Japan Vlog: Tokyo Ramen Show | 東京ラーメンショー2015年

Hello everyone! Hey guys! I just left my house
and I will be going to the ramen festival today held at Komazawa so that’s in Tokyo.
And its pretty cool because its got ramen from all over Japan and it’s all gathered
in one place and you can just try lots and lots of really good ramen.
And if your wondering this is what a Japanese neighbourhood looks like. We’re here at the Tokyo Ramen Show!

26 comments on “Japan Vlog: Tokyo Ramen Show | 東京ラーメンショー2015年”

  1. Ashleigh Dollin says:

    Cool video, I like your style of filming and editing. Looking forward to seeing more 🙂 頑張ります!

  2. ONLY in JAPAN says:

    Nice video! I've never been to that event before and — that ramen looked really good! Keep up the good work! -john

  3. Karin says:

    This looks so fun!

  4. hlyan 7 says:

    Cool internationallyme:) I love your videos. So excited to see your next one😀

  5. Greg Lam says:

    I didn't even know they had a ramen show! When was it? Do you have to buy full bowls or are you able to have small portions so you can try many varieties out? Thanks for showing this, I want to take the kids to this next year!

  6. Duane C says:

    It was good, the montage was a just a tad to fast. Just as you focused on what you were showing it flashed to the next scene.

  7. Sam S says:

    This is fab, found you from the 'Life where I'm from' videos. Really love Japan and so I love learning and seeing more things about it. I love you accent and you have a kind and frinedly nature on your videos which is great. The only thing I would say is that you music is very loud in the Intro and throughout and then your voice is quieter. I would lower your music for an all round better quality video, as i find myself pulling the sound up and down when listening. Keep up the great work!

  8. Jessica Godin says:

    wow it looks like so much fun!! I subscribed 🙂

  9. tom gong says:


  10. Falentino eka laksana putra says:

    love your videos…

  11. Violet Jersey says:

    This event looks really cool?! Does this happen every year? If so, I'd love to come back and experience it one day!

    PS: Your videos are amazing! Keep up the good work! 😊😊😊

  12. Alexis Bañuelos Nuñez says:

    look so yummy XD

  13. There is no name says:

    Happiness is watching your favorite videos on loud speaker.

  14. Gongo Experience says:

    I love your videos and i love you, you look always so cute 🙂

  15. Webseiten Herstellen says:

    Thank you for taking us around Japan.  I found you through "Only in Japan".  I will watch more of your videos.  The Music is way too loud though.  I have to keep turning the volume up and down between your voiceover (too quiet) and the music (too loud).

  16. M 0612 says:

    Is that akb48 girlband?

  17. atakkuuuuu says:

    noooo what a tease! i wish the video was longer D:

  18. Justin Hinh says:

    Good taste in music 🙂

  19. Willy Park says:

    I've been to the Tokyo Motorcycle show. Now I want to go to the RAMEN show!

  20. alexander wei says:

    at 2:47 it looks like akb48 xD

  21. MyUTF4 says:

    Who's watching this in 2017?

  22. Angelica Jolin says:

    I would really like to try the ice creams .. 😀

  23. chirag kotadia says:

    What music in starting ? Can you tell me song or album?

  24. Jrh007 says:

    Love you Angela!

  25. Akash Palanisamy says:

    Really liked the 1st and 2nd videos… Now I'm gonna binge watch the rest…

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