Japanese Food Mukbang: Foreigners try Sushi + Yakisoba + Matcha Mochi

and we’re live there is no going back
there’s no going back at this point so this is our first-ever mukbang guys
yeah and it’s a little bit weird strange for us because we’re used to having sort
of creative control over my doing being able to cut being able to edit our
videos some close-ups stood up you’re late not know that stuff a mukbang is
just basically here’s the blue we’re gonna eat it and we are gonna chat chit
chat okay I feel like you guys have been asking for a move on us for a while
yeah we haven’t had that request so why don’t we just give a little tour of over
guy okay this is like assorted sushi over here what I typically get for my
lunch it’s a really good value it’s 398 yeah so you’re talking like lesson for
us bucks yeah good stuff for this sushi some salmon
yeah this looks really nice yeah yeah some edamame beans and some kind of
vegetable vegetable thing it would you like maybe frights our friend Rob when
he was staying with us he was eating this a lot so we kind of ride in it this
is good this is good healthy stuff so yeah and for drinks I’ve got the Sapporo
beer littleman right now and I got kind of green tea I’m hoping it’s not bitter
we did a taste test yesterday where we tried green tea products and then turned
out to be so bitter well we got the straw in all fairness we did get the
strongest form of it all right rice tea water
opening this up so just a little background information guys we’ve been
staying in this apartment for a month basically and this is our final night
this is our last I’m you know here so we decided to do a goofball and tomorrow
we’re not leaving Tokyo right away tomorrow
we’re going to a capsule hotel and we’ve like we’ve seen so many but you know so
many of our friends have done council oh yes it should be fun
should be so much fun ebook the one in the same neighborhood where our
apartment is located and it looks like a super futuristic capsule hotel like it
looks like a spaceship almost so definitely foaming it yeah one of the
odd things is that the cost per night it’s gonna be more expensive because
when we go there we actually like we’re not staying in the same room we’re in
different sections separate capsules and separate sections so there’s a
designated area for men to sleep and there’s also a different section of a
woman so we are paying for separate capsules yeah and the funny thing is
it’s more expensive for a woman to stay at a capsule hotel and we can figure out
why and then our friend was like it’s because you girls take so long in the
shower oh that’s a real reason but but it’s
true we’d have to use up like more shampoo and more so bloody da I could be
wrong with this but I feel the capsule hotels I think were originally designed
for more so for men who were like had like long commutes or out doing like
business type drinking events at night and just like it wasn’t feasible to make
it all the way home so instead of like going into and spending the night in a
motel or hotel something expensive just go into like this little in a coffin
yes I’m gonna carpet called me capsule style I could be I could be very wrong
about that if I am please correct me but I think that was the original Enix
because I’m making a mess already it was a bit of a struggle to open the
soy sauce so Kleenex I’m just pouring wine now
try to evenly distribute it a bit yeah yeah yeah good do this do this and the
only thing that I’m gonna be honest like it checking us to make sure that this is
still recording that is I see a flashing red button flashing red dot it’s good
news I don’t like the skin on the fish like all right you guys get to see all
the weird quirks behind the scenes like Audrey is peeling the skin off the fish
oh it isn’t all crispy enough like I’m doing surgery with chopsticks I have
this weird eating habit won’t let me know if it’s that weird I’m sure that
some of you guys would do this too but I kind of prioritize eating my favorite
things or at least what I think would be my favorite things lost so I go through
and I have like healthy what doesn’t taste quite as nice and then I saved the
best for last basically whenever you guys do that I used to be the loss until
I met Sam you know like a good idea delayed gratification beyond there I put
quite a bit on a few few specific pieces as long I feel like today I’m being a
very slow year like I’ve barely started in how long have we been rolling now oh
well I’m really chatty this has actually been one of our favorite features of
this apartment I’m having this traditional low table to have our meals
I’ve really utilized that it’s been super cool yeah I feel like we’re really
in Japan yeah it is little grouse plasticy grass but that’s
a beer so I feel like we should talk a little bit about our impressions in
Tokyo after spending a month here what have we loved what have we maybe
disliked any impressions well I can play what it’s like right from the get-go
that’s been the weather huh we basically we were here for all of June and it was
like very much in the thick of the the rainy season the wet season and so we
had more rainy days than we did sunny days and it’s funny because during some
