Is Japanese food REALLY that good? What foods do foreigners recommend?

Shrimp Whopper, and you would never ever find that anywhere else. It’s fresh always, in japan. – Kalake
– Oh..? – Karage!
– Right! Hey guys, it’s Cathy Cat! Today we’re going to ask foreigners about Japanese food. There might be some nice food recommendations in there for you So be sure to watch it right to the end and don’t forget! We are also a channel that uploads quite frequently so don’t forget to subscribe so you, don’t, miss any of the future videos that that we put up here on the Ask Japanese channel. So now let’s go on the streets of Tokyo and ask foreigners in Japan! Okay, where you from? I am from the United States of America. I’m from Indiana. But yeah, Columbus India. Very small town, in Columbus. And that’s where we met originally, in there, visiting. Yeah, their first time in japan Well for me, I just came to Japan. Four, four days ago, for the first time. It is great, it’s interesting. Maybe it’s like, just like spices and the combination of things is interesting. Like to me, that there’s such thing here at Burger King. As a… Shrimp Whopper, and you would never ever find that anywhere else. You, would not find that in the United States, where I’m from. But… Yeah, to me that’s definitely one of the things that makes it interesting. You can’t find things like that anywhere else in the world. At least , not that I know of. But… Definitely the way things are put together. You, the way they put things together and you think… Who?! Who did that? What’s that about? But a lot of times it works. Then you’re like… What was your like, “who does that?!” kind of moment? Well, initially when I got here it was a shrimp burger… Now it’s like… Desserts they have. Like… I’ve had like, a tomato jelly as a dessert which is interesting. And a lot of times… You know, whether it’s bean paste or something that’s really not… what I think of as a dessert. So that’s interesting to me, are the… the desserts and what they think of as a sweet treat versus what i would describe as a dessert. Very different. Mentioning that, what’s your favorite Japanese food? I love, Sushi. I’m a Sushi lover. I haven’t had a lot, cause I’m pregnant But… Yeah. So sushi is probably, my top my go-to. Well, I don’t know if this is actually Japanese. I went to Coco’s carry… CURRY, the other day and it was very good! I also had like, real Ramen actual Ramen for the first time ever, recently at lunch today and it was very good! What’s your opinion on ramen? Just the spices and the flavors that were in it. It was very interesting. And it had like, bamboo in it. And I didn’t knew it was bamboo, I thought it was chicken. And that was another thing that was interesting, didn’t expect to find me doing that. But it was pretty good! Yeah, we had Ramen for lunch today it’s very good. And I think, we in America, think of Ramen is the little instant packages of noodles that cost like, you know… 30 cents and… Very different! Ramen here is much more complicated and much much more delicious! So, you know have like Ramen stores? Like.. Like here in japan, do you have that in America? You have like, you can buy like, Ramen by the box in a grocery store. The idea is to get a lot of food, for not a lot of money. So it’s very cheap, but the quality is not great. But a lot of people eat it! Yeah… You can find multiple packages for under a dollar, yeah… So very very inexpensive option. Very different, didn’t know about that. Right! I just had the image that like a couple of Japanese people moved over to America to open like, their own Noodle shop but… Than not so much… In a lot of more like, Sushi restaurants they will have a Ramen soup. But I’ve never had Ramen in America anywhere like here. Yeah, I’ve had you know There’s tempura, and there’s very similar soups. Like, we have Udon more, I feel like in America than we do Ramen. In my experience, yeah. Actual Ramen. Ramen is actually generally unflavored. But there’s not actually anything in it. I think. I believe… So there is beef flavored or there is shrimp flavored I mean chicken flavored but it doesn’t actually have anything in it, it’s just the Noodles. In here there’s lots of stuff in it which was an interesting surprise it is way different than… They’re called the same thing but the perspectives could not be more different. Hey! Where you’re from? I’m French and he’s Australian, and we live in Madrid. That is so international! First time in Japan? Yes it is! Everyone says Japanese food is so good. What exactly do you think is so good about Japanese food? Well, I like the variety and like the Ramen, Sushi, and the curry… But… For me it’s like, my favorite food so I’m happy with the Wagyu beef with the raw fish, raw salmon… So i really like it. But like, the vision we have about Sushi… Like, westernised. It’s quite… different. Because I am used to it. Like, the California Roll and here I cannot find it anywhere. I haven’t found it yet. So… So I think the vision we