Japanese Convenience Store Haul #1 – FAMILY MART Snacks & Food | JAPANESE CONVENIENCE STORE FOOD

Hey what’s up everybody, it’s Cory here. I’ve got this video for you guys about some convenience store snacks here in Japan. This is all from Family Mart. So we’ve got a pretty decent spread here. If you guys have never been to Japan before, convenience stores are a thing here. They pretty much provide anything and everything that you need. Stuff for your homes (cleaning products, detergents, batteries, etc.) You can read magazines, you can pay your utility bills at the convenience store. Buy all kinds of food, they’re open 24 hours. It’s a really big part of Japanese culture. There’s a lot of people who are very busy, sometimes they don’t have time to go to the restaurant/supermarket. Or they come home and the restaurant/supermarket is closed, so at least there is the convenience store. It’s cheap, it’s good, it’s filling, the bento (boxed lunch) options are really amazing. And then you can get a whole variety of different things that you’ve probably never seen before. So quickly, I’m just going to over what we have here. We’ve got 2 drinks. We’ve got Calpis Water.
Yes, I said Calpis. Ka-ru-pi-su.
Not “cow piss.” Many foreigners say it sounds like “cow piss.” We have salty lychee drink. I say “lychee”, I know some people see “lee-chee.” I say “lychee.” I’m really interested in this one. We have some wasabi Cheetos-looking things, it looks like some kind of “Kaiju” monster thing on the front, of a wasabi root.
We have one of my favorite things from any convenient store, is the fried chicken from the cash register. Since this is from Family Mart, this is their trademark “Fami-Chiki.” So we’re going to go ahead and get into that. We have some candy here, that’s like rose & strawberry flavored or something. We’ve got a funky little sandwich here, it’s blueberry & cream cheese We’ve got 2 different types of rice balls, one is with pickled plum and red shiso. And the other one is a mixture of I think brown and white rice, and it has baby sardines in it. We’ve got 2 different Choco-Pies, this one is affogato flavor. Affogato guys… it’s like espresso with vanilla ice cream flavored Choco-Pie. And this other one is a matcha Choco-Pie. So I’m really excited to try these out. You guys know Hi-Chu? So this is kind of like the Japanese version of Starbursts, it’s really good. This one is lemon flavored. Then we got this one snack here. Eh-bu-ri-bah-gah.
“Every burger.” And it has a little picture of burgers on it and it’s a chocolate candy, chocolate biscuit and candy, but the fact that it looks like a burger, I thought that was kind of funny. So we’re going to go ahead and try that. Here’s some “ika-soumen.” The noodles are actually squid (ika). It’s thinly sliced squid to make the noodles, and it comes with a little sauce, so this is kind of a neat little snack. And we have some actual buckwheat soba. So this is kind of like an instant little meal here. That we can quickly put together and just eat. Ok, first thing’s first guys, we’re going to get right into this “Fami-Chiki” because it’s still hot from the convenience store. I just got it. And what’s really cool is the packaging.

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  1. Cory May says:

    I hope you enjoyed this first convenience store food haul! Let me know in the comments what you thought was interesting, what you liked, what you didn't like, and what questions you have! Thanks for watching!!!

  2. Ivy _Ritannse_ says:

    Never clicked this quick

  3. Ivy _Ritannse_ says:

    You should do more food reviews/mukbangs , ur really good at explaining and ur voice is so soothing

  4. Malin Thomsen says:

    Wasabi cheetos😱😱😱😱

  5. TouchyBanana says:

    For your next video you should change it up by going to the convenience store and film the process of picking up the items.

  6. The Tran Life - Cuộc Sống Mỹ says:

    Always enjoy your videos 🙂

  7. celestine811 says:

    Cory , i really enjoyed that but i do feel you enjoyed it more because you actually ate it LOL really good haul nice mix of food . Thank you Cory ! 😉

  8. Sande Edwards says:

    Never tried the Family Mart chicken, LOVE the Lawson chicken, so I will have to try it 🙂

  9. J L says:

    Hey Cory! Hi everyone! The lemon hi-chew and Salty Lychee I gotta see if they have it out here! Thanks for showing us some goodies from the convenience store again!

  10. Jason Pullara says:

    sacrifice chicken to ba'al.

