Japanese Girl AOI with Japanese food #1 TOFU

Soy bean! Mix mix.. So juicy. I’m AOI Today’s theme is TOFU! DAIZU=SOY BEAN! NIGARI=Salt from ocean! Plumpy! Soy bean plus Nigari! Mix mix mix mix TOFU! Two types of TOFU! KINU and MOMEN! Momen & Kinu! I can cut in smoothly. A lot of liquid coming out… Can you see it? So soft and juicy. Let me open it. It looks so juicy. It feels heavy and full of liquid. If I bite in, it may be soft. Let’s cut Momen. A lot of liquid came out! This one sprayed so much more liquid. Dripping… Dripping endlessly. Compared to the other one, There seems to be a lot of marks on the surface. It looks like it was pressed down or something. Since a lot of liquid sprayed out, it’s more lighter than Kinu. I’m going to lay it on the plate. It’s so hard, just as I thought. I’m laying the Kinu now. I can’t lay it down. This is Momen. This is Kinu. This is Soy Sauce. Made of Soy bean. I’m dripping it on. Such a tasty.. I can smell the rich aroma of sauce…well, of soy! Diving in! Let’s start with Momen. I can taste the soy. Mouthful of soy! I can feel the hardness. I’m going to be so full. Let me dive into Kinu. Cutting the Kinu Has less taste than Momen. It’s very juicy. It’s like a pudding. When I put into my mouth, it’ll disappear. So easily. Great!

67 comments on “Japanese Girl AOI with Japanese food #1 TOFU”

  1. amityofyouth says:

    I love tofu ^-^ we eat it daily too

  2. amityofyouth says:

    aoii so cute

  3. jukkis6699 says:

    tofu is the weirdest thing.
    fun video!

  4. Bloom says:

    miss u are to cwt

  5. jtgonzales1018 says:

    Feed Aoi or Cathy(sorry sweetheart) the balut from Philippines.

  6. Sounds of Katajamäki says:

    Why do I enjoy watching this.. I don't even like tofu.

  7. Eudaimonia says:

    Aaaaaaoiii !

  8. Indigo says:


  9. Arlekin Vergeltungswaffe says:

    Nothing more cute than Aio-san talking in english <3 <3
    Tofu is in my "must try" list

  10. Phil Berg says:

    Natto! Should be next! One of my faves!

  11. PauloWatanabe says:

    Lovely girl… (Cathy Cat too…)
    (how to say "lovely girl" in japanese?)
    (Greetings from Brazil!!)


  12. Arthur Black says:

    "It's so hard, just as I thought"
    "A lot of liquid came out!"
    "I'm going to be so full"

    is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking

  13. Jerry RE says:

    Well yeah Aoi is very cute

  14. Zoe Christina says:

    Aoi is so cute!

  15. いちごみるく says:


  16. D. says:

    More videos please. Aoi is very entertaining!

  17. Long isGone says:

    that's soy sauce bottle is so cute >.<….gotta go find one

  18. Ben J says:

    But… Can you say that in Engrish!!?? LOL

  19. PrincessCece says:

    Aww this was so cute~! I'm a vegetarian so I can't live without tofu and soy! 😀

  20. wabi sabi says:

    AOI chan kawaii! Suki ni nachatta ka mou! ^_^;

  21. Levo GAMES says:

    When I come to Japan, it will be a tough time.
    I will eat soy and tofu and fish for the first time of my life ;_;
    It smells bad for me, but I will try everyday ^^

  22. sugarindust says:


  23. geo step says:

    this video was fun and cute ^^ i wanna go to Japan so bad 🙁 and learn how to use chopsticks and eat tofu

  24. Mr eek says:

    I was tranlated to INDONESIA, and was send it.. itsuka deraru kana? hahaha

  25. Moondoggy says:

    Can I just watch this in 4k plz, aoi so cute!

  26. Michael Andia says:

    Gracias por los subtitulos en español 🙂 Aoi eres muy linda! ♥

  27. Julia Bernard says:

    Awww she is so cute! I love her! And omg how I miss Japanese tofu <3

    Your channel is amazing, I love it!

  28. kartikey bharti says:

    omg so cute :3

  29. ★ryuu says:


  30. Hiroshi Hasegawa says:

    It's scientifically proved that Tofu and other non-fermented soy products are NOT healthy.

