Japanese Candy Sushi!? Good souvenir fro kids from Japan!! #003

Hey guys, welcome to Rion’s TV. Thanks for watching today again!! so How is going everything? Doing good Okay. Alright, so Let’s see today what we got? Well, this is the sushi maker which you can make sushi Without rice. I mean real rice.
So what does it mean? Let me see Huh? All right, so let’s make and eat it Looks like so real that’s what they said Alright, let’s do it Alright I got the scissors Samurai!! okay, whatever.. Well looks really complicated the first let’s make rice Okay. Well, let’s check what is inside? the first one “GOHAN NO MOTO” Alright, so this is for making rice, I guess because the “GOHAN” means rice “Maguro no moto to tamagono moto” Do you know what the “Magurro” means? “Maguro” means tuna and this one is for “Tamago”.
What the “Tamago” means? Tamago means egg. Alright and this is “Ikura no moto A & B” “Ikura” means salmon roe. Wow “Shou-yu no moto” You guys know “Shou-yu” right? I believe.. okay “Shou-yu” it’s soy sauce and Oh interesting. What’s this? There’s something black I Don’t know yes, let’s do it I I need to make rice. Okay,
so let’s get the “Gohan no moto” Wow, it smells pretty good It smells like a yogurt. Okay,
and “Sen made mizu wo iremasu” seems like I had to place water first..
but, it’s okay… So, let me get the water Okay, I think enough Wow Wow,
I got the rice!! okay, let me try a bit Hmm well it is not the rice for sure but then it’s sweet and tasty All right, next one. Let’s make egg!!
I have to get water again “Tamago no moto” Mix it !! What have I put too much water? Well, it’s okay next one. All right “Maguro no moto” It’s red, okay, well, maybe I should try it a bit. Okay, so let me try the “Tamago no moto” first No taste, all right, so how about the red one,
“Maguro no moto” It’s tuna It’s sweet actually, yes. Okay.
So what I need to do, oh got it! right here !! Do you guys know the “Hi-Chew”
it’s Japanese candy Smells like “Hi-Chew” okay anyway, so I’ve got this like wow, look Actually, I’m making the seaweed “Nori” let me put right here. Okay,
so the next one Let’s make salmon roe “Ikura no moto” the salmon roe.
A This one no collar.
“Ikura no moto B” Well, it is making salmon roe actually Very interesting I’m gonna make a lot All right, I got this dish so Let’s make sushi, Oh water Sushi okay seems like I got egg. already That’s an egg sushi. Oh my god.. ahh.. my egg sushi Already got broken It is actually a bit hard to make it Well, or it may be I’m not good at it Alright for the next one. Let’s make “Maguro”.
Do you guys remember what the “Maguro” means? Yes, it is tuna, so this one should be better I think Wow, look at this, I did it Maguro sushi Looks so real so let’s make other one Wow, this one’s good too. If you did it, right, you’re gonna get a perfect sushi the last one,
this one seems a bit harder Look!! it is “Ikura” Amazing Wow it is Ikura sushi? Wow for sure the kid’s gonna love it, so let me try it it Well, it’s good, it’s sweet,
it does look like a real sushi, doesn’t it?? the last one “Sho-yu no moto” Alright “Shou-yu no moto” This one I’m making “Shou-yu no moto” let me see whether it tastes like Shou-yu or not Alright, I’m Japanese. So I know how Shou-yu taste like Okay Mmm well Well, it’s good. It’s good, but then… sweet.
So it’s not Shou-yu but it’s good So place the Shou-yu, Shou-yu, Shou-yu. well.. maybe mine is not good as the package one But then it does looks good, right? Let me taste it okay the first one ikura Sweet a last one a bit out of shape. Ikura.
Let me see. This one is sweet too, okay. So , in my oponion, like every Sushi tastes same I guess Yeah Yeah, sweet. Yeah Alright anyway How was it ! I did it!!
it was pretty good!! I totally understand why kids loving it. So thanks for watching my video, Please push “iine” if you liked it and please subscribe my channel. Thank you very much “Arigato!! ”

One comment on “Japanese Candy Sushi!? Good souvenir fro kids from Japan!! #003”

  1. Rion Ishida says:

    Candy sushi was kind of hard to make it, but I am pretty sure that kids will love it!
    But I think you’d better make real Sushi instead though 🤣

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