Japanese cuisine Korokke.What a yoga tutor eats in a day.

hi everyone its Mei Akemi Ihara today
I’m going to show you a delicious Japanese potato cuisine it’s a popular family cuisine in Japan my mom would often cooked this dish with
mashed potatoes and ground beef or pork and onions crispy on the outside but
fluffy on the inside it’s not difficult to make so let’s begin start with
chopping the onion into fine まず たまねぎをみじんぎりにしますyou
can use this vegetable as a side dish これはつけあわせです put them into
the iced water. boil potatoes with steamer until they are cooked while
boiling potatoes saute the onions and pork season with salt and pepper next potato after boiling then let them
cool down a little so you can peel the skin like this mashed potatoes it’s important to
prepare while they are still warm add the onion and the pork into the potatoes
and mix well so now we can start shaping them place them in egg to make sure all sides
are covered まんべんなくたまごをつけていきます lastly, place in breadcrumbs
okay now we are going to fry them remember do not fry it in high
temperature Fry slowly to have a crispy skin we have the delicious korokke(ころっけ)
done thank you for watching bye

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  1. J Takarabe says:

    I love korokke so much,it looks so yummy.. 🙂

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