  31. Shadovvwithoutbody says:

    Finally a video where blinking is not allowed, あおいさんはすごい美人ですから

  32. Dickson Oleary says:

    Seriously, is Aoi even REAL? Cause there is no one in the world that cute.

  33. Stampoable says:

    I once tried a tofu dish in a japanese restaurant, it was uncooked, cubed, block, dressed with soy sauce and garnished with nori. I regret to say I found it awful 🙁 zanen deshita ne! Perhaps it was prepared poorly? wakaranaindesu kedo, I was dissapointed, every other Japanese food I had tried tasted buono!

  34. Shadovvwithoutbody says:

    oh there is tofu too, after 22 times watched I could recognize it

  35. Mhippz says:

    Aoi Q&A please?

  36. Marios Doumou says:

    aoi kawaii

  37. Saccyan says:

    need more of this vids 😀

  38. barbj672000 says:

    You are so very cute!! I want to take you home!!

  39. cakeandspoon says:

    Aoi-san should be in akb or something

  40. HitsuTwistedTalong says:

    what a cute girl! hehe do your best and take care always Aoi! XD

  41. Vander Cecil says:

    If you ran English subtitles – in this one we see it can be done easily enough effectively & cheaply – you would have the most popular jvlog on YouTube.

  42. Mikkel D. says:

    OMG I love tofu and watching this is making me cave it so bad!!!

  43. Abdul Fattah says:

    Aoi so かわいい 🙈

  44. aduino says:

    I love puru puru.. She's cutie..

  45. SauceCurryyTV says:

    She's very beautiful

  46. Rhiezsmhanzs Fhiermhanzsyah says:

    siapa nama lengkapnya

  47. Sora Granda says:

    goshhh, that was so cute… damn..

  48. ً says:

    i was reading choco mimi and it had the character aoi (also it was japanese book:D)

  49. warbossgrotsmasha23 says:

    is tofu similar to cheese? 🙂 the way it looks reminds me of briny white cheese 😀

  50. Mumei Hozumi-chan says:

    Surprised she didn't hit them with: "Uuuwaaaaaahhh!! SUGOI, SUGOI! !"

  51. A lethe ia says:

    I neeeeeeeeed Agedashi tofu now.,. soo good..
    I made one with silken tofu because here in germany its hard to get firm tofu thats not too firm.. Our firm tofu is really really, firm, almost pressed, like a block.
    So I use silken tofu and let it drop and then place it on paper towels and a kitchen sieve and let it stand for an hour or so. then its firm enough to not break up and to be fried..

    hhhmnnnn tofu (  ิ౪ ิ )っ─∈ ▒ _(꒪ཀ꒪)

  52. Luke Hunter says:

    Sugoiii, Aoi is sooooooo cuuuute 😀
    I want to marry her!!

  53. the existingmonad says:

    "Soruto furomu OSHYAN!!! PURU PURU!!!" XD

  54. Forest Onaz says:

    Aoi is so positive, she makes my day! 😀

  55. aduino says:

    Please bring back Aoi!!

  56. dedi harrisma says:

    aoi…what your ig…?

  57. Tim Larsson says:

    I would love to see more videos like this, showing some Japanese food (that isn't sushi). I didn't know people ate tofu with soy sauce like that!

  58. Pooper Cooper says:

    a lot of liquid sprayed out 😉

  59. Ian Lawrence says:

    i have a soy bean, i have a salt….ah…tofu..its more like it…

  60. Lucky Valera says:

    Aoi should join japan adult industry

  61. ΕΙΔΩΛΟΝ says:

    Where is she?! 😢 WHERE IS SHE?! 😭

  62. MitoNaÁrea says:


  63. Izwan Adzman says:

    SHIZUKA in real life 😊

  64. Tikboy Tikas says:

    I just like AOI nothing else

  65. Jephte orthodox says:

    I actually like tofu and I recognize the many health benifits but I learned that it contains estrogen, which for me as a male trying to gain muscle is not beneficial. Interesting though, thank you for the video. Just a suggestion but how about tips on making homemade sushi?

  66. Green Pumpkin says:

    She sould be doing ASMR for that cuteness !

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