Japanese cook GIANT SUSHI❗️🍣🍣【mukbang】

hey kids its me Rio! hey kids its me Rio! OKOPASUUU so here we have fishes I was thinking I want to eat giant sushiiii *too sudden* actually 200 years ago suchi was way bigger than today like, one sushi was enough for a meal something like rice ball today so we gonna make giant sushi like 200 years ago! we need to cook vinegared rice first this here’s rice cooled in balcony for a while today we use sushi vinegar here we have 1kg rice so we put 60ml vinegar since I’m a pro Japanese I won’t measure it but you better measure it like this (isn’t it too much??) this is going good then we mix these up oh you wanna try it? I can tell you wanted to try it by your face wow chef master hey what do you wanna eat today is it okay to smash rice like this chef? only the way Roy moves is like chef okay chef..no I’m the chef you are the chef dude what do you wanna eat today today we gonna eat fishes on this table yeah.. are you doing it properly? yes (probably) I am a pro sorry I stuttered wtf so like this, sushi and rice so like this SUSHI AND RICE no venegar and rice got mixed up fushion now we gonna cook sushi which fish do you want to cook? I’ll do salmon cuz its infront of me you took the easiest one I’m gonna do tuna which seems like stepped by people its called chopped tuna lets do it! we first have to make ‘fish’ ball I’m sorry what? we first.. Rio is tired today we first have to make ‘rice’ ball excited wet your hands you are spilling water lets cook anyway! thx rice should be 2.5 times bigger than normal size rice ball! you should do it like making burger patty *probably wrong* its lookin good i guess thats because I’m Japanese *are you really Japanese Rio?* we are we are YouTuber in 200 years ago (edo era) mine looks really good isnt it? wow thats amazing do it do it do it do it do it right! do it right! you should do it right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah can’t you cook quietly? (Roy is scaryyy)>we cooked sushi by fast! *ONLY RICE BALL* we cooked fish by fast! *we didn’t cook fish* RICE BALL! we made rice ball! so lets put fish on it (wtf) oops! wow this looks nice they look soo delicious do it right! do it right! yeahhh isn’t it too much? I think this is okay looks really nice! you should post this on Instagram yeah so delicious this one This is the giant Sushi it’s done! look at this isn’t this look good? yeah and this is the normal sizem and this is giant size this is big let’s eat it! how should I eat this? I think like this you can eat it by hands this is delicious there are normal size sushi too why don’t you eat normal size now? yep! even this one has more rice than average one lol omg even this one lol but this tastes good too lets eat this one then! taste good! rice was considered as luxaly food but now it’s enemy for diet let’s eat tuna and onion! let’s eat normal one first wait..wait.. can I say something? you said tuna and onions but there are no onions lol it’s tuna roll lol tuna roooooll let’s eat it! (I may should shut up lol) ain’t you full? yeah this is classic, when we eat something why don’t you eat normal sized one then wow how’s it tastes like tuna *we eat all anyway* finished! you are done last bite is hard when you are full we ate aaaaall how was it? you know it was big but.. isn’t this fish rice bowl called giant sushi? indeed normal sized sushi is the best wait a sec now thinking about it I ate two more sushi than you I’m so full you are too late to find it out lol this is how we are lol Roy is the one who always eat more in this channel lol thank you for watching this video! Please like, good botton and thumbs up …well they are all the same please anyway lol and please subscribe! please subscribe to second channels too1

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