JAPANESE FOOD Sizzling Plate: What to Eat in Japan w/ TKYOSAM

Prepare to behold some buckwild Japanese food
of the sizzling plate variety. If you want to learn what to eat in Japan
and experience a life-changing meetup with the one and only TkyoSam, then
you’ve come to the right place. So I was boosting around the mean streets
of downtown Tokyo with my main man TkyoSam. We were getting in the mood and feeling the
motherfuttin groove but after sprinting around those mean streets for a while, truth be told
we felt like we needed something to eat. So rather than waste another precious nanosecond
of our time dilly-dallying around, we figured we best be heading on over to our local Pepper
Lunch Diner. What’s up everybody, Dustin here from SoloTravelBlog. Right about now I’m at an incredible restaurant
called Pepper Lunch Diner and I’m here with a special guest, little person I like to call
the Tkyo. Tkyo…hey Sam! Oh sheet you’re filming. Hey everybody, it’s TkyoSam baby, oh yeah. What are we filming? What are we doing? Pepper Lunch, baby. It’s coming at you sensually! So we ordered up our respective meals and
since I did a video about a sizzling hamburger recently, this time I got myself a pepper
rice. Here we got some corn, rice, beef, and pepper
action and as you can see that sizzler plate is cooking up a storm. I also got some corn potage soup on the side
which was looking moderately zesty. Tkyo on the other hand ordered himself a salad
and some Japanese steak action. And wow just futting wow. Call me crazy, but I think that that right
there is a pretty nice taste testing technique. Why didn’t
I think of that? So I started mixing up my pepper, rice, and
beef and after it was thoroughly mixed up I got prepared to take myself a bite. And whoa baby, simple though that dish may
be, it was tasting on peppery as hell, greasy to the max, and oishii as futt. Next up, Sam’s steak came out and I must say
it wasn’t looking half bad neither. Oh, hey everybody, look at my hot beef salad. It’s time to give you some nice sensual memories
of full carousal. Time to pop this baby off. Ah sheet, ah ow ow futt aw sheet futt. Na-EEECe. An unorthodox approach, perhaps. but I think I could learn a thing or two from
this Tkyo. I mean, just look at the finished product. Even for me it’s plain to see that that right
there is a pretty nice Japanese steak, dare I say a decent Japanese steak. And come to think of it, I’d say that steak-to-sauce
ratio is pretty nice as well. Yo sola mia! Pepper in the lunch. Want you to push it baby pep-pep-pep-pep-pep-pep-pep-pep-pep-pep-pep. Sheet that’s way too much pepper. Too much pepper? Seems like just the right amount to me, baby. After all, how you gonna get all that vitamin
P in your diet? Can you tell me that? Now as for me, I personally felt like I needed
a flavor combo in my life. So I got myself some of that pepper rice and
I dipped it into my corn potage soup. Tt might seem a tad unconventional to you,
and it might even seem like an eyebrow-raiser. But let me tell you something, sweet tips:
That pepper rice and corn potage soup combo was tasting
both edible and incredible. That soup was kind of sweet and creamy and
I know you probably think it’s messed up but hey I like it. In other words, don’t kink shame me bro. Now as for the Tkyo, he still felt like there
was an empty void in his life so he ordered himself some extra garlic
chips. Oh my! I think it’s better when you put it on the
steak first. And just when I thought that steak was already
amped up to the motherfuttin max, the Tkyo went on ahead and kicked it up a notch. That’s both inspirational and carousing and
I must say, I’m pretty impressed. So overall I got to say, if you’re wondering
what to eat in Japan and you want to get yourself some cheap Japanese food, then pepper lunch
is the way to go. And I enjoyed that bad boy to the very last
bite. Oh, and by the way, if you want to see the
other footage we shot together, then you best be checking out the video on TkyoSam’s channel. It’s a paradigm-shifting collab and I got
a link to his channel down below in the description box. So don’t forget to subscribe for all your
dreams to come true, and thanks for watching this Japanese food tour, why don’t you leave
a comment, let me know what you think.

92 comments on “JAPANESE FOOD Sizzling Plate: What to Eat in Japan w/ TKYOSAM”

  1. TkyoSam says:

    omfg my arousel levels are off the motherfuckin charts!

  2. Strange 7s says:

    That one friend where you try your best to avoid

  3. JABY and raji says:

    I am bakwalid follower so early…

  4. Hoo Lee Fuk says:


  5. A Certain Anime Index says:

    I give him 5 cringe human fool out of 5

  6. PaullyDee says:

    ehhhhhh Good on you Dustin for keeping your cool. lol

  7. Pete Tong says:

    The cringe is real in this one.

  8. Ryce says:

    Cringe level 10000.he is not funny

  9. Stephan Popa says:

    The cringe level was a bit too much for me but that amped-up pepper rice/corn soup combo more than redeemed the video for me. Overall, I'd give this video a 4/5 dawgs.

  10. Douka says:

    i like TkyoSam

  11. Samir Kumar says:

    "sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead."

    *Pastes what was on Copy tab.

