Japanese army robs people of food, sanctioned by justice Chinese army!Heroic soldier 34

Finished Put on your pants. Go Help me, Eight Route Army Where are you from? We’re not here. We just transferred , bro I know you. You were a ruffian in xiaoxinzhuang before. Then the enemy captured you here Do you think you can harm the common people by wearing these clothes Who else do you expect if the enemy leaves Your family carry the black pot for you What do you want to do? My head is for wiping my nose You tell us how we can do it Why do you rob food We don’t grab food. It’s the enemy’s order Let’s hand in the grain before the Eighth Route Army comes How many villages did you rob We met you on the first day today Listen, next time I’ll see you bullying people I’ll catch you wherever you go and skin you I remember, get out Yes sir Food can be given to you, but can guns be given to us Or the Japanese will kill us when we go back , you dare to ask for a gun The gun can be taken away, the head will stay Do you want a gun or a head Head That’s what you said. I didn’t force you Get out, yes sir Company commander, it’s found that the traitors are carrying two carts of grain Why you look at me, rob, go They’re still swaggering and they don’t want to live All attention, prepare for battle Wait, it’s not the enemy. It’s the national army Don’t move Don’t shoot, put down the gun It turned out to be a friendly army. Which part are you from We’re in the 52nd army What are you doing here when you’re not in Jinan Are you company commander ma? You know me. I’m Ding Ling. That’s where you took the group to visit and study You get urticaria. Is it the medicine I prescribed for you It’s you. Are you the soldiers of Guanzhen shan? Yes He helped us fight sniper in the battle of sandaolingzi It’s you Bro, put down the gun You two have been acting weird since we met commander Ma Last time we beat the enemy, they agreed to replace us, but the man ran away, causing us to be almost surrounded by the enemy They are the national army. After all, they are not our own people. It’s good to block us for a while. He left us the guns and bullets at last Why are you helping him talk? He ran away because of what he said. Is that what men do Xiao Gang has a point. It’s too much to run after half the battle You see So you come back Guerrilla warfare of the Eighth Route Army does work against the enemy Chairman Jiang called on all regions to carry out guerrilla warfare, and I also responded to his call Since you are back to fight against Japan, why do you rob the food of the common people Rob What you said is not pleasant to hear Not rob Where are these from You misunderstand I happened to pass by and saw the enemy carrying food. I couldn’t let him pass Since you are from the enemy, give it back to the people quickly. They expect food for the winter I will pay back the grain, but only part of it Why To be honest, I’m here to collect military food Let’s talk about sharing the grain with Ma Lianchang No way. We are here to protect food. Why should we give it to him I discussed this with the instructor You talk to them I understand your feelings, but our main purpose is to drive the enemy out of China This is a period of cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. We must cooperate. After all, we collect grain for the same purpose as they do, in order to fight the enemy So I think we should share with them They’re taking too much advantage. Why can they get food for nothing They are Chinese, our compatriots and anti Japanese armed forces Lao Zhou used to be a member of the northwest army. You treat him like a family member. Why can’t you treat company commander Ma the same way He turned away from the dark What did he do? He ran away and so many of us are dead. Anyway, I don’t agree with him They’re two platoons, better armed and better equipped than us Let them work with us to protect food and fight against the enemy’s grain search team. We have more troops As the scope becomes larger and we protect more villages, we can give them food It’s a good idea. It’s time for them to help Didn’t you all eat? Hurry up Bro, you come, you see According to your order, the better food is put here, the worse is still on the way The imperial army will send someone to take over tomorrow morning You hurry to get the good food back I have been thinking in my heart these days that if the Japanese know we are doing this, we will lose our heads What head You know how much a kilo of grain is Now it’s eight times the official price and it’s going to double If you are afraid, go home Who are we? Commander of huangxie Army We are traitor, yes Although we are traitors, we should also be patriotic We have contributed to China by giving poor food to Japan Learn it, I’ll get in touch with the grain dealer Why contact them? I do this business myself But Tang Jinrong did this before Is he stupid? Do I learn from him? Now it’s my business Catch those who sell food Why After they are arrested, I has the final say. Besides them, we should also catch those who smuggle food

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