Japanese Convenience Store Must-Try Foods Winter Edition

100 comments on “Japanese Convenience Store Must-Try Foods Winter Edition”

  1. Paolo fromTOKYO says:

    Check out my Toe-kyo Merch – https://teespring.com/stores/paolofromtokyo
    Discord – https://discord.gg/xX4Y2tw – Get ANSWERS to QUESTIONS about future JAPAN travels, etiquette, food, etc. and connect/share information about Japan on my Paolo from TOKYO Discord community site. Also, let me know here what type of videos you want to see next.

  2. Threlly says:


  3. Joji Ikeda says:

    Oh, that"s Maika, oh. She<s Japanese.

  4. Yimmmi Maccc says:

    Review some Japanese cigarettes dude…i wanna know what Japanese cigarettes are like…

  5. Mike says:

    Disgusting imagery for your shirt. Come up with something else.

  6. mattlore says:

    Pleeeease let Lawson's have those Onigiri when I visit in March!

  7. Lemon Gummy says:

    Paolo loves blueberries confirmed

  8. Saddam Butt says:

    Is the keema curry a Pakistani brand because in Pakistan mince meat is called keema

  9. Anders Eriksson says:

    Hi Paolo! And hi to Maiko too! You guys are awesome. It's great to see her in your videos too Haha. Happy holidays man! And have a good new year!

  10. HOME HUNTER PH says:

    Hey Paolo, new subscriber here, just curious, are you Filipino?

  11. Salem Abdullah says:

    next video should be Day in the life of Paolo

  12. Renegade Aotearoa says:

    Japanese Convenient stores are LEVELS above anything else the world has to offer. #bestintheworld #nocompetition

  13. sadat ali Khan says:

    Why is japan one of the most xenophobic societies in the world ?

  14. Mich Mich says:

    Paolo, I'm PWD. Can you make a video which parts of Tokyo is accessible to people like me. Highly appreciate it.

  15. Bryan Alexis says:

    The 7 eleven are the worst here in LA

  16. B. H. says:

    "Comes in, like a pretty little lady" – Paolo, 2019

  17. Kinaro says:

    Why don't 7/11s in America have all this good stuff??

  18. God Hates Anime says:

    you can barely talk. you must be a heavy smoker.

  19. Siva Rajamani says:

    No 1. that onigiri from 7-11..

  20. First Last says:

    Blueberry personified means that the ice cream has human qualities. If that ice cream tastes like people I don’t want it 😂. Also how do you know what people taste like? 🤔😅

  21. Susie says:

    Love Maiko’s hair in this!

  22. JKush says:

    I think it would be cool if you did some area based bar tours the same way you do the street food ones, would be dope to know the best places to drink in different parts of Tokyo

  23. TreFe says:

    Is a Hi-Chew considered a gumi?

  24. LilLadyA says:

    Blueberry chocolate, pork and beef curry with cheese sause and a poached egg on rice, crunchy bar you can toast 🥰
    Here's my convenience store selling cans, tins and edible cardboard 😂

  25. CharlieeE says:

    A little bit…nope… Very cringy parts in the video are quite disturbing and halfway I lost my motivation to watch it till the end… Had to skip parts just to finish it. 🙁 however nice choice of snacks, especially with spicy ones >.<

  26. Hunikengt says:

    #6 "Kenshirow from Hokuto No ken Voice" """"YURAKU, BLACK THUNDER, PRETTY STYLE TIRAMISU!!!!

  27. Aaron Johnson says:

    Never put foil in a microwave! You can cause the microwave to explode!

  28. 「 Apple 赤 」 says:

    I've always wondered what's that logo on your shirts. I've always perceived it as a cartoonish ninja with Japanese text in weird font on it's left side.

    But now I get it… It's a toe with "kyo" on the side. LOL! 😂😂😂

  29. Madilienne says:

    I ate those spicy END chips yesterday, they really are called accurately. Super high level of spice, reminded me of korean ramyeon 😛

  30. Aashutosh Poudel says:

    1st Onigiri was from Seven Eleven nor from Lawson!