  12. tonydeltablues says:

    I think strangulation may have ensued if I was there…

  13. Jacob Thomas says:

    I give this 5/5 secondhand embarrassments.. that guy is an obnoxious fool.

  14. Aristotle Z says:

    Tkyo Sam is obnoxious and you should be embarrassed to be seen with him.

  15. Vivi Octa says:

    How much did you guys spend for those dishes?

  16. vidsofyermom says:


  17. logicaust says:

    You both offer an interesting take on Japanese cuisine. Thank you for the new content, Dustin. Ay, I see you Sam; stop urinating in public.

    To people hating on this or that, don't take it out on Dustin. He's put in the time & the effort to create something for us to enjoy. Give him a thumbs up & a thank you. Jvloggers got to stick together.


  18. Filip van der Pol says:

    Awesome video as always! Thank you so much for that awesome insight!

  19. Gasper Kosmac says:

    2:03 that was f**** disgusting. He actually licked the cap. Don’t want to be using that after this idiot.

  20. Ganesh Nayak98 says:

    Sam was cringy af

  21. Josh Mitchell says:

    I'm loving the vibe in this video. Jazzy as fuck

  22. StockLilves says:

    Great vid, loved the hot incestuous action. 👉👌

  23. Chilltownify says:

    I got to be honest… I feel sexually harassed by that Japanese pepper steak & it will be hearing from my attorney

  24. phunkym8 says:

    boy that is an experiment gone wrong.

  25. John Mejia says:

    #hotsex with two tits and a gravy. Yeahhhhh buddy!

  26. TkyoSam says:

    For all of you who actually liked the vid, or at least like Dustin, should go and check out my vid I released at the same time as him. I don't care if you like me, but at least go over and see the video beforehand if you really wanna judge me and my sexual prowless. PLUS – AGAIN – motherfuckin sexy as hell Dustin is in the video yo! Come over and support your boy!!!

  27. Heather Rennie says:

    I personal like it if you didn't swear and your guest was a uttley a fool and a idiot. He is totally disgracing the Japanese culture and hospitality. Not someone i want to be friends with. What a embassment to be near. Not someone I would like to associate with. With sexual comment. If swearing continues then I might be deleating my subscription to your channel. So far your content is good and interesting but I can't say I like your swearing. I'm not saying it to offend you just ask to cut out a little of the swearing.

  28. Edited by TheAndySan says:

    I give this most sexual collab 5/5 hot dads!!

  29. Hunter Houlihan says:

    Very interesting

  30. Miku Pewdie says:

    This video will get demonized because all the SeXUaL CoNTeNt

  31. Andy's Multi-Headed Penis says:

    I for one, enjoyed this video. I only wish that my upper-half TheAndySan was there to experience the obvious sexual tension that was going on. 👉👈

  32. peskypervert says:

    TkyoSam is a poster boy material for Adderal.

  33. Krak says:

    Though it's not quite the same… somehow, some way, that sizzling plate seems reminiscent of American comfort food. Seeing that corn on a pile of rice, you could just imagine it was mashed potato instead.

    I really appreciate the charisma of this TKYO guy. The negative commenters could learn a thing or two about having a good time!

  34. Nature_slayer says:

    Fucking idiots.

  35. joy12division says:

    I appreciate the revisit to pepper lunch and getting the rice. Stuff is life enhancing if you know what I mean. Next time you should add some sauce.

  36. bell nall says:

    you and tkyosam are being pretty obnoxious in the comments, dustin. the 'racist' jokes have always been a offputting but seeing you both dogpile on commenters with 'racist' and 'aids' is really unpleasant. please stop.

  37. joemofo903 says:

    Damn, that mess of a man is fucking cringey, couldnt finish this vid, sorry solotravelblog

  38. Samir Kumar says:

    TheTkyoSam seems to be a fun guy. Infact he seems to be a total double dicker. If Mr Dustin recommends him, he definitely gets a subscriber.

  39. Fox Morris says:

    Looks like Sam has a healthy prostate, he sprayed like a MF 🇨🇦

  40. SolarMoth says:

    I like emphasis on the hosts this episode! Shakin' it up

  41. MikeZ32TT says:

    I gave the video a thumbs up but that is because you were in it Dustin. Please don't have Sam back. Amazing food though.

  42. Danjerous says:

    From the #Tkyosamfam we have one thing to say welcome to the family Dustin

  43. Danny says:

    That fat guy is lame. Maybe leave him out of future video. Wanna be Chris Farley

  44. Marc Is A Furry says:

    Great vid, would like to invite ya to my nazi furry christmas party. December 24, be there or be a commie. 👍

    No bleks allowed.

  45. Kelativo says:

    Hey Sam! Remember when you told your livestream audience that you have a hidden camera in your bedroom for false rape allegations? Anyways keep on rocking in the free world and DOO DO DO DOO DO

  46. Faetan says:

    The starting pose was the buckwildest I've ever seen.

  47. Vault Life says:

    I found out about Dustin from BigJigglyPanda. I now know about TkyoSam from Dustin. Your turn, Tkyo. Get on dem intros.

