Japanese Food Tour: SOBA NOODLES Fast Food in Tokyo

What’s up everybody, welcome to the Japanese
Food Tour in downtown Tokyo. What we got here is a calorically-dense dish
called Abura Soba noodles and personally, I think it’s pretty nice. It’s a one-of-a-kind Japanese fast food experience,
let’s just put it that way. So grab yourself a treat and take yourself
a seat because the show is about to begin. So I was strolling and patrolling around the
mean streets of Shinjuku when I got the sudden urge to visit a Japanese fast food restaurant. I mean don’t get me wrong, these city lights
were looking pretty decent, but truth be told, I wanted to embark on a fast food tour of
epic proportions. I wanted to consume a large quantity of calories
in a short span of time, so I figured I’d sprint on over to a restaurant called Abura
Soba. Now, word on the street is this is a pretty
good place to get yourself some noodles in Tokyo, so I waltzed on into there and started
scoping it out. Now, they got different soba bowl sizes here
but they’re all the same price, so I figured I might as well go for the jumbo size of the
spicy variety. After all, you only live once baby. Might as well make it a spicy life. So I made my purchase and gave my tickets
to the maestro, and when she brought out my bowl of soba I was feeling a tad contemplative
and feeling a tad confused. I mean, I did order the spicy soba but it
wasn’t looking too spicy to me and then suddenly the maestro there gave me the low-down on
the situation. Apparently the first step is you’re supposed
to put some chili oil and vinegar into the mix. So I grabbed that vinegar and supposedly for
the jumbo size I gotta do 4 swirls. Man oh man, I guess I pretty much have to
do everything around here. So I grabbed that chili oil and I’m supposed
to put in 4 swirls of that in as well. Seems to me like I’m exerting a lot of effort
around here. A REAL lot of effort and I’m starting to break
a sweat, it’s just that intense baby. So while I was at it, I figured I might as
well dip into this tamanegi action, AKA diced onions. I got myself a spoonful, put in on top of
my bowl of abura soba, then decided I might as well get myself another spoon of onions. After all, I’m thinking these onions might
have some kind of enzymes of phytochemicals or some kind of nutritional value. I mean I’ll tell ya baby, I have to counteract
all these empty calories somehow, right? Now, in addition to that oil and vinegar I
put in there, the maestro told me there was a special sauce at the bottom but I couldn’t
really see it yet. But basically that Grade A maestro instructed
me to continue mixing that bowl and wow just wow, I think I actually found the special
sauce. And I must say, it felt pretty heart-warming
know that that maestro was looking out for me like that. Seemed to me like that coy and carefree maestro
had my best interests at heart, and I must say I was pretty impressed. But anyway, I’m getting a tad off topic over
here. The main thing is these soba noodles in Japan
seemed like they may just improve my life. Granted, they were so soaked in oil and sauce
that they were pretty hard to mix and pick up, but that’s just part of the charm, baby. So I grabbed myself a gigantic wad of those
noodles and I took myself an animalistic chomp. And wow, baby, as soon as I took that cold,
calculating bite, I realized that coming into this restaurant was a pretty good decision,
dare I say a decent decision. These oil-soaked noodles were tasting just
a tad sweet, just a tad salty, and they were spicy beyond belief. I mean, the spice level was not unbearable,
but at the same time it was definitely up there, let’s just put it that way, babycakes. And to top it off, with each passing bite
that intense oil action was penetrating the very depths of my soul. Either that, or it was just penetrating the
very depths of my arteries. It’s kind of hard to tell sometimes, you know
what I’m saying? At any rate, having such a huge quantity of
oil and noodles was making me second-guess my decision to get the jumbo sized bowl. I mean, I couldn’t tell exactly, but I was
scoping out the bowls that other people had in there and it seemed like if you have a
smaller bowl, you have better proportions of ingredients in there. I feel like for the jumbo size they just add
more noodles and more sauce, but they keep the amount of bamboo shoots and pork and other
fixins the same. So while that tangy, sweet, salty and spicy
sauce and noodles were tasting quite nice, there wasn’t much of a variety in my bites. It was pretty much just one massive calorically-dense
mound. So although this jumbo size costed the same
as the other sizes, I think I would have been better off getting a normal size, or getting
a jumbo size with some add-on fixins. But hey baby, you live and you learn, right? So even though this was some of the best soba
I’ve ever had, and among the best fast food in Tokyo I’ve had, I still think I’m going
to have to give this a 4 out of 5 Catzillas. Reason being, because this incredible bowl
of soba just wasn’t quite optimized. It was just too much of the same flavor, but
I think if you order it better and given the right circumstances it does have the potential
to be a 5 out of 5. Oh, and by the way, if you like Japanese noodles
of the especially rich and oily variety, then you best be checking out my Akihabara Ramen
Tour. I got a link to that video down below in the
description box. So don’t forget to subscribe for all your
dreams to come true, and thanks for watching this video, why don’t you leave a comment,
let me know what you think.

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    What's up everybody? What kinds of videos would you like to see me make more of? Fast Food in the Far East, Convenience Store Tours, or something else?

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    The buckwildest part of the day!!

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  4. Yummy Japan says:

    Hot damn that looks hella good! Them steamy close ups are the best! – Victor

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  6. Christina Smith says:

    Nice! I’m always down for some buckwild noodle action!

  7. Faetan says:

    I would eat those soba noodles every damn day if I could. Color me jealous.

  8. Tike Manski says:

    Review some SPICY food and reveal yourself sweating tears of joy. Your commentary hits hard, always enjoyable.

  9. Friendshipguy says:

    Can we get the addresses for the restaurants you hit up? I'm planning another trip to Tokyo in June and DEFINITELy want to get frisky in this place.

  10. Friendshipguy says:

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  12. mt-32 says:

    I'll never order jumbo size in Japan after getting okonomiyaki half the size of the table in Universal Studios.

  13. Jai says:

    Been watching your videos for a while now . Totally love your content and your channel is awesome!!

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  18. deathcabkerouac says:

    Yeah dude, I've had this dish and it was amazing. Much better than I expected.

    The only difference in mine was that I was told to take a bite and then add a new ingredient. First mixed the soba noodles with the sauce, then add vinegar, mix, and take another bite or two. Then add oil, onions, garlic, so on and so forth. But yeah, delicious dish!

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    Obviously your speech pattern is part of your schtick. More painful to listening to that is hearing you pronounce Tokyo as to-kee-oh. The mistro thing is dumb also.

  27. Skaffah says:

    I ate there last august, it was fucking amazing

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