  11. AuntyM66 says:

    Cory, never laughed so much. Wasabi burn. LOL

  12. amanda miller says:

    thank you for shareing this convenience food video all convenience stor food should be japanese standard , i love small sardines we had some for lunch christmas day yum

  13. The Mystery Traveler says:

    No Coolish, LOL.

  14. taste in haste by Saira Gulalai says:

    Evrything was so yummy cory…..

  15. kisun oh says:

    More food videos pls. Great video man, keep up the good work

  16. Nasse ナッセ Sweden says:

    I think you must do a 3 hour long live video walk to burn all those calories 😉

  17. Nyanya says:

    14:26 my favourite, baby teri in where i live

  18. Donelle Miller says:

    The chicken would be a real treat! And the rice balls – I know they make different flavors I would enjoy trying them :-). And I love chocolate lol so I would have to try a dessert ha ha. Thanks for sharing – fun video. My nose burned with you on the Wasabi taste test. The Wasabi peas at Kroger get me every time, but I always have to get them lol.

  19. Mitch Warburton says:

    I really want to try that espresso choco pie.

  20. Tyler Mills-Grove says:

    Mouthwatering foods right here. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  21. Cjango Freeman says:

    I would try the squid and noodles.

  22. Ang Thian Wee says:

    Like it when after 8.30pm it 50% offer of most Bento in most supermarkets.

  23. Dametrius Brown says:

    i love you cory U,U your videos are awesome 😀 i hope to live in japan for life one day

  24. JrBlnX says:

    Best thing in Japan 7 eleven are the pizza buns!!! Try them bro!!

  25. りな says:

    16:06 lmao 😂

  26. りな says:

    Please Do a Baked goods next!!!
    Japan really is the best when it comes to baked puns (^∇^)

  27. Marie Frenette says:

    Love when you describe food.

  28. Cora The Explorer says:

    That hichew, we called it here in UK, called maoam

  29. TI123 says:

    I loved those stores when I was in Tokyo! They are stacked with good and fresh food and beverages. Very affordable too!!

  30. andy stubbs says:

    hi cory man i love the convenience stores in japan,,by far the best in the world,,so much variety of choices,,the best is the chicken

  31. Ang Thian Wee says:

    Sorry cannot follow you in live stream but love your show.only can see it at home.

  32. Danielle Pearson says:

    The wasabi Cheetos and the Lychee Salty Drink looks interesting, is it like sparkling water? similar to like a Lacroix? What were the prices range for all these items, seems very affordable

  33. sar buck3 says:

    Oh love wasabi chips. 😮👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  34. harryrambler says:

    The crispy fried chicken and the squid noodle and all the savoury stuff I'll have including those baby sardines looking at me. The sweet stuff is good with the chewy lemon top of the sample list!

  35. B says:

    that was fun,Cory,thanks! love to see something on local mochi,honeydew melons, and saba,sometime. Thanks!

  36. Meo Gia says:

    Cory, can you send me some? Love Japanese junk food because they more like food food but not junk….if you know what I mean.

  37. oneroarmouse says:

    Both of the onigiri looked good. I'd try the somen and the lychee drink. Dessert would be the matcha choco pie and some hi chews. Thanks for making another great vid.

  38. Jazzy Gurl says:

    wow – such good quality food from a convenience store – so different from N. America to be sure….I think I would have liked the chicken and the buckwheat noodles myself – not a big fish fan, cooked or otherwise….a very fun vid Cory! ♥

  39. stephanie wilson says:

    Loved the Soba noodle dish and the rice ball with barley. Thanks for taking one for the team. You Rock Cory!

  40. Don Miguel says:

    Where’s the mochi, Cory? No mochi? It’s my fave stuff when I go to konbini…

  41. itty bitty kitty Hello kitty says:

    ASMR you would rock! Calm voice, descriptors and yummy nom noms sounds! Vicarious joy from me! laughed myself silly when
    you did the Wasabi burn rofls! I don't like it myself. Btw, what are the prices of these convenience items, curiosity is killing me. Tnx.
    PS: Chocolate isn't itself sweet, people say that alot, it is the sugar not the chocolate that is the overkill. If we eat much darker
    chocolate with good quality, it is great. Better for us too. Has Manganese and is also an antioxidant.

  42. Bryan Garcia says:

    Karupisu is one of my favorite drinks. 🤤. Great video!

  43. Jeffrey Lu says:

    Japanese are bosses when it comes to packaging. So innovative. Ika somen, wasabi kaiju cheetos and every burger.

