley says:

    "You're holding me funny. I can't really move my head… properly." Lmao she's so cute I love her 😄💛

  57. aljawisa says:

    I bet them robots are all up your ass. Everything is a spy device. The answer to all this non sense is Allodial Title/ Land Patents.

  58. S L says:

    When will we hear reports of white guys having sex with the robots?

  59. graça faria says:

    Scary!!!… 🙁

  60. Droiz says:

    4:52 Creepiest part

  61. Russianvlogger69 says:

    At 9:45 "Things will be different in the future" Japan already is in the future, Japan is as futuristic as it gets.

  62. Daniel B says:

    One of the major problems with robots is that the more they are put into workplaces, the more jobs are taken, the more jobs taken, the less jobs there are for the majority of people in that city. It is a tough subject tp discuss. Another major problem is, is that there are governments in the world who do not care about the people they govern thus leaving people to deal with the stupid things they allow to happen. (Lgbt stuff, pronouns, attacks on freedom of speech, silencing people who do not agree with them, protected pedophiles, downplaying Islam's main goal and behaviour for and to the world, allowing globalists to tear up entire countries) people need to wake up.

  63. Haradrim says:

    Robot hotels are so lonely ! No one ever speak with staff at the hotel just do your stuff

  64. Sunflower Shine says:

    Japan: our population is rapidly declining
    Robots: we gotchu fam

  65. Sunflower Shine says:

    5:47 that transformer has a big D 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  66. DD says:

    Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

  67. Blood Beryl says:

    Dinosaur is the best part. Cute hat

  68. Mary Jane Daigle says:

    I wonder where they get the skin.

  69. VAN月 says:

    God created human, human betrays god, human created robot, robot betrays human, it's just a matter of time.

  70. Tony A says:

    This is inevitable with all the sexual harassment lawsuits and politics that is spiraling out of control in the work place and I think that is another unspoken reason robots will gain traction and will be well received here in the west. Countries where people are respectful and courteous will not have as much need for service robots. Mainly 3rd world nations where labor is cheap like South America. Eventually these robots will have more personality and show more respect and grace than I see with many of the younger generation. I personally would prefer human staff. Would rather support real humans over technology, but at the same time, I detest cold, rude and unprofessional attitudes, especially towards the elders.

  71. Steve Lawrie says:

    What a desperately sad hotel experience: these guys will lose in the long run, that's for sure

  72. Ryan Watterson says:

    weird id rather spend a weekend in hell; not this little Jewish King;

  73. atifah diani says:

    Kaya beneran

  74. Doubleheaded Eagle says:

    What the hell do people think is going to happen.You can all laugh or say it’s the future,but at the end of the day how secure is your job? What are you going to do when you are told “sorry robots only” tell that to your hungry children.

  75. Foxy says:

    5:46 robot penis

  76. Max Epic says:

    How cool. Plus, we need as many robots as we can get to fight the kaiju.

  77. # Blur boy says:

    Can they make them at least look attractive!! How about some color better hair and good features..

  78. Quentin Willis says:

    If you robot all the work then how will the humans survive i mean really

  79. Erica Kim says:

    I'm just wondering how the robots make the beds….

  80. Ben says:

    The perfect woman.

  81. The Game World's all says:

  82. Jose Contreras says:

    Human robots deserve freedom

  83. Disco Biker says:

    Scary. Eventually, these people will prefer robots to real people. It's disgusting! Robots are taking over jobs, & human interaction. No thank you! If I'm required to wear a brown tunic, & sleep in a closet, I'll pass! Who wants to be stuffed into a cubby with your own farts?! If I'm going to stay at a hotel, I want space, comfort, & to be waited on by a real person! God made humans to be a comfort to each other. These robots are creepy.

  84. Hermaphrodite Doro says:

    i,m claustophobic, i,ll never get to that hotel 😛

  85. Shark Beats says:

    10:01 that robot is very realistic lol

  86. Marlena McFann says:

    That is so cool that the robots people look real they just don't tock like a preson but that's so cool i wonder how they did that

  87. Sparkz YT says:

    5:46 the robot in the background.. look closer at its legs and croch.

  88. Naief Alromi says:

    Well this is just the most horrifying thing in the world, please stop making humanoid robots make them cute robots.

  89. Omar japhet Landeros gonzalez says:

    Loving to see a whorehouse with animatronics robotics

  90. BR0N0CULARS DAMN says:

    Japan: Become Human

  91. Franka *66 says:

    Robots won't pay as customers. End of big business. Case closed.

  92. Ridley369 says:

    Holy shit, this guy should have tried to learn not only some BASIC Japanese skills before making this trip, but also Japanese pronunciation — which is extremely easy, anyway.


    Where's The security !

  94. Pxstel Gamer says:

    I watched this at school…

    I have nightmares now…

  95. Love Roscoe says:

    BAD, very greedy idea. We’d have to be under TOTALITARIAN CONTROL in order to force me & mine to support this
    human-hurting abomination.

  96. tothesavedlifeonearth istheonlyhelltheyllevrknow says:

    wow I need to live here

  97. Bunker Sieben says:

    Time of Eve, IRL.

  98. Charles Jacques says:

    Robots seem dumb here.

  99. donna laino says:

    Satan will destroy humanity.

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