  31. Ariel Tabuzo Jr says:

    Hey Pao! When are you gonna make another Day in the life episode

  32. TED KIM says:

    those onigiris should be made with rice produced from nearby fukushima. Oishi hoshano^^

  33. Sam says:

    0:11 idk man.. whatever you say boss. xD

  34. chchedda says:

    Japanese convenience store/vending machine food is actually better than most British restaurants

  35. dmsephiroth says:

    Most of the stuff is unhealthy-fastfood….:/ bah !

  36. LeonVIII says:

    i think Maiko got it, it's pronounced like wister shire sauce. at the same time what do i know im not a linguistic expert XP

  37. LeonVIII says:

    Paolo could u make a video showing us food that corresponds to japanese onomatopoeia like sakusaku and mochimochi, idk i just love those words XP >.<

  38. Paul White says:

    I love watching Paolo but I would love Maiko to take over one week and do her own video 😁 #maikotakeover

  39. Zmika Luce AbdHadi says:

    Why look yummy 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  40. Dolly Belladonna says:

    Chippy chip dippy dip 🤣 I love it

  41. jeff kendall says:

    hi paolo new subscriber my late wife katrinka would have loved your channel she loved japan music tv shows and culture

  42. Bikash T.m.g says:

    Hey isnt no. 1 7-11 why did he say lawson

  43. Mad Brown says:

    Sini ke Indonesia 1$ dapat nasi goreng(fried rice) 1 porsi 😂

  44. Gerarudo Gaming says:

    3:33 "aahh that's hot, that's hot"

  45. AndyJapandy says:

    Love these conbini haul vids!

  46. Michael Hughes says:

    7-11 is giving Lawsons' a run for their money in terms of the combini products. Tough choice for us; nice "problem" to have, LOL!!!

  47. Lea Rulona says:

    To those who disliked this video, how do you live? 😅

  48. Jaywalker says:

    Close Maiko, it’s ‘Wuster-shuh’

  49. mikkunj says:

    Well i guess these snacks will be my saving grace when i study in japan soon

  50. Samuel Lee says:

    Paolo from Tokyo you should do day in the life of a professional badminton player.

  51. Alina Maris says:


  52. Brent Colflesh says:

    I enjoy the sound effects during Paolo's orgasm face.

  53. Justina Arroyo says:

    Eating the Keema Egg Curry and it’s amazing! 😋😋😋 thank you so much for recommending it!

  54. Liked My life says:

    I recommend "Marugoto Kanjuku Mango bar" seld in seveneleven.

  55. Christie Matsukawa says:

    Thank you for the awesome videos Paolo! Can I make a video request for SPICY foods? When I was living in Japan I could never find spicy food…I'd like to know your take on what is spicy 🙂 Keep them coming!

  56. MrLink129 says:

    you like in your 40's righT?

  57. اللّهم صلّ على نبينا محمد says:

    Hello, would you consider making a day in the life of a Japanese architect? especially an office architect (one working in a company, not a freelance)?

  58. 毎駒 says:

    delicious delicious

  59. Dhruv Shah says:

    Paolo, please make a video on Vegan food in Japan

  60. Tiktok Chanz says:

    Need to try them all now 😉

  61. Dill Pill says:

    Do you always try to copy life where I’m from

  62. Oussa ma says:

    The food quality in japan is so hight. U should taste the food in morocco it's taste like garbag

  63. Delicious Vegans says:

    you aren't even japanese stop larping

  64. Mori Soba says:

    Why do you recommend food from convenience store ? These are fast food or junk food.