  44. Jason Schulz says:

    Thanks Cory! That was really fun to watch! I will try to find some of these items! They sound Bomb!

  45. Mari says:

    Oden from Family Mart on a rainy night… ugh… so good

  46. Michelle says:

    M O I S T 😏😏😏

    Also love these food reviews!!! nomzzzz

  47. Tūkiteao Kerei says:

    Replacement words for “moist” include “succulent”, "juicy" and I would also accept “fresh”.

    Just kidding though, thanks for the giggle lol

  48. Liz Malin says:

    Those cold buckwheat noodles look good! Cory when you ate those wasbi looking cheetos it reminded me of when I took my best friend to Benihana. She never had sushi before and put tons of wasbi on it, I told her that was too much but she tryed it anyway and got really sick afterward🤢.I was like girl you should have listened I felt so bad for her. Do they still have any Benihana's left in Japan?

  49. Yellow Ranger says:


  50. Alice Pham says:

    The rice ball with the salangidae fish looks delicious and interesting. Nice video 👍

  51. Hoa Ha says:

    Spicy chicken from Family Mart tastes better than KFC chicken. I love it.

  52. Doctor Dogtoffee says:

    Moist as always Cory,feeling hungry now,cheers 😁

  53. Velvet's Revenge says:

    Gotta admit Japanese Food has intrigued me for years and I've always wanted to try some. Anyways, has there been any food or drinks you have disliked from the different countries you've lived in?

  54. Nicole Dirzanowski says:

    I love wasabi so definitely the chips 😁

  55. Hoa Nguyen says:

    Great video! I like wasabi cheetos.

  56. Megan renee says:

    We open bags in the same way 😂 I also left Korea in June 2017. What are the odds.

  57. killbotone says:

    Haha this is great. Family Mart is awesome. Big here in Vietnam too. Expensive for some things but quality food.

  58. Christine Kim says:

    Fried Chicken!!! I love Fried Chicken! Hope to see more mukbang videos in the future too.

  59. fatcristie says:

    You look so happy and healthy. I love watching you travel!

  60. Meo Gia says:

    I meant to ask you why you change Feed the Cory to Cory May? And who is May?

  61. tkpriest says:

    I really want some fried chicken now, lol

  62. lisette Boucher says:

    chicken it looked so good

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    Great review! Could you include how much those cost..very interesting!

  64. brutus19855711 says:

    really enjoyed the video, i was salivating the during whole time you were eating all of the….. lol

    i apologize if i'm being nosy, but is it possible to know what you do for a living or what industry your job is in if possible? (you don't have to answer if you're not comfortable) Thank you!

  65. PK Maserrat says:

    I could only wish that I have financial resources to spend a couple of months in Japan to do cultural and food exploration.

  66. brantk81 says:

    The OG Korean choco pie is made by orion….lotte choco pie in Korea is inferior to orion. Just a thought. Nice vid brotha

  67. Jessica P says:

    The buckwheat noodles salad and the squid looked tasty and also the rice balls….I'm not a big sweets eater

  68. Vue Sweets says:

    I had the family mart chicken while in Japan and it was good. The burger cookies looks so cute. I love the food videos 😋

  69. Brandon Skelton says:

    Watching you destroy those baby sardines was borderline horrifying. 10/10 would be grossed out again.

  70. Kaimicah77 says:

    I really like the squid and sauce dip combo. And the somen seemed delicious and simple (sans wasabi). I don't hate wasabi, but it's not my favorite. Those were my favorites from what I saw. I'm not 100% sold on the Famichicki until I try it. I also prefer savory or sour > sweets. I also wanted to try the Lychee drink. Somewhat unrelated, I'm curious about recycling in Japan and how you would go about disposal of these.

    Awesome video as usual Cory!

  71. basedhalcyon says:

    Can't wait to try out this fried chicken, expectations are high.

  72. M.O.M. basic life skills says:

    Awesome! Thankx

  73. Dee Bui says:

    I miss Family Mart!

  74. Brad L says:

    Hey Cory, that arrangement looks tasty, good for a stay at home movie night.

  75. Yash Kansara says:

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  81. 글랑블리 소영이의 일상[SO YOUNG] says:

    Hello, teacher.
    I am a graduate of Sinbanghak Elementary School. Long time no see. Nice to meet you!

  82. Suzi Q says:

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