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Aki Bay! Our new favorite place… Aki Bay! “kyou aki be restoran ha aiteimasu ka” (Are you open today) “sugoi sugoi” (That’s great!) We’re going! (giggles) This is how it’s going to be! (Laughs) Hello! Thank you for clicking on this video. This is my room mate Kanika. She’s joining us today on EscapismAhead. We’re going to have lunch, brunch actually, at a Japanese Restaurant in Chennai called Aki Bay. Its close… from our house. Okay let’s go! As we head out, Kanika is really looking forward to enjoy some authentic Japanese food. Its her first time and its my second. I can speak Japanese so im geared and im going to try to talk in Japanese with my Japanese friend at the restaurant. No, the next one! This one! Okay, we’re here! “Konnichi ha” (Hello!) “Watashi ga kioku desu ka” (Do you remember me?) “Hai” (Yes, of course!) “Anata ha…” (You are…) “Onamae ha nan desu ka” (Pardon me, what’s your name?) “Jou desu” (I’m Joe) “Jou, hai. Kochira ha Jou desu.” (Joe, yes! Meet Joe.) “Kochira ha watashi no ruumu meeto kanika desu” (This is my room mate Kanika.) “ikimashou” (Shall we go in?) “Hai douzo, douzo” (Yes please, this way.) “Konnichi ha” (Good day) The menu says… It’s like soupy noodles. You can have any ramen noodles from here, plus a bowl of rice, some drink and momo. “Hai” (Yes) “Kore ha watashi no yuutsubu bideo desu” (This is for my you tube video.) “Yuutsubu bideo” (You tube video?) What did I have the last time, do you remember? Uh-huh, yes yes! What was that? Yes yes! I think I had Tori Pai-Tan. And for her… she wants to have… this. Oh! Vegetable Tempura. Non-veg or veg? Non-veg. Okay, Tori Pai-Tan one, Vegetable Tempura one. Thank you. “Oodaa desu” (We have an oder.) Aki Bay Ramen Shop. Aki means Autumn and the place sure does have an autumn feel to it. Although it is a small place, we love the ambience. I forgot we have to eat with chopsticks! They’ll give forks, don worry. No, I want to eat with chopsticks. Oh, don’t worry. Joe will teach you. I can teach you only one time. I practiced at home. Wow! He says you’re perfect already! I am awesome. Looks like you’ll beat me at this. I can beat the Japanese! You just got a compliment from Japanese… ‘perfect’! I am awesome. The Japanese are very generous with comments like that, so don’t flatter yourself. You took it away man, you just took it away! Our first order is here. Tori Pai-Tan. Chicken Ramen Noodles. It’s nice. It’s very nice. Delicious no? We’re coming here more often. Yeah we are. Is this how you do it? Yeah correct, now try picking the noodles the same way. Yey! I got it! You’re me KA-ME-RA-MAN (camera man). Yes Next we’re having a bowl of sticky rice and Vegetable Tempura. Aki Bay is more of a Ramen place than a restaurant as Ramen noodles is what is mainly served. They also serve Gyoza. Momo as we know it. The Tori Pai-Tan is a delicious bowl of Japanese Ramen noodles, a slice of Chicken and an egg swimming in an absolutely mouth-watering chicken extract soup, seasoned with Japanese spices You can tell from the taste of the soup that a lot of
spices are in there. Normally, Indians try to infuse the Indian style of cooking into the foreign cuisine. But I’m absolutely delighted to see that Aki Bay doesn’t do that and that’s what makes it a more authentic “Japanese” Ramen place. The only thing that pricked us was the price of the items. I personally feel that for a bowl of Ramen noodles, the items are too overly priced. Other than that, we truly enjoyed the brunch and we give the experience a four on five. You always have to say something after you’ve finished eating a really good meal, and that is… GO-CHI-SOU-SAMA-DESHITA. (Thank you for the lovely meal.) “arigatou gozaimasu” (Thank you very much.) “Haraimasu” (I’d like to pay now.) “Kore ha nan desu ka” (What is this?) “Sutanpu kaado” (It’s a stamp card.) They stamp the number of times you come here when you come the fifth time, you get a free drink. The twentieth time you get any ramen free… okay. Say “arigatou”. “Arigatou” (Thank you) “Nandri” (Thank you!) Did you just say ‘nandri’? Yes, ‘nandri’. ‘Nandri’ is ‘Thank you’ in Tamil. Oh! To watch more of my videos click on the links and I’ll see you again at another place on EscapismAhead. Sayounara! (Goodbye)

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  1. Hirshitha Rajee says:

    looks soo…. yummy..( I m a vegetarian) 😉

  2. bhairav subramanian says:

    what ramen did u have

  3. Eniyav Dragneel says:

    How long did it took to learn Japanese? when did u start learning it?

  4. Nishant Patel28 says:

    do they have any branch in mumbai ?

  5. Siru Jari says:

    Mam do u know Japanese mam

  6. Radhika Vasudevan says:

    Thank you for the upload girls! been wanting to try this place for a while now! keep uploading! 👍

  7. Amit Patnaik says:

    This is really cool! You beat me to it 🙂 I've been setting up a video channel on Chennai's food scene too.

  8. Vivek Ms says:

    where is it located ?

  9. Swati Jagath says:

    Hey guys! thank you all for liking my video. I've not been able to upload much in my channel the last few months. But i'm all set now and Ill be back with new videos. Keep watching and share with your friends!

  10. Amit Patnaik says:

    I just realized that since you can speak Japanese, let's do videos at Fuji and Dahlia. I've made a really shoddy one at Fuji but Dahlia should be more fun.

  11. Rocket Science says:

    Its nice you guys had Japanese food in Madras, India. But Japanese or Chinese food in Madras is a very Indianized version with a Japanese/Chinese twist to it. But you tend to state that this Japanese restaurant has it unique ethnic flavor!

  12. 能條ジョーJoh Nojo says:

    Hi! long time no see. how is it going? I also started YouTuber channel! Please visit and subscribe!

  13. Shaya sree says:

    The guy at 4.25 loooks handsome:)

  14. red lotus S says:

    Can we get mochi there?

  15. Srini Vasan says:

    It's been 5 years since you started learning Japanese, how is your Japanese now?

  16. David Simon says:

    It's not really authentic till there's Cha Sui in it.

  17. vinod prasad says:

    Hi swati, how r u,?

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