JAPANESE FOOD BATTLE 1: Weird SQUID Starters and Appetizers

-Money please~!
-Show me the money~🎵! So, Spring vegetables… For opening: You LOST! Itadakimasu! Kanpeki! (Perfection!) WELCOME, to the Mad Hatters Tea Party! We’ve got the March Hare, Alice and the Mad Hatter. And today we have the challenge to create the most perfect Japanese meal. We can get 2,000 yen from our director and with that we will go shopping! We will have to do a full course, which means an appetizer, a starter, a main course, a desert and a drink. And me and Endigo are going to battle each other. -AND!
-Maya Fennec! And you are going to be our judge. So Mad Hatter vs. March Hare. Endigo vs. Cathy Cat. We’re going to see who creates the better meal. So you can check that out later. So! Where’s the money! -Money please~!
-Show me the money~! We did this last time. Endigo and I battled each other. How much money did we have last time? A 1000, last time. So we DOUBLED the MONEEEY! Time for revenge! Double the stakes! Today we are going to choose an absolute tasty meal. Thank you very much, Director! So let’s go shopping! Good luck to you! Oh, you’re back! -How do you feel?
-I feel more confident than you do. You can’t feel more confident than I do! -Oh, you think so?! -I am the BUNNY! I’M the hatless…hatter.. .. . -I’m a judge, right?
-Yes! Then it’s time for me to put on, my judging hat! I’m the Takoyaki Judge, please to meet you! So we have the Takoyaki Judge, we have the madless hat madhatter… -The madless, the hatless…
-The madless hatless hatter?? So! Shall we start with the… Appetizers? Oh! BUT! Endigo, how much did you actually spend in total? All in all, I spent 8 thousand, 9 hundred and 54 yen on all my food! Including the drink! -8 thousand?
-1 thousand! -Did I say 8 thousand?
-You said 8 thousand! 8 thousand and 9 hundred… 8 thousand, 9 hundred and 54 yen! Well, 8 thousand! I thought like, were did you go and why?? Because that supermarket’s food is THAT expensive? And I went for 1 thousand, 4 hundred and 98. I bought for cheaper. So I didn’t actually have to hit the 2000. I didn’t even need that. But, neither did I though. I just used my resources to the max! Well, I’m very excited to find out what you bought. Appetizers! Let’s do this! Let’s just say Janken-Pon. Okay! You’re doing it too fast! So, my appetizer is… THIS ONE! Cheezu Chikuwa! You know what Chikuwa is made of? Cheese Chikuwa… Uhm… … no … But it looks really good! And there are pictures of cheese. I like cheese! Cheese is very hard to find in Japan, I found. Yes! -Let me bring my contestant of this round.
-What about you, Cathy Cat? Young bamboo sprouts. That’s cool. For Spring, so we have something fruity to taste Well, I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting hungry! I’m super hungry. Let’s do this! Itadakimasu! Oh, by the way. I forgot to mention… You know… With every good game, there has to be a punishment. -That is true!
-What?!! It’s a Batsu game? -There is a punishment.
– NO!! So, I will judge every… And the loser… Wil have to eat, one of these… Super sour Umeboshi! Endigo’s favorite! Umeboshi is my absolute least favorite edible thing in this world. Way below Natto, WAY! Different level. -That’s why I thought it was a great idea of getting that. -Thank you Cathy Cat… So! My appetizer. It’s that kind of cheese that’s not real cheese in my opinion. In Japan you sometimes get what they say is cheese and it lasts like, until 2020. Yeah, it’s like cream cheese with
like a million kilos of preservatives in them. It doesn’t really taste like cheese but it
has like the gooey texture of cheese. And everything that’s not cheese is like
a sakana (fish) sausage. ~ish? It tastes kinda like it. Usually I like those, actually. I thought it was really good, actually. So Spring. Spring vegetables. Spring young… sprouts. It looks pretty good actually. -Weird, weird.
-It looks like, like a rats tail. Not bad! Way more sweet than I thought. It’s really good. So, as an appetizer! An appetizer, is supposed to like, get you a little bit hungry. Get your attention. Like, warm up your mouth. And I thought that Endigo’s one was a little bit big for an appetizer. -Oh really?
-Yeah, I got a little bit full. These ones. Where smaller and they melted in your mouth. And made you a bit hungry and makes you want something else. So first round goes to… Cathy Cat! Gawd, darn it! I mean, I see your logic I just thought mine was tastier. Yeah, but I was judging it as an appetizer. Fine then… -It’s my favorite in the entire world. It’s… -Oh no… -As everybody knows, Takoyaki! I’ve got eight pieces of Takoyaki. Are you trying to bribe the Takoyaki Judge? No!… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey Takoyaki, look what I got! The Takoyaki was 2 hundred and 98 yen, for 8 pieces. Which is really good! That’s not bad. BUT! A starter should be light in my opinion. A starter should not contain any carbohydrates so I picked something without carbohydrates! I picked squid and Okura. You can’t really get both of these items that easily abroad so I thought that it might be something interesting to go and try. So you have the green from the Okura and the big squids. I like that both of our starters are basically different kinds of Octopus. YEAH! Interesting! So we have octopus and we have squid. For opening: You LOST! So opening of the starter, goes to! Oh look at that. LOOK AT THAYT! That’s some good Takoyaki, I hope. It smells really good actually. Good part of mayonnaise on here. Did I ever mentioned… That Takoyaki is my favorite food in the entire world? That sounds slightly wrong when she’s wearing a Takoyaki hat. He’s not gonna eat you!! No, I just wanna bribe you. That’s why. Alright! Kanpeki! (Perfection!) I mean, it’s not warm. But I mean, cold Takoyaki is still okay. It’s still very good. It gives you everything you want from a Takoyaki. Oh yes! It has the Tako, it has the creamy- ness It has the toppings with the sauce. So it has everything you want from a Takoyaki. (Takoyaki mumbles) Like, I got the Tako Takoyaki! Got the Tako and the Yaki! That’s what makes it the, ultimate Takoyaki dish. I’m sorry, I need to have seconds on that one. -That was really good.
-It was so good! So here’s the squid with the Okura. I have never tried this one before, so let’s try this. Alright, I haven’t tried this either. Okura is rare to get hold of. You sometimes have it in Indian dishes. You don’t see it that much in Germany. Is it this the really slimy thing? Yes, Okura is slimy inside. Oh! I know that! Yeah, I’ve eaten this. And that’s squid, so let’s get our squid bites. Let’s try it! I hope it’s not spicy, cause it looks spicy. It does! Itadakimasu! Interesting… It’s good. We should try and taste it with one of the slimy Okura. I’m a little scared about this. So the consistency of the squid was very… … Funky. Very… (making crunching sounds) That’s good! You look slightly in pain… It was uhm… Omoshiroi (interesting). It was indeed omoshiroi. And what’s the verdict? (Director) You guys ever ate Okura before? I don’t think so. I don’t think so, no. I had Okura on top of sushi. Then they cut it. Like, small. -So this is the very first time you had proper Okura? -Yeah. What does it tastes like for you? We don’t have anything like it in Sweden. No, I mean. When you go to, like… There are a lot of Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurants. Well, more like Asian style all-you-can-eat restaurants in Sweden. A whole lot of then. And they all have different kind of pots with different stuff mixed in together. And you can’t really distinguish what’s in each. But I definitely tasted something in some of those. In some restaurants it tastes similar. -Isn’t it a kind of pepper?
-Yeah… But I can’t distinguish it enough. But it’s good. On the other hand. Takoyaki tastes like nothing I’ve had outside of Japan. There’s no Takoyaki in Sweden at all! Not a single restaurant. It’s interesting, cause in Japan they offer a mix. Like sweet and salty. But you can’t really tell what’s what. In Sweden it’s always very separated. Like, you have sweet food that’s sweet, and salt food which is salty. And nothing in between. But in Japan there’s… The majority of the food is in between. Yeah, people often frown about that thought, like you can’t eat sweet stuff for dinner. Are you insane!? That’s a very common way of thinking. I think that’s why Takoyaki isn’t something that is working in Sweden. Because it’s too sweet to be food. So people don’t know if it’s a desert, or a sweet or if it’s like a main (course). Also, there’s no fresh Tako (cut octopus) in Sweden. So we have to mind that as well. Well, Takoyaki Judge. Will you give us your verdict? I really liked this one. The Ika (squid). I am a Takoyaki judge. And I kind of feel for my own people. So as a starter I’m going to choose, Takoyaki! I knew it! You and I, Takoyaki. I knew we would make it! I knew I fell for it. But I was listening to my heart. I couldn’t betray the Takoyaki. I’m sorry, I… I need to have another one of these. I agree, that was tasty. Yeah, they were really good. So, one – one. So yeah, big pack of sushi! Ta da da, Chira sushi~🎵 How is it? Actually, how are you doing? I hadn’t hawd alcwohol in a lowng time…

