Hi, this is Manoj from Feel Fukuoka Japan. Today we will introduce you Japanese food stands. I`m here at one of the big three festivals in Hakata. Let`s go There is an Yakitori food stand right in front of me (chicken pieces grilled on a skewer) A bit different to Nepal but the chicken is stabbed the same way. Many different flavors are available. In Japanese it is called Yakitori. Let`s try it. Very good! Looks like a stand for ice cream. This one is also different to Nepal. Shaved ice is made from a big ice block which is crushed in small pieces by a special machine. At last, syrup is poured on it. I ate a mix of strawberry and lemon. It was really delicious. Here are so many masks! I also wanted to put one on. Okay, I will put a mask on. Don`t laugh! I have never put one on before, so let`s ask how to use it. Let`s shoot the bottle !!! I`m still searching my aim. Found my target. I choose the one where is “Yakiniku” written on it. Look! Hit it!!! Because I hit the target I got a price. Let`s aim at something light than heavy. Besides the fact that many Japanese guests are here, many foreigners came too. Vietnamese exchange students came here to have some fun. What do you think about food stalls? This festival is called Hojoya. It is one of the big three festivals here in Hakata, Fukuoka. Enjoying the festival by eating at food stalls is Japanese style. The festival is held every year at the end of September. When you come to Fukuoka, you should definitely visit it. Hope to see you again soon.

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