  48. TrekPythonChild001 says:

    I think you guys make a fun and zany duo. Very nice.

  49. Viraj Patel says:

    5 outta 5 creepy Sam Modi's

  50. Robbish says:

    the food looks great. Here's an idea.. no more videos with Sam. thanks.

  51. Oscar says:

    Dude…what the fuck.

  52. Kato Produktions says:

    Lovin’ your commentary and sexual dominance in this one Dusty, but Mr. Tyko (not to side with the masses and be a complainer) is incredibly obnoxious. No more please!

  53. Alpine Autumn says:


  54. Remember The Slap Films says:

    TkyoSam is probably quite a nice person under the layers of blubber and overcompensation – but he's a 5th wheel. Also I thought he was a girl at first and it weirded me out when I realised he's a guy. Thumbsup for you Dustin but sorry to say Thumbsdown for TykoSam so it balances out. Lasted three minutes and had to bail – when he started with the mayo sqeezey bottle…your vids are very intimate, in that the viewer is essentially sitting on your shoulder and telepathically privy to your personal thought process while you dine. That's a pretty close relationship – easily spoiled by the intrusion of a third party.

  55. M O C H I I says:

    Water you guys talking about? We all need a friend like Sam, Gotta let loose and enjoy life fam

  56. Kimberly C. says:

    That sprint was so majestic it blew my mind! And personally, I love dipping things in my soup, but I'm more tolerant than the average person.

  57. Frank All says:

    he is just a joke man

  58. Yummy Japan says:

    That was one hell of a collab! Two of my favorites showing how steak should be done haha. Great job guys! – Victor

  59. Matt Koster says:

    Billy the Fridges long lost Japanese cousin?

  60. Jan Tanedo says:


  61. MadHatterMan says:

    tkyosam really isn't afraid to make an ass of himself, is he

  62. Vegard Heyerdahl says:

    Pepper lunch 😁 damn god value for yen baby

  63. ItsGrrreat says:

    lol love how sexually he poured the sauce all over the table my loins are as moist as that beef

  64. Christina Smith says:

    I totally thought today was Monday and I was waiting for the live stream like a dumb ass lol.

  65. animeangela227 says:

    I don't know why people don't like this video. This is literally how he acts in his videos. Classic Tkyo. Nice collab, you HAWT DAWS!

  66. Luke Mavery says:

    0:25 that shit made me laugh so much , by the way try to be more respectful next time u'll be with this tkyo dude

  67. whatchadoin yall says:

    Lovin' those dope ass beats, really sets the tone. Let's us know your going to treat us right and keep it tight.

  68. 808slowly says:

    Tkyo is extremely annoying. Only if he were funny because he’s more on the forced unfunny humor. Awkward!

  69. Spun says:

    Dustin…man…you say that you can learn a thing or two from Tkyo?
    Don't! Just Don't! If you did learn anything from him on this outing…unlearn it…fast. Cringe-o-meter was at 11 man.

  70. Joesie Smith says:

    I love these comments so much 😂😂😂. Nice Collab by the way lmao

  71. D C says:

    Total weab that Tkyo…..
    I even embarrassed watching him……

  72. Scatterbrain says:

    By far, one of the worst vids in your vlog. It was difficult to even finish it (the food looked tasty though.) I never thought it would be necessary to watch Tkyosam again.

  73. Critical Eats Japan says:

    You can never have too much pepper… Not a huge fan of those sizzle plates, but yours actually looked pretty good

  74. RubenDelight Animates! says:

    I think it's fine to not be entertained by mister TkyoSam over here but hey, no need to be rude about it, if you don't like it, it's just a video, no harm done to your life. Live and let live brothers.

  75. pinky315 says:

    oh swag nice team up

  76. Asagi's Life says:

    Weird but sexy collab somehow…😛haha

  77. Toky Zhimo says:

    Ur fren tkko or watever crazy bullshitt wierd as fuck. Seriously I'mma punch his fuckin face if I happen to me that fuktard.

  78. MotoBiker_Sap says:

    AWESME :p

  79. Grzegorz Met says:

    Dont like the other guy. Cringe as fuck.

  80. Levvy says:

    When I think of Americans in Japan this is what I expect.

  81. Justin says:

    Ugh, I hate people who act like asshats because they yearn for attention. Dustin is usually pretty chill which is why he has so many fans, but this TkyoSam guy is everything wrong with foreigners in Japan. Japan doesn't see many foreigners compared to other countries, you are the reason why they can hang signs saying "No Gaijin". They think we all act like assholes.

  82. MarioLoco03 says:

    is Tkyo Sam the kind of guy that gives Japanese people a bad impression of westerners?

  83. Wolfgang Icarus says:

    This Tkyosam guy is so annoying

  84. leonardoluiss02 says:

    I'm almost convinced that the cringe was intentional, I mean, it's just too much to be regular cringe.

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  89. James Bautista says:

    Never do a collab with him anymore, he will drag you down

  90. meestaShin says:

    This is exactly what you're NOT supposed to act like in Japan. Ruining it for the rest of us.

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