of that that rainy like during the most intense part of the rainy period
temperatures dropped a bit there’s some times where you were actually you’d like
wearing a sweater or not for me I found t-shirts and shorts but you and robber
like bundling up it was kind of funny to see to be honest yeah I hadn’t packed
for the weather I was expecting it to be really hot from the get-go yeah but we
have some days where it was like 16 17 18 and it was like overcast and kind of
windy yeah so yeah but now that it’s like no that’s almost near the end of
June the exact opposite has happened it’s just been impossibly haunted humid
to the point where like when we’re walking in the afternoons like let’s say
between noon and 4:00 p.m. it’s just impossible to be up torture being
outside not for kidding to the outside so yeah it’s like to how these days are
heap it’s I feel like it’s even more intense because it was the same
situation that we were in two years ago in Seoul if you remember that oh yeah
visited in August and we had this little project in Indonesia for a week and I
remember when we went we arrived in Indonesia and August people like this is
cooler yeah I can breathe a little easier like that’s how hot it was and
that’s that’s how I feel Tokyo is is like just as we’re about to leave it is
is creeping towards that stage but the thing is I’m not even sure there’s like
an ideal time to visit because sure spring and fall would be really nice but
then you get the crowds wanting to see the cherry blossoms and then in fall
people want to see like the beautiful right colors so it’s like
there’s always going to be something to contend with right off the weather it’s
very large numbers in the winters get properly cold here – yes no you have to
bundle up personally I did choose one season if I was gonna redo this trip
with the same amount of time I choose fall just because I love fall I
love the colors and apparently there’s also not much rain during that time of
year here I read that something to keep in mind so if you don’t like being wet
it was it was tricky for us to film in the rain like we really had to sometimes
prioritize their days around the weather it’s like oh my gosh we finally have
some Sun we’re gonna go and like film lots for our guy than think about
there’s a lot of stuff you can do indoors in Tokyo like that so many
themed cafes the coverage on experiences the cap it was fun yeah we went to a few
a few misses the monster cafe was a ton an expensive dug velocity whoop sweep what we on yeah we shopping we just like
we would go and and film restaurant videos like we we we didn’t let the rain
like ruin the day we always said like backup plans but at the same time it did
make it tricky having that many rainy days can’t Emma have you tried this
looks like spinach scrambled egg carrot thing there’s a lot going on got a bit
of a sweet sauce just tasty yeah I got this you know so yeah that was oh yeah
that was the thing I dislike the most what I liked the most obviously it was
just like there’s just a plethora of things to do here yeah like we didn’t
even scratch the surface of the city you could be here for years decades an art
visit it and do it all going all the different neighborhoods like even the
metro system itself is is the most complex system I’ve ever seen anywhere
it’s like it’s unbelievable how big this city is and how much its sprawls oh and
how many salad cities are nearby but also something I really liked was
that it’s quite easy to escape the hustle and bustle of the the city centre
we did a lot of really cool day trips and I think if I think if we were here
longer we would have done even more like there’s just there’s some really cool
ways to scape but I mean it’s a great city for obviously street food we had
such great street food it was a little bit more affordable than we thought
which is great like going out getting things from supermarkets and stuff yeah
ended up making our stay here like a bit more affordable it’s funny I feel like
in some regards Tokyo has been very affordable or Japan
in general but then in other regards I feel like it’s been pretty pricey
like I’m mainly thinking about traveling within Japan transportation especially
by train that I have found very fortune expensive oriented I’m not doing the
bullet train because I just look at the prices and we’re like just put off by
really yeah I mean that’s the money that can be spent on food cool food it’s like
we do we do try to stick to a budget and we’ve been eating a little lot so when
it’s come to when it comes to transportation
we’ve decided basically to choose the cheapest so we’ve been looking at bosses
sometimes those even haven’t been that super cheap transportation is pricey in
this country for sure but I feel though that I mean
I’d love I’d love that I’d love to be on the bullet train someday though just for
that experience but I have build some high-speed trains in Europe in Europe
I’ve also done one I did them I think it’s the the maglev in Shanghai like
something like seven eight years ago before I even met you and at the time
that was the fastest train it was from the city to the airport and it like it
was just so surreal how fast I was going to look outside me your mind even
