Japanese Breakfast with ONLY Convenience Store Food Items!

hello hello hey world how’s it going oh
my god this is the last of our convenience store food videos yeah it’s
actually our last day in Japan where did the time go fifteen days while yeah
that we thought for a last view we would show you breakfast because you already
had lunch and dinner at three different convenience stores and they actually
have a lot of unique breakfast food items so today sure do you can get you
can get a breakfast here in Japan from 7-eleven you can get any like savory
items you can get sweet items you can get warm items cold you get your coffees
your iced coffees your I think this is like a watery liquid yogurt
there’s a lot going on so yeah we’ve got a few things that I do recognize like a
little burrito some hashbrowns and egg muffin yeah and we also found some weird
stuff like this sandwich it’s like hot dog bun open this free it’s basically
yeah with hot dog bun and there’s like butter but here’s red bean paste that
means that there’s a multicolored muffin multicolored chocolate vanilla muffin
yeah some yogurt what is that cafe latte it’s a it’s basically an iced coffee
it has some flowers and maybe caramel yeah it does have caramel for sure and
this looks like it’s like a milky color like yellow milky yeah I picked this one
up for us it has very low cal there’s only 17 calories for 500 milliliters it
has a picture pineapple orange apple so we’ll see what that’s all about
yeah let’s do go on in they going in I’m gonna stir it with the egg mix 7-eleven
big muffin from 7-eleven so yeah we microwave this
and yeah it’s basically like cheese a slice of ham okay
oh man maybe Mayo I’m gonna try my house Brown I’ll stop by sometime similar to what
you began like a McDonald’s only for my house this isn’t bad either let you try
this one mm-hmm sure let’s try this house this one
that’s good yeah the convenience stores here in
Japan have microwaves so they heat up the food for you if it’s a hot item
mm-hmm that’s good a nice slice of ham in it pretty thick yeah the COO that
McDonald’s this however try this breakfast burrito this tastes a little
bit like a dry almost cardboard ewwww I feel like this could have been in the
the hot oven maybe since last night we’re like really early this morning
been in there for a while let me try this one is the breakfast burrito it’s
got cheese and ham I like it there’s some big chunks of ham pepper yeah I
mean surprisingly good I’m impressed with her with the warm items at yeah so
far the breeder or the breakfast sandwich Ashford has just been in the
was in the with in the grill for probably a little too long I’m still
gonna eat it but it’s not an amazing oh my gosh it’s so sweet it’s almost like
having a milkshake coffee does it taste like caramel or sunflower
yeah apparently try it out next I’m enjoying this breakfast burrito let’s
see what this is all about sandwich I don’t like it pulling it burrito wow
that has lots of caramel life-changing you know I’ve been drinking a lot of
these like I first discovered them probably in Tokyo yeah whenever I go
into convenience store in the morning and I’m craving something sweet and to
give me some energy out of these another thing is I have a very good reaction to
coffee and then I’m just like a really jittery and a big baby all day so I
enjoy it while I’m drinking it and then a few hours later I start feeling the
effects just like why did I do that so today I’m Elina have a sit because
yesterday I had one and then I was like I love my car so I’ll gladly accept this
yeah so next I’m gonna try the yogurt I wonder if it’s like blueberry yogurt or
milk flavored like blueberry that’s a bit of a mystery to me now well you know
when you can see that you can’t even open the straw hmm yes we’re both at
that level oh it’s one of those ones you poke in as well
yeah and I want to show you guys the straws here in Japan they’re kind of
like collapsible yeah Bob seems stronger that so you just pull it and then you
have a longer straw and then BOOM bullseye let’s see what this is all
about I have a feeling it’s gonna be milk
no that’s yogurt that’s thick it’s not chunks of blueberry in there a real
blueberry there yeah that’s lost like big chunks of like blue
blueberry in there that’s the best part it’s just pretty good for a breakfast
thing yeah a lot of these items were trying for the first time so yeah Wow
so why don’t you show this one I love opening these yeah what is it so this is
called Oneg eating and it’s a rice triangle wrapped in seaweed and you can
get it with different fillings this one salmon wasabi and mayo and yeah we were
sold at 7 yeah Bobby it is like little numbers on
top I don’t know if you can see but there’s 1 2 3 so if you want to open it
properly first you pull the number one top straight down yeah then you pull off
two then you pull off three sort of it’s just basically it’s it’s rice with a
filling inside yeah but then you have the nori the seaweed dried wrapper and I
feel like I mentioned this in another food video we filmed but basically this
wrapping inside like it separates the seaweed from the rice so that the
seaweed doesn’t get all soggy yeah um so yeah
the seaweed only touches the rice once you remove the wrapper which i think is
pretty genius that’s good I think it’s canned salmon oh yeah it’s not like yeah
it’s not like it looks a lot like tuna but I’ve been one pink I do really like
this is like this is a really reliable kind of snack that you can add to any
meal you can have this for breakfast lunch dinner good however that’s not
coming home from work here a little bit peckish oh I’m feeling it are you yeah I
can’t sting out there’s a little kick it’s it’s subtle it’s subtle the whole
with nobody been ready to the bullseye area then they finished it yeah we think