have is a bit difference of what it really is but, still very interesting and very good. So what exactly do you think is so good about the food? Like, what do you personally like about the food? I think it’s very fresh. Like, when you talk about the fish. Like it’s, you can eat raw fish and then be fine about it. In every places here. About the flavors as well. If you have… Like a Ramen or a soup or salad, there’s more like lots of herbs. Coriander flavours, yeah… So that’s what I like. What about him, maybe. So what’s so unique about Japanese food? What’s good about it? Well I’ll have to copy here and say the freshness, definitely. And I think also the quality, because people here don’t seem to settle for second-best. Even on the street food. I think it’s still good quality, so. Definitely. Quality, how do you feel that? How do i feel? Yeah, as I said. I think it’s just good it’s just good quality and it’s… You don’t seem to get scraps anywhere it’s all prime cuts etc. So… Couple of other people we talked to had mentioned Ramen. So, is there Ramen in your country and if so, is a different from the Ramen here in Japan? So, you said you were from…? Russia. – And you?
– Russia. – We’re both.
– Right! Comparing your food here and with Japanese food, people say Japanese food is very nice. What do you personally think is good about Japanese food? You’re gonna have a lot of a variety of the same foods. You just eat it and it’s cheap like hell. I don’t know, so… Yes, and Russia is has nothing. And ah! And it’s fresh, always in Japan. And all the sweet things… I don´t know, I just love to eat it. That´s why I… – Came to Japan?
– Yes. I almost weight especially for Japan to gain and to gain in Japan. – Eat all the food.
– Yes! What, like what’s good? Is there anything you like about it? Like you know, taste the looks of it, anything? Melon pan. And… This is my passion and my profession I think. Right! Melonpan is your passion and your profession. So Melonpan is your favorite, what’s your favorite? It’s hard to choose from. Okonomiyaki, Udon, Ramen… We’re you’re from? I’m from Hong Kong, nice to meet you guys! And you watch Ask Japanese, thank you! I think maybe because of appearance and the atmosphere and the store interior, they merge together and you feel relaxed and enjoy. When the food comes, it looks very nice. And it looks yummy. And… It’s so good. The visual, everything. Everything you see. Everything, they match together. And the atmosphere, they match together. And when you taste the food… Wow! It’s so nice, yeah. What’s your favorite Japanese food then? – Kalage?
– Oh…? – Karage!
– Right! Ramen… But isn’t there good Ramen in Hong Kong? Yeah, Ichiran Ramen. They also… We can enjoy, Ichiran Ramen in Hong Kong and other Ramen. From Hong Kong people and from Japanese people they have Ramen restaurants in Hong Kong. Now I’m really curious. What’s the difference between you know, Hong Kong Ramen and Japanese Ramen? What… Does it taste different? I think the biggest difference is When you’re in Hong Kong and you taste Japanese Ramen it’s totally different when you taste Japanese Ramen, in Japan. The atmosphere. The surroundings. Makes you feel… Your taste, it stays better. In Japan than Hong Kong because if atmosphere. And you feel relaxed because you’re travelling. So, if I… Do people local… Is there like a, like Hong Kong type of Ramen. Like noodle soup or something? Cause I heard that Ramen originally comes from China. Yeah, yeah, yeah. In Hong Kong, we have so called – Wonton noodle.
– Yeah, yeah! – Do you know that?
– Ah, yes! It’s so famous in Hong Kong. Have you tried it before? Erm… I only know the Wonton, like the little pouches. Dumpling? So if you guys have time to travel to Hong Kong. Please try Wonton Noodles. I don’t know how to say… Wonton Ramen, Wonton Noodles. It’s good to try. Yeah. Right! So it’s not the Wonton dumpling it’s actually noodles out of Wonton? It’s Wonton with noodles. Imagine if they… They combine it together. You have Wonton and noodles. Good! Now we’ve got a food recommendation there as well if you go to Hong Kong, that’s all the things you to to try! – Thank you very much!
– Thank you so much! So guys, some of the most amazing food I’ve ever tried I actually did try in Japan. Seriously I had foods that I didn’t even thought existed. Things that I wasn’t even sure you could eat and actually we’ve done a couple of videos on the Ask Japanese channel as well where we talk about different types of food or where we had the pleasure to try food. So. Oh, and we do a couple of food challenges as well. So if you don’t want to miss these food challenges be sure to check out. We’re going to put a couple of videos links at the end of the video. And if you’re new to this channel, don’t forget to subscribe. So guys, that is the most tastiest food in your country? I’d like to know. Please leave us comments so we can, maybe check out some future nice foods. Thank you very much for watching and I’ll catch you soon. Bye!

