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– Hi guys! – Hi 🙂 – I’m here with very lovely Ayano. – Hi, nice to meet you 🙂 Please say few words about yourself okay, I’m Ayano and I’m 22 now . I was a University student I’m from Hyogo, but I moved to Tokyo in February this year ( 2018 ) How did you start modeling? My first modeling is like hair contest model yes, just hair cutting and coloring and the shooting but I’ve enjoyed so much, then I wanted to model So, I’ve updated my a hair style and my style (photos) On Instagram so someone has sent me a DM Yeah, soemone has scouted you Then I started a lot of work into model then I came to Tokyo And joined of my model agency now My mother agency is really nice I was a very nervous but everybody is a really kind to me They’ve supported me a lot The other models were also so nice to me Yes, so I can learn from everybody What do you enjoy the most in modeling ? in modeling… I can wear a lot of clothes Nice makeup and hairstyle, so I enjoy it so much. Yes, so I like models’ clothes I can wear a lot of clothing lol You like fashion, right? Yeah please tell us about your favorite job. Yeah, I like shows ( runway ) Yes, runway shows because I learned dance Yes, dance Dance sure so I like being on stage yes Yes, yes some light and the spots and a lot of people I like it, but I like shooting too so because I can show other face Yeah, I can be a different person and the photo can be my memory How do you stay fit? do you do any sports or something like that ? I really don’t do sports a lot Cause I don’t like running but I can like… I can dance, so I can learn the posing from dance What do you usually eat? What food? Do you like? Oh 🙂 I like chicken Yes, I often cook chicken Then I also like vegetables so I make Pickles a lot in my house – really? you like cooking? – yeah like a paprika ( bell peppers ) pickles It is my favorite thing What your daily menu looks like ? What do you eat during the day for example. In the morning I eat nattō nattō is a Japanese food ( * fermented soybeans ) Okay, yes With tofu. Yes. Also. This is Japanese food I don’t eat lunch because I work I work a lot so I don’t have time to have a lunch Yeah, mostly In night I eat salad or my favorite things yeah, I like spaghetti and Carbonara So I usually cook it for myself Sometimes I invite my friends And then We cook nabe ( *** Nabemono – a variety of Japanese hot pot dishes, also known as one pot dishes ) We put everything in the pot and then we eat a lot Yeah, it’s like you can put in there anything you want. – OK – I hope to work with you again in the future. – Yes, of course Thank you so much Bye !

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