InterFishMarket – The World Seafood Exchange is here

every day in the world people buy and sell thousands of tonnes of fish in an inefficient and outdated way market professionals are aware of everyday risks especially those related with payments into fish market is the first exchange in the world dedicated to seafood products with physical delivery where every transaction is covered by credit insurance by becoming a member you will receive a credit insurance which allows you to buy and sell with no risks into fish market is market neutral IFM does not take any position during transactions our goal is to facilitate business in a transparent and efficient way the identity secrecy of every transaction allows each member to trade at the real market price trading on IFM is very simple and easy insert a buy or sell order in the appropriate live trading section receive offers from other market participants and close the transaction only if the buyer has sufficient credit insurance for that specific trade once the transaction is closed the two counterparts identities are revealed furthermore if you want to trade directly with one of your clients without using the live trading mode inter fish market offers an OTC trade system as well simply close the deal offline then settle the transaction on IFM platform taking advantage of the credit insurance coverage with all these services IFM is the most efficient way to manage all your transactions becoming your ideal partner for your daily trading activity

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  1. Oscar reina martinez says:

    Hola, Quisiera inscribirme en Interfish Market para promocionar mis productos en Europa y America

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