  65. KingKoopa01 says:

    Do a…The day in the life of a professional Smash Bros player please and thank you…

  66. ElleWo says:

    Looks yummy! 😋

    💭 Just a thought. When you say 800w to a North America they will probably think you are talking about a North America “ microwave oven” and wonder how in the world a microwave was able to get something so crispy!? Not understanding that in Japan 800w usually refers to a 800w Japanese style microwave that has a heating Element(s) on the inside instead of just plain microwaves. Ha sorry just a thought! 💭 🤷🏼‍♀️

  67. M.MOTION Production says:

    your documentary of a day in the life really one of a great content i have ever see in youtube. please keep it up!! glad i found your channel. #newsubscriber

  68. roku fangirl says:

    I don’t understand why I’m watching these Japan videos if I’m not going to Japan anytime soon 😅

  69. abbytotz aw says:

    You added this when I was leaving Osaka! Lolz!🤦‍♀️

  70. gabriela selan says:

    I want that blueberry ice cream

  71. Shubham Ambekar says:

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  72. RandomSynr says:

    Loved the MAZ END snacks…. I love the spice. I'm going to by several bags to take back to Singapore

  73. OTAKU NATOR says:

    on god this mans smile could replace the sun

  74. Dark Ulysses says:

    "You can smell the tiramisu"

    i literally put my nose to my screen

  75. A T says:

    Your positivity is so infectious Paolo! Love your content always! I’m so excited to go back to Japan next year and try out some of these foods.

  76. Natan The 6th says:

    Stupid question, at 5:50 do you have to remove the lid from the bucket to heat it up or does it has to stay on it? I'm going to japan soon and I love to try some warm kombini foods. Especially since you can warm it up at the kombini itself and eat it there.

  77. Brian Webb says:

    Hey your wife says Worcestershire better then most Americans

  78. Hypno Bunny says:

    I went and ordered the Crunky Agepan Chocolate bar and the Kororo Grape candy. They looked too irresistible!

  79. MiaGirlish says:

    Awesome! Can you do a video on places to eat for Western breakfast?

  80. alex montoya says:

    Nah !

  81. Ed K says:

    Love your vlogs. Please do an A5 Wagyu AYCE best place you recommend in Shinjuku. ❤️❤️❤️

  82. Vanessa Zahel says:

    How about foods from supermarkets in Tokyo and grocery shopping?

  83. J I says:

    i prefer the ramen from lawson that looks similar to the cheese one but without the cheese.

  84. 송용민 says:

    이아저씨 채널 넘재밋자너

  85. Seth Young says:

    really enjoying this channel. Happy new year.

  86. skhappinessrg says:

    I’m from japan so I’m used to Japanese コンビニ food but I’ve never really tried any other food that chicken Katsu! So its nice to see other foods that I haven’t really ate yet

  87. Myname310 says:

    How do you eat ices cream in the winter?

  88. yooveeZX says:

    Why does your hair look like a piramid? Great vid tho

  89. WinterMageMusic says:

    I love these videos! You made me laugh a lot, and I enjoy discovering food from Japan. I like the creativity and unusual ideas behind these products (at least, from what I'm used to, in Canada)and, as a blueberry fan, I have to say I would love to taste this blueberry ice cream bar. I hope you had great holidays and happy new year to both of you! 🙂

  90. jeremeh911 says:

    Worcestershire – Woo-ster-sheer

  91. Diedra Underwood says:

    I LOVE the Kororo grape and the other flavors! Was so mad I didn’t bring more home when I left Tokyo in November! I just randomly got some and threw them in my bag. Got home and was like what is this tastiness!

  92. succeed tribal says:


  93. Lizzette Bullington says:

    We usually go to Family Mart, gonna have to start tryin 7-11 more now that Okinawa has them.

  94. gaming waffle says:

    I miss Japanese snacks!

  95. Paola Apolinares says:

    Love your videos! Could you do a day in a high school teacher's life or a zumba instructor life? 🙂

  96. Cynthia Green says:

    Is 7-Eleven over there same as in the USA??

  97. Lucy Lumbreras says:

    Me & my hubby will be traveling to Japan next week, we been binging on your videos we Love them …. we are so nervous

  98. 毎駒 says:

    麻婆豆腐丼 天津飯 ビビンバ
    ローソンとか 昔 生寿司も
    弁当販売してた 🌻🌻🌻

  99. Victoria Cepeda says:

    Paolo's personality cures my depression tbh <3

  100. Qaisheriman says:

    Watching his video makes me wanna go to japan😭😭

    Please do more "Day in a life " video like day in a life of ramen chef.. Best vlog ever

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