100 comments on “JAPANESE STREET FOOD-How to Make TAKOYAKI (Step-by-Step)”

  1. Charlie Perez says:

    And now here I am… watching cooking videos again while eating chips 🙃

  2. PK Nation says:

    Sloppy lol

  3. Tinle Chua says:

    Hi. I'm from Philippines . I love to eat takoyaki. I've been looking for the right recipe which means the right ingredients. And I think I found one.
    But it seems you luck something… How about the the measurement of each ingredient? 1 Tbsp or ? And what kind of flour should we use? Is it ordinary flour we use in baking or the showa flour?
    You should also teach us how to make the takoyaki sauce?
    And where to buy all the flakes you put on top of the takoyaki?

  4. UltraNet 24 says:

    if I put the pan on an electric stove, how hot should the cooktop be? it goes from 1-9. Because it seems to take long turning them all and they shouldn't burn but the pan has to be hot enough… thanks!

  5. Bheng Ayuma says:

    Please write the ingredients

  6. Entoy The Dragon says:

    Could use some editing.

  7. Shekinah Yang Chi Trading says:

    where to buy otafuku sauce in philippines?

  8. Donald Johnson says:

    Thank you for sharing. I'm going to attempt making this appetizer this weekend.

  9. Mashu tns says:

    where can i buy the takoyaki pan???

  10. Ross B. says:

    I bet takoyaki would really catch on in the US, but only if you added a bunch of chicken and bacon and cheese and crap like that.

  11. Fiddy k says:

    Try cooking with dogs' takoyaki versio …its easier to follow..this video is a bit hard i think. 🙂 still nice!

  12. M3xicanvoodoo says:

    I really want to try takoyaki but my town doesn’t sell half the ingredients that are needed to make them 😞

  13. Elliott — says:

    So good!!!

  14. Joanna Capillo says:

    this is my favoriteee! aaaahhh ❤️

  15. Dora Hadain says:

    Ommm yummi i like takoyaki try to make it 😊😉

  16. Florence C. says:

    Any tips on how to make otafuku sauce, if you can´t get one where you live?

  17. Vince Michael says:

    Those look absolutely delightful!
    Thank you for sharing the process of preparing them in full, I shall be trying a myriad of combinations

  18. Ganat Suliman says:

    This is just perfect.. unintentional ASMR 🤗

  19. Burnt Cheeto says:

    To be honest… that looks ****ing delicious.

  20. Aurustius says:

    More ASMR cooking videos, 10/10

  21. Mrs Beast says:

    Takoyaki is just my one and only Favorite Japanese Foods💕🐣

  22. ten out of chittaphon says:

    When he was pouring the batter I remembered Nakamoto Yuta's manly way ㅇ O ㅇ

  23. Nihongadaisukii Adoro o Japão says:

    daisukii takoyaki ^_^

  24. adultblues says:

    Watching this again – lost count the number of times I refer to this when I want to make Takoyaki

  25. elisa michael says:

    Where to get bonito flakes?

  26. Shun Shieh says:

    What is the alternate receipe if we dont have a receipe that you use in makibg takuyaki..

  27. M says:

    Very helpful. It's nice just watch n learn

  28. Miz Jager says:

    I love takoyaki😍

  29. ReplicEAT says:

    I'll try this at home.

  30. Mark Anthony Fabay says:

    Aside of dashi.. what can i use

  31. Kamala D says:

    I shouldn’t be watching this at 12 midnight . I’m now hungry!

  32. Anlyn Magallanes says:

    Waoooo looks yummy I will try to cook this recipe when I will be back to the philippines..thanks for sharing this video.

  33. MariaWelch Santos says:

    I like also with #Veges..hymmn👏👏👏🤔💕so yummy

  34. Pamela Dipzinski says:

    Very useful video. Thank you!

  35. 3v1yGe12 xtr31 says:

    Woww looks so tidios

  36. Emily Wong says:

    Suppose you want to make a smaller amount?

  37. Life Happens says:

    I really enjoyed watching. It was very peaceful. Thank you.

  38. ItsVerosLife says:

    Was a little frustrating

  39. Francisco Cabral says:


  40. BlueApples_What says:


  41. Finnabair aka Jen Oliver says:

    Finally found a recipe for the funky pan I found at the thrift store!
    Thanks, I love this style instruction!

  42. Janeth Farnendo says:

    This is nice..I love it, I will make this as a business .. Thanks for sharing .. God bless u & family! ❤️👍☘🌹💞💕

  43. Fed up With Lies says:

    Do I have to use the toothpick?

  44. Jacqueline Boyle says:

    Great video guys❗️Thanks❗️

  45. Gen Ius says:

    your skewer is way too thin

  46. Heartless Dark says:

    Where's the measurements for the ingredients?

  47. Patty Kochenower says:

    Thank you so much , my mother made this for me growing up and it was always one of my favorite treats , thank you for showing me how step by step to do this. I can now make it for my brothers . 😘

  48. Nik emko says:

    Ahhhh! I love watching you cook! Nice pan by the way! 30 spots!! Mine only has 20. But that's ok 'cause my grandkids & I have such fun making them! Thanks for the great recipe!

  49. Catch N Cook California says:

    Thanks guys! We just added the link to your vid here in a vid we posted today making this but using a local sea snail in place of the tako. It was still so good! Thank you so much for your recipe!

  50. Sherry LeoNerdos says:

    Try mixing liquid to the flour, that'll be easier to make batter… Just try once.

  51. logno melchor ambas says:

    Wow, perfect ball ,

  52. Randy gonzales says:

    thank you. you have taught a hungry man to make takoyaki once, now i can make all the takoyaki i want . arigatō homies!

