JAPANESE FOOD: American Trying PEPPER LUNCH Beef Sizzler

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  1. SoloTravelBlog says:

    VIDEO VOTE TIME: What fast food restaurant do you want to see next? Here are your choices: (1) "Mos Burger", a Japanese burger chain, (2) "Gindaco", a breaded octopus ball chain or (3) "Sukiya", a Japanese beef bowl chain. To vote, just leave your choice under this comment 😉

  2. Jason says:

    Looks so good

  3. DaveTrippin says:

    That's a mighty fuckin tasty lookin sizzle right there.

  4. JABY and raji says:

    …why u added american… U never done this before

  5. JABY and raji says:

    Oh my god.i am early…

  6. anxietydown says:

    That was a buckwild meatventure.

  7. JABY and raji says:

    So much funny … Paid for to cook the food

  8. Biohazard Rayne says:

    I love…….. meat…. o.o 🍖 ❤️

  9. Laura van Vlaardingen says:

    Your frequent uploads are getting me pretty afnar recently

  10. tofu teh says:

    The pepper lunch in malaysia is utter garbage and looks nothing like this. 20% rice, 50% bean sprouts, 1% meat and the rest is an inhuman amount of msg. Prices go all the way up to the cost of an UNAGI BOWL.

  11. stvsueoka1 says:

    Damn! I walked by dozens of these places on my 4 months in Japan and never even thought to stop in. You've made me regret my decision.

  12. wishmenot says:

    Deaaam i wouldnt mind having some of that

  13. Rishabh Kothari says:

    Which is the next country u visiting…ur India food review was gr8

  14. BakaShift says:

    Damn, quite a coincidence. In Tokyo this week and found one of these bad boys yesterday. I liked it a lot, in fact I'd say I liked it a reeeeaaal fucking lot.

  15. Kato Produktions says:

    So will this be a new series Dusto?

  16. corgisbutt says:

    Pepper Lunch also opened in my country Indonesia, unlike the Japanese version of this beautiful slab of meat, here they mostly serve fried rice with chopped beef (and occassional pasta) where we mix them by ourselves just like you. But still delicious nonetheless. Keep up the awesome video babycakes👌

  17. Food Kart says:

    Japanese foooood +++

  18. Jamie says:

    When I die, I hope I'm good enough to be placed in a heavenly version of Pepper Lunch. My life has been enhanced so I hope it will enhance my afterlife.

  19. tonydeltablues says:

    I was experiencing cognitive dissonance…but by the end of the video, I was sure that meal was buck wild baby cakes!
    x Thanks Dustin 🙂

  20. Jaska says:

    You lucky guy, me and my friend did not get any instructions, just bunch of sauce bottles and raw beef sizzling in front of us with some corns, vegetables and cup of soup. https://puu.sh/yaNI2/5d4f6ff75b.JPG

  21. Blaise says:

    Had a case of the Monday's. But now, im feelin swell as a motha fuckin' bell.

  22. tanay sinha says:

    Everbaaaadyy in your 'whats up everybody' sounded quite different
    You good bro?

  23. dogsoap says:

    Ever since Rocco Botte visited Pepper Lunch way back in 2009, I've been dying for more fresh Pepper Lunch content.

  24. Christopher Balsom says:

    How do you not have your own buckwild show on Travel Channel yet?

  25. mysticode says:

    I love this new Youtube-centric viewer targetted video title 😉

  26. joy12division says:

    I think you should do a secondary video with Beef Pepper Rice. That stuff is amazing.

  27. TeaTreeDesigner says:

    Awesome review as always

  28. Pradeep Rajkumar says:

    Lovely mate.. WOW…. HOTPOT Japanese next time… SIZZLER YUM…

  29. Gasper Kosmac says:

    i love your videos but the intro song is a tad weird to put it nicely. Just nicely. I tried my best here 🙂

  30. Pradeep Rajkumar says:

    We got PEPPER LUNCH in Melbourne too Thanks for the tip mate.. The LOGO was so familliar… https://www.zomato.com/melbourne/pepper-lunch-elizabeth-street-cbd-melbourne

  31. Gasper Kosmac says:

    smell of pure egg yolks being cooked in a pan is one of the worst culinary aromas.

  32. Gregory says:

    Great video upload. I enjoy your videos.

  33. seidoken says:

    I remember going to a pepper lunch and getting confused as fuck. My buddies girlfriend had to translate and explain what to do.

  34. Vegard Heyerdahl says:

    Fo shizzle that steak :p

  35. TheAndySan says:

    03:42 – # pepperlunch

  36. Yummy Japan says:

    Surprisingly enough, I have yet to visit this shop. Those are some schmexy close up shots and looks hella good. Might have to go soon for lunch! – Victor

  37. Ed Wil says:

    I really think your channel has to be THE BEST on YouTube! You connect with your fans, respond to questions, and have amazing videos! Btw what place is this?

  38. Lacey says:

    We have one here in California! They also have other stuff that isn’t on sizzling plates like unagi and salmon dons. Our garlic butter is usually firmer and not soft like whipped cream but probably just as yummy. The meat is typically still raw for the plates to avoid over cooking though ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  39. Gerelos says:

    Hooooly shit, that food looked DELICIOUS as FUCK.

  40. Poe 952 says:

    That’s one good vlog, love your content….and Mos burger for me.

  41. Flashy Thing says:

    Watching on lunch at work. Can't watch them otherwise because I get way too hungry.

  42. bigbumperz818 says:

    Love your videos all the food u try looks bomb 😍

  43. namfon says:

    it looks pretty buckwild ngl kinda interesting they just throw some instructions at u and ur like well ok hahha ill have to try this sometime when i come to tokyo in november! i hope maybe i can sometime catch u for a chat hehe
    U should come to seoul sometime and see how it is now!

  44. TWV - TopWorldVideos says:

    Asian food … amazing!

  45. CrimsonSandBoa says:

    The food is one of the main reasons I want to go to Japan. Holy frick, I want to try that.

  46. erik nulty says:


  47. ekin805 says:

    Yea man pepper lunch is the real deal

  48. Remus Tan says:

    Pls do gyu katsu

  49. jori green says:

    I loved eating pepper lunch when I lived in Japan! I definitely recommend the hamburger steak with egg!

  50. Star_Shooter0353 says:

    I tried the foods of pepper lunch and its so delicious.

  51. Nikko749 says:

    My favorite! Try ordering a plain pepper beef then adding in Mozarella with their garlic sauce. It's weird but hella delicious. Tastes like pizza with rice.

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