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  1. julie leone says:


  2. Rose Dragonblade says:


  3. KarinaUnmei says:

    I've had the melon pan with whipped cream filling <3 it's crazy delicious

  4. Depression says:

    Nice beard Satoshi ,,/

  5. Tater Totinski says:

    Satoshi looks so handsome with his thick beard!! Hubba hubba!😍

  6. ravager48 says:

    The first sample reminds me of a rice crispy treat.

  7. Matthew Terenzi says:

    Great video guys! Hello from Long Island, New York

  8. Gil Asakawa says:

    Sukiyaki Melon Pan — what an terrific idea! Will have to try next time I'm in Tokyo…. Thanks for your consistently interesting videos, guys!

  9. Rachidbouallouch Rachidbouallouch says:

    Beautiful guys i love you all

  10. Yovh Ech says:

    Loooove Asakusa!, I went to Benitsuru Pancakes, they are amazing!!!! You guys should try them.

  11. Vwlss Nvwls says:

    I only found your site a few weeks ago, and have watched only a hand full of videos, but your videos are so great I feel like we are good friends. That being said, why have you not invite me over for some of these great meal tastings?! :p

  12. Jimmy S says:

    I'm not gay, but Satoshi with that bigger beard got me tingling

  13. C. C. says:

    I'm literally drooling over the melon pan with cream.

  14. Supreme Daddy says:

    The pork bun looks amazing thanks for the video!

  15. Itzia Padilla says:

    Sukiyaki Melon Pan and Monjaman looked so tasty ! Watching both of you eating all those foods makes me happy 😂❤️

  16. pika23 says:

    It's not super meaty…it's just right! …that's what she said LMAO

  17. Gravel Lane says:

    These look so good I love this channel!

  18. Maria Milena says:

    I want to move to japan so bad 🥺😤
    I love watching you guys trying different stuff to show us and everytime I just wish I could eat them myself. 😍

  19. BillMc89 says:

    Go back!

  20. Jenni Rayflo says:

    The music is so soothing and satisfying

  21. Nathaniel McGuire says:

    Asian street food is not a good topic atm

  22. Pei K says:

    wish I can try melon pan :(. also…the 2nd item Shinichi had looks like either a sweetened rice cake or some kind of brittle?

  23. Erin Uber says:

    Hi Shinichi and Satoshi! It is so fun to see you trying more delicious street food!! The sukiyaki melon pan was so interesting. I wish I could try the kiritampo soup. I have always wanted to try that. It looks amazing. Thank you for the video!

  24. samuraimonkey says:

    When I heard the music I thought Martin Yan, or Ming Tsai was gonna pop out.

  25. Lisa Cakes says:

    Everything looked amazing! I really want to try that strawberry rare cheesecake! 😍

  26. KHainstock88 says:

    That breakfast sandwich looks phenomenal. I want 50 of them.

  27. Brian Glenn says:

    It all looks so good!

  28. Matheus Pereira says:

    New vídeo!!!! 👍👍👍✌️

  29. Heidi Hernandez says:

    You guys could upload everyday and it still wouldn’t be enough! 💕💕💕

  30. Regina Ichimomo says:

    hello from germany^^ you guys are really cute and I like, like, like your videos <3

  31. Roberto Giovannini says:

    The cream melonpan being a bread is pretty similar in concept to what we call a Maritozzo in Rome. Our bread resemble the loaf used in korokkepan

  32. mariesella Miller says:

    HELLO THANK U 4 sharing now U have giving me idea 2 make GINGER BROWN SUGAR TEA with SOY milk & the FRUIT TEA! ❤ 💘

  33. Sébastien Fortin says:

    I’d love to taste everything! It looked so delicious!

  34. ALLYOUCANEAT says:

    Satoshi looking very handsome with his full beard!

  35. FitAussieAngie says:

    Hi Satosh and Sinichi 👋🏼 you know I’m an old time subscriber and love every video you both produce, but your street food ones are my absolute favourite, especially the sweets and desserts ones lol. Oh my gosh how amazing! I need to come to Japan one day for sure. Happy weekend my friends

  36. Radical! says:

    That beard 😳😳

  37. Tussk says:

    2:30 its different from other poke bums?

  38. j c says:

    does satoshi have a hairy chest? do a chest reveal!

  39. Kyle Cutler says:

    We are going Japan in 3 weeks time, any chance of a video about some vegetarian foods from 7/11?

    A real lack of good videos for vegetarians visiting Japan on YouTube!

  40. Cogito Anima says:

    Discovered you guys by a mistake, a double click but I'm so happy mu mouse had a mind of it's own. Came to stay. Keep it going , love the channel. From a Canadian friend. 🙂 Now I think I need to travel to Japan rofl.

  41. Rebecca Hamilton says:

    Hi guys I'm new here and I gotta say I really like your show! Some of the foods you have tasted look so super yummy. I would love to see more of what the street food venders offer. Japan is a very amazing place!

  42. jmason183 says:

    Is there any good food places near Gundam? I want to say Gundam Park, but that may not be accurate. I hope there are and you guys do a segment on it

  43. Lady Murasaki says:

    Yes please show us more! Love all those tasty food you had today! 😋😋😋💜

  44. FoodDoodz says:

    Shinichi and Satoshi do such a good job making it feel like you're traveling along with them experiencing new places and food! Thanks for being awesome! You've inspired us to start our own channel because we're just as obsessed with food. 😀

  45. Ivana Kočić says:

    I always stay in Asakusa when in Tokyo, I see it as my second but favorite home, and on my way to Asakusa station pass by these stores in Nakamise dori every morning and even if I had breakfast before- I always have to buy a snack in one of them because everything is tasty 😋 That melon pan store and Ichigo sweets store – are probably on top of my list. Thank you for reminding me of them.

