Japanese Food Challenge // Furusato Matsuri Festival in Tokyo, Japan

Welcome to the Furusato food festival in Tokyo Japan What we got here is a japanese festival showcasing foods from all over the country It’s an excellent opportunity to Jam Food down your throat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and personally I think it’s pretty nice. So grab yourself a treat and take yourself a seat because the show is about to begin *zen af music playing* Look at dat fanart What’s up everybody? So I went with my girlfriend to the Furusato Matsuri What’s the Furusato Matsuri you ask? pretty much It’s a buck wild event in Tokyo dome where you can see a whole lot of regional festival performances and a whole lot of regional foods Now watching the guy balance 40 lanterns on his dick is all fine and good, but we wanted something to eat Can you blame us? So we sprinted on over to the Hokkaido zone to get ourselves some sustenance of the seafood variety. Afterall, Hokkaido is pretty famous for having top-notch seafood, and we thought we deserved only the best So we got us a bowl of some Hokkaido classics this bowl has got some ikura aka salmon eggs It’s got some tarako, aka pollock eggy-weggs Some uni, aka sea urchin And it’s even got some nanohana, Aka Rapeseed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) plant So I started digging in trying to get some of those Salmon eggy-weggs into one bite but it was kind of hard to get that and the uni at the same time After all those salmon eggs are some slippery mofos And I guess the best way to eat them is to grab a huge ass chunk of rice from beneath And wow just wow take a look at those salmon eggy-weggs That along with the pollock eggy-weggs and the sea urchin really stole the show Key Takeaway nice fuckin seafood bowl right there Anyway after we finished off that rice bowl, We came across this girl dancing and prancing around with a regional mascot. Looked like a pretty fucking culturally enriching experience to me babycakes [moe intensifies] I pretty much had zero idea what was going on, but if I had to make an educated guess I’d say it was some kind of eastern thing Anyway enough about that cultural bs we were still hungry so we decided to check out some more food action. Over here we got a Maestro cuttin up some noodles and over there We got a Maestro cooking up some scallops. Shit’s lookin pretty oishii-so up in this bitch and oh my dawgs take a look at that meat grillin up in a smoke-filled frenzy. What we got here is some top-notch Wagyu, aka Japanese beef Now I thought that beef looked pretty good, but I didn’t want to judge a book based on its cover So I decided to take myself a bite. And not only was that beef edible But it just so happened to be fucking incredible. What else we got around here…We got us a mountain of salmon eggy-weggs? Always a classic And what else we got around here? We got us some Sasebo burgers Holy shit. I’ve eaten many a Japanese burger in my day, but I still haven’t had a Sasebo burger So you best believe I got myself one of those bad boys Mind you I don’t know the exact details on this burger, but word on the street is it was introduced to Kyushu island by US servicemen back in the day After that the local Japanese people adapted that burger to their own taste and thus the Sasebo burger was born Anyway, you get the drill. I started trying to bite into that Sasebo Burger But it was so damn wide I felt like I had to unhinge my jaw like a damn snake (that’s what she said) It was pretty hard to bite into that thing, but eventually I made some headway And I gotta say that was mighty juicy The eggy-wegg and bacon on there were tastin’ pretty damn good as well, my only complaint was about the bun The bun tasted like some kind of cardboardy brand x bullshit, but otherwise that burger was pretty Buckwild Now aside from all those choice quality meals we also saw us a whole lot of choice quality desserts It was kind of hard to choose between watching some cultural bull shite or spikin’ dat blood sugar But in the end we decided to get ourselves a sweet mother fucking treat. The first one We got was a cookies-And-cream ice cream topped off with some chocolate Montblanc Overall it was soft as hell and subtly sweet and had me straddling the thin line between excited and aroused. Only problem was it just didn’t quite spike dat blood sugar enough So we decided to get ourselves somethin’ else. So we sprinted on over to the Hokkaido zone And we saw they had some melon and ice cream action. Suffice to say we decided to get ourselves one of those puppies. Now, I mentioned before that hokkaido is famous for seafood, but it’s also famous for melons and dairy Basically it’s famous for everything. So we started digging into that melon and I was pleasantly surprised. The ice cream itself was tastin’ creamy as hell, and that melon was tastin’ fresh to death Overall it was quite nice, but it didn’t quite bring our blood sugar up to optimal levels So we decided to get ourselves one more dessert, just one more what we ended up getting with this big ass Bowl of shaved strawberries And truth be told it tasted sweet to the max, but in a natural way it almost tasted healthy I felt like we were spikin’ dat blood sugar the way God intended, key takeaway nice fucking fruit bowl right there Anyway, you get the drill. Overall that food festival was a pretty nice place to try a wide variety of regional foods It was also a pretty nice opportunity to see some crazy-ass cultural traditions poppin off Oh, and by the way if you want to see even more regional specialties, then you best be checking out some of my other videos I’ve got a video on Kyoto tofu, and I’ve got a video on Matsumoto Soba just to name a few I’ve got those links in the description box And as always thanks for watching this video Why don’t you leave a comment? Let me know what ya think.

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  7. SoloTravelBlog says:

    Is there anything more culturally-enriching than JAMMING regional delicacies down your throat?

  8. Puddi Cat says:

    Quality fuckin content as ever, feelin #AFNAR as fuck

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    please introduce the lady that accompanied you.

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    this video was so intense that I felt like I was THERE and I had to call an ambulance to give me some of that sweet sweet insulin💀

  11. Bob Rasan says:

    do you live in Japan ?

  12. Smap Bistro says:

    Man, I got to give you props. Your like one of few vloggers who seem 'genuine' and doing this for fun and being you and not whoring it up and kissing ass trying get Youtube money like some other vloggers like Food Ranger, Ben Deen, and Strictly Dumpling..these slackers have no job other then begging for views so they can eat and travel first class. At least you really work for a living. Thats Buckwild baby cakes!

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  16. Zeco117 says:

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  33. Edited by TheAndySan says:

    03:32 – Same thing with the Yokosuka Burger too! I had many of those back when I was stationed out in good ol' Yoko from 2013-2015!!

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    How often do these food festivals occur in Tokyo? Looking to hit one up during June – July!

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