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  1. Krish Parikh says:

    Any vegetarian recommendations?

  2. brian' says:

    It's not only good, it scratches perfection

  3. Harry Toeface says:

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    Great job!! I love your videos.

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    Nattou = 💩 No me gustaria probar eso Jajaja pero la comida de japon debe ser rica y saladuble
    Ps: Quiero una novia Japonesa 😍

  12. CioChoux says:

    Instagram-worthy food is never hard to find in Japan.
    The food variety in the basement of most Japanese department stores will make you dizzy from all the fabulous choices.
    I have been fortunate enough to try Matsusakagyu sushi in Osaka.
    I love ichigo daifukus.
    Tonkotsu ramen is my fave kind of ramen.
    Totally have to go back to Kurumon market for the fresh seafood and street food.
    I still have not scratched eating at Tsukiji Market off of my bucket list…

  13. Katofel ;-; says:

    Might be totally different from this video, but I just remembered your video where you compared the average height and weight fron USA and Japan. So i thought maybe you could compare USA, Japans, and Denmark average height and weight 💜

  14. triky5384 says:

    It might be that I haven't been to Japan to try real sushi, ramen and so on, but I haven't really had anything japanese in the US that has blown me away, like a lot of people say they feel like when they tried japanese food.

  15. deka hendry says:

    Is japanese food good? I would say maybe, japanese food is just not my kind of food. After spend my whole life eating padang dish, japanese food taste bland for me

  16. TreeFriar says:

    Instant Ramen is the staple of many college students, and bachelors here in the U. S. I ate enough of it to last a lifetime…now, it`s just gross.
    Green Chile Cheeseburger in New Mexico.

  17. Jeffreak says:

    mmmmm,. melonpan.. only 3 month waitn, than i am again in tokyo. wuhuu

  18. PastaAivo says:

    That's a super cute outfit!
    There is quite a bit of interesting Japanese food out there. Some things I loved to eat on my trip were gyudon, curry and melon bread (wish I had any of those here).
    Also, melon fanta is literally the best soda there is. I'm still trying to figure out how to smuggle a life time supply back to my country.

  19. Unruly Crow says:

    The French-Australian couple got cut! Since I'm French, I can provide an answer about Japanese food in France. Sushi are popular and pretty widespread, and instant ramens can easily be found in grocery stores, but you can also find specialised restaurants in big cities. In Paris, there's a Japanese-Korean district, with a street full of restaurants solely proposing ramens (and one also having okonomiyaki on the menu). It's pretty nice and fun to tour the restaurants to decide which one you like the most!

    And personally, I have a bias towards butter ramen, miso ramen and shio ramen. Basically all those good Hokkaido flavours lol. And I plan to tour Japan one day, and will probably do it on the theme of food because that's a good way to have a feel for a different culture. Of course, I can also cheat with a Japanese friend who's a very good cook too haha. I don't like having people in my kitchen, but I'd entrust him with it without batting an eye.