I’m good I’m getting any wasabi yeah this is probably the most Japanese item
out of everything we’ve chosen except for that hot dog bun with beans
that’s pretty hilarious yeah I think we have to try there’s no thought I’m you
know a little first thirsty first I’m getting a little thirsty try
this one does have a milky it smells pretty
does it taste milky is the question I feel like I have you made all the brown
yeah whoops I thought you said you didn’t really like I know what I said I
was gonna eat it anyway snooze you lose no it works with us
that’s strange huh let me know how to describe that really well it’s almost
like chalky hmm it’s like a fruity juice does chalky and like that creaminess
tastes chalky whatever that is gonna taste like the flavor of a juice you get
from the bottom of like it’s like Tin Tin key for kids let’s move on to this
we need to try this let’s just break it in half and Emma both they’re gonna bite
in I know I’m gonna like this I I love red means Oh mmm mm-hmm
I mean to be honest I would prefer to have red beans in like a mochi ball or
in some other form of an ice cream pastry a croissant but this works
I don’t like it oh I just think it’s like really
cheap bread like a super cheese hot dog bun
well this one was one of the probably the cheapest items we had go that butter
I don’t even think it’s butter I think it’s margarine mmm it doesn’t taste okay
go well you did all and we also have this
muffin from the baked goods section mm-hmm good huh okay oh it has chocolate
chunks oh um try to bite it chocolate chip in there but again I don’t love it
no it’s a little dry I find the other something off about the texture well
it’s just a taste process it’s not yeah the thing is I’m used to my mom baking
muffins I’m used to fresh-baked muffins so yeah
every give me like something that’s been sitting on the shelf
for five days it’s just not the same it’s all they get terrible but I
wouldn’t go out of my way to eat again yeah okay so now question what is the
best breakfast item that you’ve eaten in Japan over the last few months anything
oh my gosh think about that yeah oh I like a traditional Japanese breakfast
where you get your rice you get your fish you get your miso soup definitely
go with it your traditional Japanese breakfast if I was gonna be recommending
it for someone or to get it myself and the nice thing is that you can find
these little places like as you’re walking around kind of like
hole-in-the-wall restaurants you go in a lot of them they had the vending machine
order where you would order it oh yeah just press put your coins in you get a
little slip of paper you would take that to the server and then you just sit down
and you’re your breakfast would come and even get unlimited amounts of team and
it was just like so reasonably priced yeah that’s definitely my favorite
breakfast in Japan I would agree like when we first arrived in Osaka hmm we
found this place not too far from her apartment and you would basically get a
breakfast set with like the fries the miso the grilled fish
we had some tofu with grated ginger boom they also had that like weird sticky
bean well I didn’t love that they also had like that weird ozone ah there was something that was kind of
like a white porridge or semolina mm-hmm I didn’t like that part either or the
raw egg for everything else that was my favorite breakfast for sure we haven’t
had that here in Kyoto haven’t found the place like there’s nothing nearby we’re
in a very like a residential area yeah okay no another question what’s the
worst breakfast you’ve had in Japan has there been something that you were just
like oh my gosh I can’t finish this to be honest no no I can’t I can’t think of
anything we’ve actually we will see eat our breakfast inside and so it’s mostly
self-catered we also just do fruit nuts sometimes like whatever is available
whatever is left over from dinner here so no there hasn’t been a breakfast that
I’ve like despised or anything but I mean if again if I had the choice
between traditional and like this with all the processed stuff I would go
traditional you know is there anything you didn’t
like mmm well I was just thinking of those sticky beans
it was just like strings of stickiness it almost looked like the beans were
drooling you know it was tricky to eat it didn’t taste like much it’s one of
the few foods in Japan that we really just didn’t it didn’t click with us and
I don’t think ever would like some things are an acquired taste
you don’t like it at first but you keep trying them and then you eventually like
you know you start to like it over time but that I don’t think I’ve heard about
that well I think we did pretty well with this breakfast Oh Audrey I’m just
gonna like kinda like chime in we’ve got about a ryokan practice that
was the best breakfast oh yeah my gosh how do we forget that was my father
breakfast it will basically like this spread with a whole bunch of like little
dishes like must’ve had like 15 dishes on the table and you like try a little
bit of everything and they even brought beef yeah in this leg pan and we have to
like cook the beef our salts that was good yeah those it was very healthy
they’re very pickled items dependently all the plates were so small that you
could you could kind of finish everything and not feel yeah stuff yeah
so I like that I love breakfast feeling very satisfied that day that was good so
hope you guys enjoyed our little convenience store breakfast to her from
7-eleven yeah we’ll see you guys our next video is going to be trouble
waffle day we are going back to Canada yeah I’m really excited to go back home
to see my family dogs no go so yeah it’ll be fun we’ll see you guys in the
next video going from Osaka to Vancouver indeed

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