  53. Karen Gibson says:

    I will definitely try this!!! You did a great job making the takoyaki!

  54. Flerida Lopez says:

    To eat yummy …you have to really sweat it out!,,, Any kind of dishes prepared with so much effort and LOVE. taste better !,

  55. Flerida Lopez says:

    Action speaks “louder” than words…. what say you?

  56. Arab kpoper says:

    Arab otaku🌚✌

  57. Pamela Dipzinski says:

    Very helpful. Thanks! I made this for the first time today. I have never had takoyaki and don’t know what the inside texture is supposed to be. Mine came out crispy on the outside and soft/creamy on the inside; is this correct? I kind of had on idea that it would be more the texture of donut holes.

  58. Remalyn Velasquez says:

    Nice video.. Salamat po

  59. Fanesh Bhaisare says:

    Indian egg bonda

  60. Real Talk says:

    My mouth is watering 🤤. I love takoyaki so much. 😭

  61. Benjie Palma says:

    What kind of flour u use? Cake flour all forpose flour?

  62. elygar augusto says:

    Yum yummy 😋 😋 😋

  63. T L says:

    Thanks for the recipe! Intuitive cooking involves all senses of seeing, touching, smelling, tasting and listening. In the absence of music and commentary, the sound of the cooking provided a fresh yet very nostalgic perspective … like listening to loved ones preparing a thoughtful meal in the kitchen. Regards.

  64. Aimen Khalid says:

    I don't have that round thing you put it in 🙁

  65. Jo Tan says:

    thanks for sharing your video. at least it’s not that oily as compared to what i have seen in takoyaki stores.

  66. Guy Sklinchar says:

    Although you give the ingredients, you don't give the quantities of each ingredient. Next time, include the quantities.

  67. Joel Nolasco says:

    where can we get the ingridients?

  68. Erica Salonga says:

    Is there any substitute for dashi? Bcs im from Philippines and i dont think we have one that here hehe

  69. lioness77alfar says:

    Thank you …it was an awesome video

  70. Carie Spencer says:

    Cool I love it.

  71. - WarClock - says:

    Ill just add meat or beef for filling or Shrimp/Dried

  72. Arcelia Cody says:

    You guys really made me sooo hungry. Am going to try. Keep sharing your COOKING.


  73. Maria Catane says:

    Have you tried substituting the octopus with the shrimp? Is it delicious? Please let me know. Thank you!

  74. Susan Mathew says:


  75. Mitch Stellar says:

    Gimme takoyaki please❤

  76. Christina Villa says:

    I felt like I was watching the creation of art. Thank you for this, as I have been wanting to make this for a while now.

  77. Man Do says:

    Hi new subscriber here! Do you have Okonomiyaki recipe? Thank you

  78. 栗原ミア says:

    Very helpful to make takoyaki thank you for sharig…

  79. Jason McVey says:


  80. Raul Ortiz says:

    Csn I just use pancake mix

  81. Josephine Singson says:

    Hope ull show how to make oding my favorite also.and where to buy supplies for the utensils here in the Philippines

  82. Josephine Singson says:

    Where to buy the takoyaki utensils?

  83. Ramises Cayan says:

    takoyaki sauce pls

  84. Michelle Dudley says:

    Can you use something in replacement for octopus? I don't think I could eat octopus.

  85. Mhae Militar says:

    Ilove takotaki..

  86. Charlie Cookie says:

    Lacking of measurements of water, soy sauce etc. But this is good video.

  87. Suzannah Chirgwin-wade says:

    I was so interested in the this but for me I do not eat any fish at all .i just wonder if you are a vegan . Can you do the desserts like strawberry with

  88. Dhelene Wanigasekera says:

    Looks good. I'm going to try.

  89. Fought a Pidgeon says:

    Its so messyyy

  90. Irish Dayondon Torres says:

    Dōmo arigatōgozaimasu!

  91. Estrella Bonifacio says:

    Where can i buy those ingredients and most important the toppings? Where can i get the big takoyaki cooker. I like to try to make this thanksgiving, my kids loved that . Do you have to stem or boil the octupus?

  92. Advice Ni Teta says:

    Ty for this video I learned a lot! I will be making one here in our house. Be buying a takoyaki pan too! The one u made looks so delicious really! Congratulations,

    Pls hug me too. Thanks

  93. Aivey Cervantes says:

    what flour did you put on it

  94. bey bikoy says:

    the eggs is not clear how many you put in a bowl? is it 2 pcs. eggs or 4 pcs???

  95. bey bikoy says:

    u add a water and a flour without measurements?

  96. 100PercentOS2 says:

    Everything looks good. Hold the Octopussy parts.

  97. Hanna Annah says:

    Cetakannya..bulat seperti balor 😃😃😃😃👍

  98. Infrapunahilkka says:

    What are you talking about, the mayonnaise is NOT optional, it's essential and yum! Haha.

  99. ASHRAF ANSARI says:

    Which flor?rise or wheat?

  100. R T says:

    Thank you!!!! The Takoyaki was delicious!!! We did a few things differently to help make it easier (it was the first time we have tried this) We used a 12 ball cast iron takoyaki pan that was purchased on Amazon at “Happy Sales”. It fit perfectly on our stovetop unit and helped it to cook evenly. We also put the uncooked batter in condiment squeeze bottles that we purchased at Walmart. It reduced the overspill. After oiling the pan, we filled each section of the pan halfway with batter, then added the octopus and filled it up the rest of the waywith batter (careful not to over fill). We then sprinkled the ginger, onion and crushed bonito flakes. We used bamboo skewers from Walmart to turn the takoyaki. We also had the stove unit on #4 which is lower than medium heat. Thanks guys for the tutorial!

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