couldn’t really comprehend how like everything just became kind of a blur
but the odd part about it was just how smooth it was like you didn’t feel like
the train shaking or anything it was the smoothest ride but you look a look out
the window and you start getting dizzy and off I like train travel but I prefer
it’s slower rickety trains are chronically like sway from side to side
I like overnight sleeper trains those are some of my favorite I always sleep
like a baby on those no but we haven’t taken any of those in Japan I’m thinking
back to like Thailand yeah especially you like going from Bangkok to Chiang
Mai I’m with in did that overnight overnight train ride a lot so many times
so many times well yeah Japan has been fun like this has been my dream
destination for us for a long time I’m like I feel like I’ve already mentioned
this when we were flying here but I always thought we were going to go to
Japan right after we finished teaching in Korea because it was so close by it
seemed like a logical destination but I’m actually really glad we waited
because we were like ultra budget backpackers at the time we didn’t have a
lot of money to spend and I feel like we wouldn’t have really been able to enjoy
everything Japan has to offer because we would have thought oh like that’s too
expensive we can’t do this we can’t really not I think we would have been
put off by the costs and just yeah oh that’s so expensive we can do that and
we were just we were really River cheapskates back then I remember like
even though if it’s Dasia there were a couple of times where where there’s an
instance where like a hotel might have been 20 or 30 dollars a night and
we’re like 10 to 15 yeah like I remember come I’m with like $27 for a hotel room
was like whoa yeah yogi deal-breaker I remember specifically we went to the
Cameron Highlands during um like holiday season and the place we had booked we
weren’t satisfied with so we found somewhere else it was kind of dingy and
cheap and we wanted to like upgrade from that so we started looking around the
town and there was a really nice place it was like twenty seven dollar US
dollars a night it may be just like I just couldn’t wrap my head around paying
that that kind of money in Southeast Asia so we just like ended up partying
out of the Cameron Highlands and you didn’t even get to properly see it I
look so bad because I saw it I saw a couple of like five six years prior to
me I remember we went back to Kuala Lumpur no to this like hostel where it
felt like jail cells like we didn’t even have a window and I think you were
paying like maybe nine or ten dollars for a room
but yeah that’s how we started out like wonderful members we were like waking up
in like five or six in the morning and like checking email wasn’t doing like
business related thing it’s like jail cell size kind of kind of dorm room it
was pretty funny so yeah he’s not a nice to travel like as you get older and your
budget increases like here in Japan I feel like we haven’t really missed out
on a lot like even wanted to have an experience we’ve poked it right like
what am I really looking forward to he’s a real constant um which I feel like
it’s gonna be a bit more high-end that’s gonna be so cool and it’s it’s pretty
but it’s gone the big one the big train we’ll just a lots of other knocking out
some of mine but what what is really cool is that basically the rest of our
trip the rest of our time in Japan is gonna be spent more in rural areas we
got a boat like I think 12 or 13 days of just kind of hopping around from
different place a different place and then we’re finishing off with like a
what we can kyoto and we’re actually booking that tonight cuz we just
we wait to decide how we want to spin or less like a few weeks here and we
finally decided okay we’re gonna spend a week in Jodl and I like 12 13 days it’s
gonna be covering the the Japanese Alps mmm it’s a little bit cooler yeah I mean
what’d she get when she get away from the concrete jungle it does a cool off
no matter what so leaving Tokyo at this time is it’s just about right all right
I definitely would not recommend coming here in july/august
it’s just it is impossibly hot and humid and then you add that to the to the
crowds and the commotion and it’s just it’s it’s it’s unbearable in my opinion
it’s definitely not the time to be here I even recommend traveling here more in
the winter than over the summer like bundle up at least if you’re cold you
can warm up what are you doing your hot air conditioning well yeah you can but
but if you’ve been on the Sun for like hours on end it’s like it just zapped
you of your energy you don’t want to do anything so I feel like coming in the
winter would even be better but obviously spring and fall it’s more
ideal yeah and some of them well I think you’ll agree with two is that I think if
we had to compare Tokyo to Osaka we kind of like the stock a little bit more I
felt a little more manageable it’s a big city too
but it just has a a member so in comparative well they say Osaka is like
the Chicago of Japan Tokyo is like New York and so what that how I interpret
that is like Chicago is just known for being like a bit more of a friendly City