  46. succeed tribal says:


  47. Ismene Hera says:

    It all looks so amazing!!! I would be able to choose and would want to try everything!

  48. George Moran says:

    We are coming to tokyo next year after being inspired by your videos

  49. EvE says:

    Everything looks so delicious! Thank you for taking us with you on another yummy trip! 💜

  50. mihály tamás says:

    i would love these fancy foods 🙂

  51. LtlRed Hen says:

    Ohhh, I love pork buns

  52. abc xyz says:

    You could open up an Amazon store and ship products. It would be cool to see a video on the crafts that are sold there. I love the little miniature shops that you can put together.

  53. Lisandra Rodrigurez says:

    Yes come back to that wonderful place

  54. MzzzNettie says:

    I want that breakfast sandwich!!!!

  55. Madaug says:

    Thank you, that ham and cheese breakfast sandwich looked amazing.

  56. Killercutie206 says:

    I love this channel, feels so happy and wholesome. I love it!

  57. S Shaw says:

    I miss Japan like crazy.

  58. Brian Garon says:

    now i want ihop

  59. K M says:

    今回のは、全部美味しそう! 浅草も変わりましたね。 以前はそれほど『スイーツ』感のある町じゃなかった。
    で、日本語字幕は有り難いです。 強制翻訳(?)は意味がチンプンカンプンだったりで…。

  60. astrokier says:

    Yes please go back there 👍🏻

  61. Derpington says:

    I hate this channel.
    They make me want to go to Japan even more so I can try these foods even when I know never will be able to.
    These are sad times.
    (I don't actually hate them don't flame me)

  62. Leslie M says:

    I love your food adventures!

  63. Katie Morein says:

    When I went to Tokyo in August, I stayed in Asakusa. I absolutely love it there, I visited Senso-ji Temple almost every day. The taiyaki was delicious along with the sweet potatoes with sesame seeds when I was there

  64. Joanne Gray says:

    That fruit tea looked amazing. I love citrus flavours and in the UK, hot lemon and honey is used as a soothing drink when someone has a cold or flu.

  65. AHylianWarrior says:

    I desire more Asakusa! It's such a rich diverse market with so many unique ideas like that strawberry stall! Looked so good!

  66. Mary D. E. says:

    I went to Asakusa in September 2017, I really enjoyed the beautiful temples. Only regret was all of the street food stalls were closed for the day so I didn’t get the full experience here. There where still a lot of souvenir and candy shops open, though I really missed out on the food. I’m looking forward to visit again some day.

  67. Guy Mats says:

    I know that place! Great video and very happy memory for me! Thanks guys!

  68. Tina Jakes says:

    Satoshi is so cute when he likes something good to eat.

  69. purberri says:

    My favorite place always stay there when I come to Tokyo. I’ll be back in April. I’m going to try the sukiyaki melon pan!

  70. Eddy Spaghetti says:

    I just had to re-subscribe for some strange reason.. I subbed to you guys about 2 weeks ago and i was wondering to myself "im pretty sure TabiEats uploaded a new video by now, how come im not getting any notifications?" I seen this was posted 2 hours ago and i didnt get the notification.. When i clicked on the video to watch it.. It said i was un-subbed so i had to subscribe again.. I dont mind it.. You guys are worth it.. And the street food looks absolutely amazingly delicious if that makes any sense lol

  71. Jiuhuashan says:

    Going there in April, can't wait!

  72. Jo McGee says:

    This was a fabulous video!!! Everything looked amazing…I could almost smell that ginger tea!!! The surroundings were gorgeous as were both of you!!! Love and hugs!!!

  73. Emilee Baker says:

    The sukiyaki melon pan sounds almost like a Japanese spin on the doughnut burger.
    In the U.S. (or at least the part I'm from), Sonic Drive-In used to sell French toast breakfast sandwiches.

  74. Rue Bert says:

    The wife and I love having dinner to your videos!

  75. YeoYolo says:

    Been watching your content a lot lately! Love it and it makes me so hungry! I am actually going to a Japanese restaurant today! Cant wait!!

  76. Randy Lee says:

    is it capital I takimas or E takimas?

  77. Griselle Marti says:

    Nice volg ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍

  78. Tenjin Ikeda says:

    Love street food!

  79. Brandon Rowland says:

    Are Satoshi's family Ainu? His beard looks very full.

  80. NecroBanana says:

    Is Satochi slowly becoming a master wizard?

  81. MJ I says:

    It all looked so delicious! Love your food trips guys 👍🏻❤️

  82. Tipsy Mologn says:

    Your accents are so different and fascinating, everyone sounds the same where I am

  83. CindyLovesLit says:

    Satoshi's excited reactions make me happy! I can't wait to visit Japan later this year and try all of these wonderful foods.

  84. moviemetalhead says:

    I'd definitely like to see more of the Asakusa vids

  85. Dennis Tani says:

    I gotta try that breakfast sandwich, looks great! no place close to my house in okinawa that sells a breakfast sandwich

  86. Lillith says:

    I want to visit Japan so badly just for the street foods.

  87. katluver09 says:

    You know I was here when satoshi was so shy in front of the camera because of his english, and we would encourage him that his english was better then he thought. With that being said, how much he has been talking the videos, just makes me so happy! I like yall guys so much!! Stay confident my friends!!

  88. L Soule says:

    This video makes me wonder why there isn't a ton of lard asses walking around Tokyo

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