now Daimaru is a big Japanese
department store and it has heaps and heaps of clothing jewelry perfumes
hats all sorts got the big brands here but we’re not here to look for those we’re going to
pop down and have our first to look at the Daimaru
food hall which is just downstairs from all this we have a little glance get a
feel for it and we decide whether we can film in here or not
it seems okay at the moment I’m not getting in trouble so come on let’s go
downstairs to the food hall and check it out this is the red bean one so it’s not red bean she’s going with a little overfull some there some I’ve got to get one of these this is
a custard filled one so we’re gonna we’re gonna give that a try
it’s this one here there are all different flavors so this one’s 162
thank you perfect looking forward to this fresh
this is a fresh one straight off of the grill
so look at the the oranges in here how beautifully packaged they are but I
believe they’re probably about twenty dollars for three oranges only fifteen
dollars over here so we’ve got some more oranges we’ve got
mangoes here that are around about fifty dollars each so $50 for one mango it has
to be good wouldn’t they little trays of strawberries for about
$10 then you’ve got up here you have the the
white strawberries so the white strawberries they are around about 5,000 yen that’s
probably close to sort of $60 over $60 for one tray of strawberries Australian
so that’s around about $50 u.s. beautiful thank you
chestnuts roasted roasted chestnuts smells gorgeous sweet
delicious everything here is is the sampling as well so you can you can try these little
dried fish and trust me sweet that it’s almost sugarcoated
really delicious almost like candy so the sesame seed beautiful so that’s a
oshi deskah it’s like a salty sweet fish with sesame
trust me that is so delicious what a great snack now you can buy a
whole a whole bag of the ……. it’s lovely what is this hello what is
this can I try ……….. so this is ……..so this looks like a little fried dumpling
of some sort let’s give this a try it’s warm
that’s delicious there are so many samplers you could
come in here and I can see people moving around just sort of grazing on the
snacks this is one of those sort of supermarkets where you could really
almost have your lunch for free thank you there’s another one like it’s another
fish but this one is much more thicker sticky sticky okay so this one is is
sticky really sticking at the same sort of little fish complex soy sauce sweet
again and they know how to make the sweet fish
that is really delicious really delicious so all these different fish
here rather than being let me just try again rather than being fishy as you
would expect they’re almost like like a sort of what
are the seeds called so they’re almost like a sesame honey fish
I swear that one’s nutty thats so good that’s got walnuts and that’s what I’m
getting there there’s a walnut in there it’s so delicious now you’ve got that
slight essence of fish with a delicious so creamy caramelized sesame seed and
then walnuts I can’t believe that’s so good the lady knows our I like them so she has
just given me a whole one to try I’m hovering around this stuff it’s so
delicious thank you thank you they’re feeding me now they’ve
adopted me you need feeding we’re gonna drip so good
now I said but you could come down here or there’s the roe
sorry guys come over here now this stuff is really famous in Fukuoka it’s
like a salted roe they make it I can’t explain to you so they make it almost
like a like a jerky like a fish roe jerky sembei cheese so this is cheese so
this gentleman here he is just come over and offered us a little piece of senbei
Sembei Wow
so this is the cheese with them with this fish roe inside ah so all of this
is mentaiko all mentaiko so this is a cod roe this whole store
down here selling the cod roe this is really famous in Fukuoka they make it
and use it in all sorts of recipes that you’ll see here this is like a cheese
cracker with a mentaiko cheese inside it but I know they also do like a dried
fermented mentaiko which is like dark almost like a jerky let’s have a little
look along here see if they have it hello so these are all look all
different varieties of mentaiko so all different varieties some of them
are spiced mentaiko some of them are just salted and flavoured with different
things these ones come served with a little bit of seaweed just around the
corner there they’re making a little cookie just to commemorate the new
emperor of japan so it’s
the it’s the new ushering in of the new Japanese Emperor and they’re putting the
symbol on top of the cookies there was a big queue a lot of excitement amazing so
I’m gonna get my pretty little fish so you look at that so this is my little
fish its custard filled like a vanilla custard so we’ll give this a little try vanilla very nice like a sweet vanilla custard
inside almost like a crepe pancake have a look and what does that remind me off
you try that Michele have a little try what flavor is that custard? what does
that remind you of just custard right it’s a little bit
like a a Portuguese egg tart inside a pancake really good and so I’m off to say thank you to the
girls very good very good thank you anyway if you enjoyed that little look
around the Daimaru food hall or supermarket let me know let me know your
comments down below share the love we will see you very shortly some more fun
on Steve’s kitchen take care it’s turning the car

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    Safe Travels to you both & I look forward to another video from you soon ๐Ÿ˜Š

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