a bit more accessible and that’s what we found in Osaka versus Tokyo Tokyo’s a
bit more of like rush rush rush and just like crowds and just like like
getting crammed onto that onto the metro no things like that whereas I found a
little soccer to be a little bit more manageable it’ll be interesting to see
what Kyoto is like because I think Jo does even more famous in terms of like
a popular City for visitors but I think it has half the population of Osaka so I
can’t help you there I do believe so I could be wrong about that if I am sorry
but um it’ll be interesting to see what we what we think of Kyoto because I’m
it’s definitely a must visit type of place like I think the three places that
people tend to come to or those three cities that he visited so especially for
a first-time visitor mm-hmm I was falling asleep that was being so chatty
that he’s hardly put a dent on his sushi whereas I’m like I think that means you
need to pick up the conversation and chatting it’s just I’m able to speak in
between mouthfuls that’s my trick what is this like you meet that sushi since
we’re just talking to you guys directly now um I’d be curious to know what are
some countries that you’d like us to really visit or parts of the world that
we haven’t covered on your channel yeah we’re really interested to know because
Japan was probably the most requested place mm-hmm two most requested places
where Rome no I’m just in Japan overall so so now it’s like yeah what’s next
what do you want would you guys like us to go next I mean we haven’t done a lot
of travel in Middle Eastern or Africa and we’d love to to cover more them a
little bit just a little bit we haven’t been well aside from Japan we
haven’t done a ton in the Egypt for a while I mean South America is a special
region for us so we have plans to do more there but yeah where would you get
where would you like us to go because we listen to what you guys say believe me I
may take us a while to get there but we do I’m like finally putting a dozen
vacuum here you are I’m done I’m done doing this lunacy you
know we weren’t supposed to film this until two hours later became it was
rigged on the computer and I feels like we gotta do this now I’m hungry okay
I wasn’t super hungry myself but nobody mmm just need to finish the edamame and
then we can move on to the machine mm-hmm
so having your friend Rob join us too for a bet yeah I’m sure you’ve seen him
in a lot of our Tokyo videos hmm he was in town for three weeks he’s uh
you went ended up going to the Philippines afterwards and apparently
I’ve been messaging and apparently said that he’s been filming a lot he’s been
hustling I think he’s he’s felt me a lot of street food there so oh that is a
place that has been requested oh yeah yeah I love to go absolutely
love to go a lot of her some of our friends in the industry have been
travelling that recently we’ve been watching their videos and it’s been so
interesting and and they’ve been doing so well like a lot I feel like stuff
that’s created in the Philippines gets a lot of views and so we’d love to go
there we’ve never been it’s kind of
embarrassing considering how much travel we’ve done so yeah they just spent a lot
of time there like it’s what happened in all fairness it takes a little more
effort to get there it’s like you can’t obviously can’t cross overland to get
here anyway you have to fly I don’t know like I I feel it feels weird that having
traveled so much and Southeast Asia we didn’t we didn’t make the time to go but
we’d love to and a one more one more place that people have said they’d like
us to return to it is Taiwan Oh No yeah we only spent
my pay so yeah we we had so much fun making the food videos in Taiwan that
and they did well so I feel like that’s a place that we could return again in
the future yeah like the country looks beautiful
like I think I’d love to hit it self and I’d love to head to the south part of
Taiwan these things are kind of weird but Sam
loves them Oh eat sweet save up for the end just like my dessert dessert dessert
mochi let’s actually mochi from yesterday from the much taste test yeah
about a whole bunch of green tea products and these were my favorite they
were surprisingly good rather both our favorite there was other stuff in the
mix that we just didn’t really love yeah edamame I feel like I’ve eaten most of
them I’m at my limit yeah well after this Japan trip guys we’re gonna be
heading back to Canada for a little bit hanging out with my room it’s gonna be
the summer time it will be late July August so we’re gonna split our time
between Brampton and Fredericton just where our parents live it should be fun
lots of barbecues lots of just chilling oh we have so much anything to get
caught up on oh yeah I really want to close the gap like man by the time you
guys are watching this you don’t even be summer anymore
like right now I feel like we have a three or four month yeah yeah with our
content so but the thing is it’s not because we’re lazy editors we just film
a lot of videos in one day especially when we’re traveling because we want to
make the most of being in the destination so sometimes we felt like
two or three videos in one day and we knew that this year would be the first