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  1. Manga Marcus says:

    First hi Cathy

  2. TurtleTrain says:

    Cute! I love this!

  3. Japaneseworldtraveller666 says:

    Actually We have Ika yaki here in the Kansai region,Japan. Hanshin department store ones are so popular here:)

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    You know, Cathy is the most beautiful, as always, the next girl is cute too…but oh my god!! The hair on that dude is the best thing ever!!! I'm genuinely jealous right now.
    Anyways, this was a ton of fun. Director-san, more pleawwwwwse

  5. Manga Marcus says:

    "I haven't had alcohol in a long time"

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    there is an even worse food than natto??? i gotta get over there!!!

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    I didn't hear "Fine, then." as the subtitles say.

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    Okra is pretty easy to get in the US, but it's not very popular outside of the South. And wow, that was baby okra. I grow the stuff for my mom and I pick it when it's two to three times that size. Honestly one of the most impressive plants I've ever grown, never seen anything so productive. Small number of plants produced a huge number of pods for months.

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    Man I feel so fortunate that in my part of the USA, there are many authentic takoyaki, ramen and Indian restaurants.

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    i'm getting really hungryyyyy x_x

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    I love this channel, but I do not understand where are the japanese people and the questions? Fun video but you should only put it on your channel, not on “Ask Japanes.“No insult intended

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    This vid portrays Three Weird White Losers who traveled from the Lunatic Fringe all the way to Japan. Please return to the Lunatic Fringe before you contaminate that lovely country.

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    Lmao 7:53 OH, YES! That's dangerous! If I'm around. Lol

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    Aah, fellow countrymen (sweden) 🖖Hope the food challenge was fun for everyone 😋

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    these comments.. lol.. looks like living multi culturally is only something thats pushed as being positive on to Europe and the US.

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    I liked this episode, it is not my favorite….but well was not so bad. I don't understand the comments, just relax and enjoy the fucking video…¡¡ mother fuc%=×€😊

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    Endigo and Maya, we do actually have some sweet dishes here in Sweden. Pancakes or waffles with jam, sugar or syrup, some mustard that is quite sweet… and don't forget all the honey glazed BBQ things. And for those who eat blood pudding, that's kinda sweet too. 😉

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    Endigo is literally an anime character haha he makes the nom noises when he takes a bite and it sounds just like it does in anime haha that's a good thing btw

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