    As for my favourite food? I'm French Catalan (Northern Catalonia is on the French side), so my favourite are Catalan, rather than French. Simple stuff like an escalivade (grilled peppers and eggplant prepared in a fresh salad with anchovies) are the best, and I like grilled seafood and fish (grilled on a planxa of course). I also like local wines, both from the Spanish and French sides of the border – they tend to be fresh and fruity… And can be way stronger than their taste let you believe, so they have to be drunk with moderation. Overall, I really like dishes with fresh veggies and fish, so it's not really surprising that I have a soft spot for Japanese food.

  20. camille caumont says:

    oh that guy from Hong Kong was smoking hot

  21. April Israelson says:

    Response to the first 2 American girls: curry, not "curey" hehe. But that's okay grrrrl. Side note: you CAN find authentic Japanese ramen restaurants in the US. Some of them are in the bigger cities but even a suburb I used to live in in Texas had a ramen shop. Anyway. Yeah, I think Japanese food in Japan is delicious. Sushi is probably my favorite thing to eat here. As for American food, I think TexMex is outstanding. I love tacos and enchiladas, fajitas…also, food from New Orleans is delicious. Rich, heavy flavors that pair really well together. Also, you can't go wrong with a real, gourmet burger in the US (not the fast food kind).

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    What does being pregnant have to do with eating sushi?

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    Who's the cute russian girl with the blonde hair? She's drowning in style! 😍

  25. Quint Rankid says:

    Tastiest food in my country? That's difficult.

    I've always been partial to classic deli food. I guess that maybe it's a toss up between a tongue sandwich, cold and center cut vs hot pastrami with a touch of mustard. Maybe I'd put in roast beef with russian as an entry too. All on rye bread with a crusty crust, none of that soft rye stuff they sell in supermarkets. Half-sour pickle on the side to help cleanse your palate. And some black cherry soda. Ok, now I'm getting hungry.

    But if the deli food isn't available then the gods of chocolate suggest a blackout layer cake. Usually it's got layers of heavy black chocolate cake with thick pudding like chocolate icing between. Did I mention chocolate? They put chocolate cake crumbs on the outside icing and I'm pretty sure I've seen the cake decorated with chocolate shavings. Chocolate. Yes, I did mention chocolate.

    I also have to admit that breakfast is a favorite of mine. Eggs, any style you want, although my preference is scrambled. Sausage, I prefer links to patties. Toast, I prefer rye to white or wheat. Home fries, maybe. A short stack with real maple syrup. And a nice cup of coffee light size medium.

    But of course,, since I live in a country where hunger doesn't whet the appetite, even this gets boring, and then it's time for a trip to the local Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Italian or Afghani place. Travel further afield and you can get almost anything you wanted and discover a few places that you didn't realize had unique cuisines.

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    Do have fond memory's of the Melon Bread, lovely with marmalade.

  34. Kevin Wong says:

    There should be ramen places in more bigger, well known cities in the US with a bigger Asian population like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, etc. just to name a few. To find authentic Asian cuisine you should find an Asian friend that could show you where all the good, authentic, places are because only they would know what true Asian cuisine is since they are Asian themselves. You shouldn't ask an American person that comes from the mid-west, the mid-east, &/or any remote/secluded area what authentic Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. cuisine is because most likely they won't really know because there is no Asian influence/population living in that part of the area of the US so people there would of course be more easily fascinated about Asian culture & think of it as exotic &/or something new to experience because they are basically in the middle of nowhere. If you live in or near bigger cities in the US Asians &/or Asian culture is just about everywhere. You just got to know where to look or have an Asian local show you where all the best spots are. I'm Chinese & live on the east coast where there are many Asian cultures around me so of coarse I know where all the good, authentic places to go for Asian cuisine are.

