JAPAN: ICHIRAN ramen vs IPPUDO ramen

Here we are guys in Japan on our way to get some ramen yay!!! Hey guys how are you guys doing we’re in a Machida Japan we’re gonna to eat at ICHIRAN RAMEN, let’s check it out Ok guys this is where we get our tickets for the ramen Its very tight in Japan Ok guys these lights represent our tables. When the lights are blinking that means the tables are occupied. When there are no lights thats whens its out time to get a seat . okay guys at this restaurant its very nice, very special, we get to have our own seat , our own little booth, to have our own ramen. In this little piece of paper you get to customize how you want to have your ramen. I just picked everything with normal size and i had a translator help me out. Lets see what happens. This little button here, you push it to let them know the order is ready and the girl will come here and pick up our order. Here it is, the curtain opens up. the lady will pick up our stuff.” Arigatou gozaimasu”(japanese for thank you) Arigatou ( japanese for Thank you) My hard boiled or my soft boiled is ready to go with my ramen. As you guys can see the booths are very small so in Japan they have to make it as compact as possible. Gets are much people to feed. Get them in and out as soon as possible Ok guys these are our water cups, the water is here and the cups are here. This you push to get our water. Lets start opening our egg. its difficult because i only have one hand We got the soft boiled egg peeled, all the shells are in this little bowl here and the egg is ready to be put in my ramen right here guys. Alright our ramen is here. They brought it out., lets dig in. All right guys the ramen is here, let’s see what we can do. Lets get the soft boiled egg and put that puppy in. BOOOM!! Ok now here we got the chashu the pork belly is put down on the side And little by little put it on the side here.Oops i dropped some The Nori — the seaweed BOOM !! Now you got the spicy paste and lets mix everything up. This is a small Lets taste the soup guys I got a spicy tonkotsu guys okay lets eat I gotta eat now bye-bye Oh Guys it’s amazing Okays guys lets take a look at that egg Its hard, too slippery There we go You know you gotta grab it ah there we go, got it. Oh look at that ummm… delicious I guess I finally finished my First bowl of ramen. I’m thinking about since i’m already in Japan. I mind as well get a second bowl while i’m at it. But before we leave Ichiran Ramen I want to get one more sip from my tasty bowl. Yup right there guys, pick that up , bring that up Delicious Look at that, everything is done. Usually I sip up all the soup guys but this time I want to save my stomach for a second round. Ok guys so i just got done eating at the world famous Ichiran Ramen in Machida Japan So my thoughts the soup was very tasty. The ramen was it was very good You know I haven’t eaten like that in a while and the spiciness was not so spicy, it was very bearable And now onto ramen restaurant number two Eeeehhhh !!!! Alright guys we are here Ramen restaurant number two Hey guys how are you guys doing ? We are here in Machida Japan We’re at the second stop at the Nam Phan Ramen Adventure. We’re in Ippudo Ramenya , Lets check it out. Eeeehhhhh !!!!! Ok guys how are you guys doing? so we’re here and I just order the spicy miso They have some spicy levels. Going from 1 all the way up to 8 I was very intimidated, I didn’t get 8 so the guy recommended maybe 3 So let’s see how I do ok guys my ramen is here lets take a look at it Ok guys I got a spicy miso Level three, it goes all the way up to 8 and it looks pretty dang red I’m actuall happy i didn’t get an 8. It looks pretty dangerous Wish me good luck guys. Let’s have one quick sip Not too bad it taste very tasty. Lets try the noodles. Delicious Let me finish guys I’ll give you my thoughts afterwards Hey guys check this out. The cool thing about this place they have a special spoon. For when you eat all your ramen And theres only soup left and you have like extra pieces of meat at the bottom of the bowl. Ok check this out they have a spoon thats holds so when you schoop, look at this you scoop and look at that BOOM !!!! You scoop up the meat with it. Ah see that so you won’t take any water. BOOOM!!!! GENIUS !!! Ok guys so I just got done eating at Ippudo Ramen and My humble opinion. You know I have eaten at both places Ichiran ramen and Ippudo Ramen. Both got the spicy ramen. I got the Spicy Tonkotsu at Ichiran Ramen and I got the Spicy Miso at Ippudo Ramen And in my humble opinion I would say Ichiran would be the better place to eat at. They’re both good but its In my humble opinion Ichiran the flavor seemed more It’s just better So if you’re ever in Japan in Machada Japan. Come by Ichiran Ramen Or If you like come try out Ippudo ramen as well. Alright see you guys later BYE !!!

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