Introducing 3 most typical Japanese breakfast food with white rice !! #159

a lot of Japanese people love this hey guys what’s up?
welcome to Rion’s TV!! I’m Rion! so in this video I’m gonna introduce
three popular Japanese break fast usually I eat
alright so let’s go Alright so the first one, it’s TKG !!
you know what stands for Tamago Kake Gohan so tamago means egg, Kaka is spread,
Gohan is rice this one is a really simple
so first break the egg so as you see, this is a regular egg
and then just mix it and add soy sauce then mix again, and just poured it on the rice! all right so this is how it looks like!
it is really simple but egg flavor is good with soy sauce even better!! mm yeah!! this is the one!! You know, if you wanna have more flavor you can just add the soy sauce like this taste will be stronger if you prefer the strong soy sauce flavor then you can ad more soy sauce!! yeah this is like, you know, eating rice with soup
so especially in the break first time easy to eat!! well in Japan we can into raw egg,
however when I was in the States I couldn’t eat the raw egg so this TKG
I couldn’t do it so that was kind of sad… let me add my soy sauce
maybe if you’re coming from some country which you can’t eat the raw egg try this TKG in Japan
you know wherever it is if you buy an egg in Japanese
supermarket in Japan you can eat the raw egg well this TKG is really popular in Japan
even it’s super simple but trust me it tastes good!
make sure mix it with soy sauce well if you go to the Yoshino-ya in Japan
you can order the raw egg as well so tried it with beef bowl it’s good!!
but again make sure mixed with soy sauce!! it’s better!!
alright so let’s check next one well so the next one!
can you guys guess what it is? is guess what is inside!!
Yes!! Natto well some of you guys know about the Natto
this is really smelly!! trust me really smelly!! but, you know I hate the smell but I love the taste maybe you know if you smell it at the first time
you would’t believe this one tastes good but if you tried it, you will love it!! so this Natto comes with green Shiso leaves sauce well as you see it is really sticky!!
yes it is sticky and stinky so definitely you can have an interesting experience!! trust me this one is really smelly, but yeah
taste good actually so a lot of Japanese people love this!
Look at this!! well some people prefer to eat all of this on the rice
but you know since this is really sticky so I prefer to eat separately
so I usually eat this yeah in this way, not gonna be that messy
so whenever I eat Natto, I eat separately!! It’s good!! well when I was in China
first I when I see the stinky tofu I couldn’t believe that’s the food
this Natto smells even worse well no maybe stinky tofu is worse.. for sure..
But Natto smells really bad.. still it is pretty good though.. well some people love to eat this Natto with raw egg,
but I prefer to eat separately huh, that was pretty good!! This is the second one
Natto!! Alright so let’s check the last one!! well so the last one is Ochazuke yes this one is really popular for the breakfast
I love them! it’s like a cereal for Japanese!! so this is Greentea, and Ochazuke!!
This one is so easy to eat!! And I love it! yeah it’s a bit salty, so the taste based on salt
and a little bit seaweed and also it’s a rice cracker I think Crispy! this Ochazuke is kind of a soup style!!
so even you just walk up It’s super easy to eat
that’s why I love in it well today I use green tea, but it’s okay
to use the hot water because this “Ochazukeno mot” the ingredients of Ochazuke
has a flavor already so if buy this, then just get the boiled water is fine!! in the summer time if you don’t wanna eat hot one
just pour the cold water it’s fine So this is the original Ochazuke this one has 8 packs, price is about 200 Japanese yen
to 300 Japanese yen really depends on the supermarket but it’s around that price
it’s not bad I think but there are many other kind of flavors as well
well in the previous video I tried a premium Ochazuke which i think it’s interesting
so if you’re interested in Ochazuke please check that premium Ochazuke video! well so those are the breakfast which is really popular in Japan, you know if you come over to Japan at least try Natto!! yeah that is really special
and again it’s really smelly have you guys tried Natto?
if you have please let me know your thought by the comment below! thank you!! oh by the way I have an Instagram account
I usually post daily Japanese life and Japanese food so if you’re interested in me or Japanese life
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really encouraged me to take next video!! Thank you very much, “Arigato”!!

6 comments on “Introducing 3 most typical Japanese breakfast food with white rice !! #159”

  1. Rion Ishida says:

    Those are the super typical Japanese breakfast with white rice!😉
    TKG with soy sauce is my favorite!! 
    Have you guys tried those before?
    If you have't try it Natto at least when you come to Japan!
    Your will have super unique experience for sure🤣 
    Please let me know your thought about those breakfast or breakfast you like!
    Your comment is my motivation for the next video🤣🤣 

  2. Toh Seong Fai says:

    Will try TKG. Any particular requirement for soy sauce, like japanese soy sauce (i.e kikkoman), or any light soy sauce will do?

  3. Mitchell M says:

    hello Rion
    you've made a few videos since the last
    one me and my brother watched before we left japan
    can't wait until we come back this winter 🙂
    many of your videos to watch over the
    next few days friend
    rachel m

  4. H351gbgone says:

    My favourite is Ochazuke too but will it really full you up because is kind of plain not with any meat or side dishes ? I bought the same one that you used too

  5. Burger says:

    I haven't had breakfast like this in such a long time! NATTO is my favorite.

  6. Jeannie FromTahini says:

    I am going to be in Japan in a few days and Natto is on the list of things to try! I've heard about it for years but yet to try it.

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