JAPANESE FOOD BATTLE 3: Punishment time

That smells delicious-icious. Anyways… I got this! Oh! What is that? Mont Blanc… Mont Blanc? So, Mont Blanc is usually Kuri, which is chestnuts! Grounded into paste and stuffed on top of cakes. It looked really exclusive, really tasty. This one was… It does not say… But I believe it was 300-ish (Yen). I think it might have been 285. Not sure though. Oh, it smells delicious! It smells delicious-icious. Oh my gawd, I wasn’t… WOW! -I smells REALLY good!
-Yeah! Itadakimasu! That’s really good! Sweet baby! I’m surprised! Let me pick this up. I had quite high stakes, but dang~! Wow, I’m impressed! Me too! And it wasn’t that cheap… Um, that expensive either. So ah… If you wanna eat good snacks or good desserts come to Japan. Stop advertising yourself too much there’s another dessert coming. I’m just speaking my mind. So. That was Mont Blanc. I brought the cherry blossom soufflé! So one is pink and one is green. One is pink and one is green! Is there a difference in taste? One is Matcha and one is Sakura. So you can choose between Sakura or Matcha. So shall we try and start with cherry blossom? Yeah! Itadakimasu. Itadaki mashou! Oh, it smells good! It tastes like cherry blossom. They put some cherry blossom flavor in. In a weird way, yeah. Wow… It tastes like the cherry blossom trees smell. Let’s try the Matcha version. Let’s try the Matcha! Itadaki-Matcha! I think… The Sakura one was the better one. You think so? But the Matcha was okay. Hmm, I liked both. Both were really good. I’m impressed. And it leaves you with a very though choice! It does, do you like Umeboshi? Umeboshi… I’d rather not eat it if I don’t have to. You might have to. Do you like Umeboshi? I’d also rather NOT eat it, if I don’t have to. It’s a though choice! Yup! You both did very good. Thank you. I think so too. But I think that one of you had a little bit more edge. And put a little bit more thought into every dish. That you chose. That it should a good combination with the other plates. And you had A follow-up through all the dishes. And that person was… CATHY CAT! Congratulations! Omedetou! Also, I really want to see you eat Umeboshi. I know… We all wanna see Endigo eating Umeboshi. With that being said, you didn’t give us an actual verdict for the desserts. -For the desserts.
-Yeah! Does that mean I won the
desserts one then with that one. I guess… I guess so. I think it was beautiful how you tied everything together. With being seasonal. And the Sakura theme… Like, in the main course. And the Spring bamboo and everything. So… But my dessert was so much tastier… I’m sorry. A moment ago you said they were both good… They were both good. Yours was like a 7.5. Mine was like a 9.5. If I were to just compare desserts. Like, not minding anything else not minding they were all apart of a set. I think I’d might like that one… That was literally your task. This was just a reason for me to eat Umeboshi. But, that’s not a Japanese dish… That’s irrelevant! Yeah, that’s also a part of the dish. That is not relevant AT ALL! I think it is. These people just wanna make me eat THIS! Like a stupid Swede. Yes! On that note, we are going to see Endigo eat the food he hates the most in the world! I’m gonna say this. Maya just confessed that I’m actually the winner Since she was supposed to judge individual things. But however, I’m going to take one for the team. Also, disclaimer. If you go to YouTube and search Endigo, Kitcha, Umeboshi There’s a video of me eating this and
throwing up on Youtube. Oh! Please don’t throw up. -No, I’m gonna try. But I did last time.
-That’s disgusting… This one has shizo flavor in it. That’s maybe not bad… These are fresh! And with the whole judgement you have to think… Anyways… Endigo, you got me drunk now you need to eat the Umeboshiiiii~!!🎵 Eat the Umeboshi! 🎵 Endi, endi- GOOOO!!! Okay, show it to the camera. So this is Umeboshi. Which is like, fermented plum. It’s very bad. It’s very sour. You eat this one in Summer actually in order not to get a heat stroke because it’s also very salty. It has lots of salt in it as well. It’s supposed to protect you from getting a heat stroke. I’m getting like, a trauma from just smelling this. I’m like, ugh… Think about it as… Think about it as the ones you ate in Sweden were old. And like… They smell identical. -Yeah, but this is a fresh one.
-It’s fresh and it’s juicy. Yeah! So I want to say, to all my loyal supporters. I loved having you around. Goodbye… San (3), Ni (2), Ichi (1)…! GOOOOOO!! Bite it! Bite it! There’s something in it, don’t bite it. The middle has a core, don’t bite it. Swallow. No, no. Don’t swallow the core. Ganbatte! You can do it, I believe in you! We believe in you! Do it! Do it! You can do it, you can do it! We believe in you! You can do it. Endigo, you can do it! (Random Endigo- cheers) ARE YOU A MAN OR A MOUSE! YOU CAN DO IT!! WE BELIEVE IN YOU! Let me see, show me your tongue. I’m so proud of you! Here, have some cake. Oh, thank gawd! A lot has happened since that video, 3 years ago. Was it as bad as in that video? You decide. no… I think you have to need to eat that now. You can’t make me do that! I’m the judge! 3, 2, 1, dozo. Nice, nice. On that note. This was our 2000 yen food challenge this year. Looking forward to the 3000 yen challenge. Yeah, does it get higher every time? I don’t know… Brace yourselves for the 10th year, when we’ll do our 10,000 yen challenge. Oh my gosh! If you’re curious about our first challenge which we did at a convenience store we’ll put the links down. Also, check out their channels. Guys, now is the time to promote yourselves. Promote yourself, go. Obviously. Hi, I’m Endigo from Sweden. I run a YouTube channel under the name of Endigo. I do A- capella’s, some video game songs, and Metal covers and stuff. And I’m also the vocalist of BatAAr! A Swedish Visual Kei Metal band. And we’re of course on the soundtrack of Tekken 7. As Cathy Cat knows. What’s the “stay vicious” one? -Oh, “stay vicious”. -Like that… Stay Vicious. Middle finger… I didn’t know that. Like that? 3, 2, 1! Stay Vicious! So, my name is Maya Fennec. And I also have a YouTube channel called Maya Fennec. And on there I post a lot of video’s. A lot from Tokyo, but some from Stockholm. And also a lot of music stuff. I’m a musician. I sing in two bands. Here in Tokyo. And I’ve also got a solo project called Maya Fennec. Check out their stuff, we’ll put links down below. So, my name is Cathy Cat. Nice to meet you guys! I moderate an awesome channel which is called
Ask Japanese and I’m not tipsy! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’ve also got a private channel were I talk about my life in Japan and stuff like that. It’s a good channel. She did a video every year, in the beginning of the year. In the beginning of the year I did that but then I got ill… But I’m still doing loads of video’s! So be sure to check them out. It was lovely guys, I had a good time! Thank you, bye! I had a fantastic time! I’m so proud of my contestants! Until next time! PEACE! -Money please~!
-Show me the money~🎵! So, Spring vegetables. Oh, this is actually… For opening: You LOST! Itadakimasu! Kanpeki! (Perfection!) So yeah, big pack of sushi! How is it? Actually, how are you doing? It smells delicious-icous. Anyways… ARE YOU A MAN OR A MOUSE! YOU CAN DO IT! WE BELIEVE IN YOU! Nice! -I am NOT tipsy!
-Gochisousama deshita! (Thank you for the hard work!)

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