*Shitty japanese subs by Heb* What what? Did you bite? It’s good right? 😀 Is it spicy? Just a little bit spicy 😀 Medicine?! Medicine? Nice 😀 awful!! Peppar candy? Salmiac? You can spit it out if you want ? Swedish candy is delicious right? 😀 It’s like a punish-game 🙁 That’s enough! It really tastes like a cockroach. Really?! It’s not good? It’s good right?!:D What does it really taste like? It’s bad. Really? If Daichi says it, it really must be bad. What the..? This is really bad. It’s still ok *can’t hear what she says* It’s good right?>:) It’s not that good, is it. At first, it wasn’t that bad Try biting it. Biting? I can still go on. Seriously? Yeah. You can go on? It is a bit harsh. It kind of reminds me of pickled dried plum candy. What’s pickled dried plum candy in English? It’s good. It’s not good! Already bad… I can’t… What are you going to eat next? This tastes the same as that one. You guys are weird. What’s that, a cookie? It kind of reminds you of gummy-candy. *can’t hear what they say :(* That’s a lot of salt! You see? It’s kind of like salt kelp. But like.. a gummy version. It really isn’t good though. *Can’t understand this one :(* *Anime speak* The best candy in sweden. It’s good. I really don’t want to eat this ever again. but It was a great experience… *Shitty japanese subs out!* No we don’t.

7 comments on “JAPANESE PEOPLE REACT TO SWEDISH CANDY [Salt Liquorice]”

  1. TheLetterZ says:

    Candies eaten:
    Turkisk Peber (everyone)
    Salt Skalle (?)
    Marabou Pepparkaka
    Sur Cola napp

    Also no idea why I turned into a robot there in the intro…

  2. QuiteFranklyFrank says:

    I love this <3 <3 <3 And everyone was so nice and brave.

  3. Hebbulinus says:

    Moar! Pls reverse this with Japanese candy from them to you.

  4. Kai Chan says:

    :D, how can one NOT love swedish candy?!

  5. Cristobal Duran says:

    I turned on english autogenerated subs and was not disappointed.

  6. Custer says:

    Härligt, You atta upload more stuff

  7. Sebastian Magnusson says:

    Haha bästa minerna 😂😂
    Skrattade ihjäl mig!!

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