year in a long time that we weren’t planning to travel all year long and so
we realized that when we were on the road we wanted to prioritize filming as
opposed to edit it and keep it up so we just been like okay go go go go fill me
out and then we’re gonna playing catch up or what
so about once summer we’re gonna spend a lot more time
in front of the computer exactly I don’t know much at all
you borrowed your video with your dad maybe huh no like when we go home you
just like to hang out spend time with family the Petofi friends show so we
don’t really come a lot no and I think it’s good because like you need when
you’re doing something creative like making videos you need actually time to
recharge you can’t just be like every day going on it you actually that’s how
a lot of vloggers ended up getting burnt out
it’s like daily vloggers he did it for a few years on them I just got to the
point where they got burnt out like unique need some time off even if you
love what you do doing it every single day it’s tough I mean especially the
filming part I find that editing is a little bit easier because it’s like you
can just kind of look at things with I don’t know like it’s already there
you’ve already got all the data just how you assemble it but like going on
filming every day it is tricky for sure last byte move on you have these last
two or one basically even the whole bar by the way fine I feel like you should
have thought more food because I am so hungry like next time alright and here
we have it the matcha mochi these were so good I’m gonna finish my beer before
I have them I don’t think of beer it moves you go that well together you
gonna have your two first while I finished my stop portal which is the
beer I’ve probably been drinking the most in Japan do you guys have a
favorite beer in Japan is there are a few different ones to choose one there’s
two urine there’s Sakshi or something like that because i
hear sorry yeah there’s a few different like really popular brands but I tend to
go for this one I’ve liked it sapper oh speaking of
sapper well that would be a place that we could visit if we came back to him we
didn’t make it to the north okay now uh yeah so much to see in Japan it’s like
guys you can’t really do it all in one trip unless you’re just racing around
like crazy so to kind of prioritize at region and uh yeah and just keep coming
back I suppose because there’s a lot to do in Japan that’s for sure I’d like to
come back oh yeah we finished the strip but I already feel like there’s more
love to see in the country like a lot two months would be enough time to cover
quite a bit but honestly there’s just so much to do in Japan seriously is there
seriously my territory so I do just take it over oh we couldn’t probably head out
grab ah we’ve been going in grabbing kebabs lately Oh
third got bombs but they have anything so man they come with french fries and
you can you can add feta as well oh yeah it’s like we’ve just been kind of having
those in the last few days and honestly they’re so tasty but whenever I’ve had
one that night I don’t have a great sleep so I think I’m gonna exercise a
little bit of self-control and not head out today I’m gonna have a snack it’ll
be something lighter than that for sure all right so me finishing the mochi I’ve
got one more sip of this what are you talking about something for a second Oh
Sam can chew mm well I’m going to miss this apartment to be honest like this
place was such a fine such a gem I never thought we’d be able to have like four
different rooms like four sections in a Japanese apartment I thought we were
gonna be living in a tiny studio so yeah this place has been great I’ve looked
the neighborhood the park the Riverwalk oh yeah the river walks a bit fantastic
I actually wouldn’t have had cats this morning moon sleep I woke up at 3:00 in
the morning so I went for a river walk and there it is two friendly cats they
were well not super friendly they were skittish but they’d let me get kind of
close so I ended up popping into a lawsuit it’s 100 I think it’s called
losses in 100 I found a couple cans of cat food buy them this morning while you
were still sleeping but they can only lead to other people walking at that
kind of strange time yeah is this a nice little experience I don’t even check out
what time Sam goes out like I’m used to him going out for runs and walks yeah I
thought yeah like fibers in fact I haven’t I haven’t slept well here I’ve
had some nights where I sleep through the night and other names were happen
and literally sure I don’t feel like I’m not stressed or anything maybe just like
maybe just some some bad eating habits I think I know spray Bob’s
yeah anyways we’ve taken care of everything
so I believe that is the end of our first football ooh I wonder how long
that took us 29 minutes and 39 seconds chatted you you’re off well if you’ve
stuck around that long thank you I hope you enjoyed our first
move bong we have fun it was nice to just chat so maybe we’ll do it again
there we huh we ate a lot of food so yeah stay tuned we will have more food
and travel content from Japan coming very soon Tom does that 30-minute mark
30-minute work Wow

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