  35. Eriol says:

    I was lucky enough to try most of what was listed here last year.
    My favorite: Japanese Udon. The chewiness of the noodles and how it blends with the toppings is simply marvelous.
    The most unique: It's an izakaya chain, but eating at Hanbey, just try it if you ever travel there.

    I'm saving my nattou virginity for a Japanese host that deserves my reaction and finds that kind of thing amusing, though.

  36. kermit says:

    Authentic ramen is slowly becoming more available in America, but for the most part restaurants that serve it have been located in California or New York, because of the high amount of culture and visitor traffic.

  37. Tim Despain says:

    You actually found some Hoosiers (people from Indiana)! Being an inland state with a smaller population means it's often more difficult to find international cuisine, but thankfully that's been rapidly improving throughout the entire U.S.

    Anyway, much love from Indiana!

  38. Kewpie Fan Club says:

    a great video… lets follow each other so that we can connected.

  39. neal tran says:

    Japanese main meal become a dessert, because it's too small, too little.

  40. sammy97070 says:

    I live in Oregon on the west coast of the United States. Afuri ramen has location in a city called Portland. This is Afuri's only location outside of Japan. The food is very good! I am hoping to visit Japan in the next year and look forward to enjoying all kinds of food I've seen on YouTube that people have posted videos of during their trips. I'm 6'7" and may find it difficult to fit in some of the Japanese restaurants but I'm willing to sacrifice comfort for great food!

  41. james housden says:


  42. MageThief says:

    My favorite Japanese food is definitely home cooked Japanese food.

  43. møønsky says:

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  44. Jason Kwan says:

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    Please come and spend time in japan again!
    I welcom your visit\(^o^)/

  47. Quynh Anh says:

    Personally I think Japanese food is overrated compared to other Asian countries cuisine. It kinda lacks in flavor

  48. jj mm says:

    Cathy cat is the most tastiest thing in japan, so hot, so yummy

  49. Kitty Love says:

    Best food in my country, for me, is old fashioned soups. Like green beans and potatoes and (not sweet) pancakes in it. It's rather thick and of course the ingredients have to be fresh. But I highly doubt that anybody would think of this kind of food when they hear about my country. 🙂
    In my perception, Japan is famous for the freshness and high-quality standards of it's food. It's also seen as very healthy. And even industrialized food often is arranged with love for details.

  50. christopher rogers says:

    Any trip to Japan without trying Natto is a wasted experience 😉 And raw horse sushi!

  51. Pyun Ko. says:

    4:54 I recognize that accent and hear it everday when we have english class haha

  52. jordan green says:

    In california san diego specifically there are two ramen franchises from japan there. (Nishiki and Menya Ultra) and a few other US only ramen shops. There's also a coco's curry in Los Angeles but its no where near as good as japan.

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    Ramen and Sushi are Japanese fast food. Soba or Udon is also so.
    If you have enough time and money, you can be eaten genuine Japanese cuisine in a place called Kappoh.
    There you can also enjoy a meal called Kaiseki.

  57. Hammerdwarf says:

    I think if you're talking about America's best foods you'd stereotypically associate with us, you're probably thinking of burgers, steaks, and fried chicken. There are a ton of places here that do those very well. Personally my favorite food is one that's pretty polarizing in America, and even not well known at all — Cincinnati Skyline Chili. If you know about it, you tend to have a strong opinion about it (love it or hate it.) But most likely if you don't live along I-75 between Lima and Florida, you've never heard of it.

  58. lupi mali says:

    broth of beef flavor, shrimp flavor (or chicken flavor), and noodle with nothing else in a bowl …
    those seem more particular to typical chinese noodles.
    i guess cooks (or owners) of such "ramen restaurants" are chinese.
    ramen noodle in japanese style is fairy different from original chinese ones such as suzhou noodles.
    WATCH OUT! many chinese under the guise of japanese run "ramen restaurant" in NY city or LA.

  59. Mai says:

    6:25 that posture looks incredibly uncomfortable

  60. こんじい says:


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    I'm Japanese.
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  65. Montreal hiphop is garbage says:

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