Japanese Food | American Kids Try Food from Around the World – Ep 14 | Kids Try | Cut

– Why are there little poppy balls? – Fish eggs? Interesting. (light guitar music) (laughs) Gotta love there types of videos! – Open? – No yays. – Is this breakfast? – No. This is weird. (blows) (blows harder) – Okay. – Yea. I-I-I can’t use these. – Ah! (laughs softly) – Chopsticks. (shakes head) – What is that? – They’re shwing. – Pleh! – No. – Fermented soybean. Aww. So hot! No,no no no no Not like breakfast Can we open them? That looks good So what is this stuff Japaneses Raw fish? This is raw fish Raw fish? Wait which one is raw fish? No Do I have to? The orange bowl then when i tasted it the outside was pretty good then boom It exploded in my mouth wait a min are these fish eggs? Mmm. I love this sauce

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