Japanese Street Food Tour | Eating in Togoshi Ginza, Tokyo 🍢

Alright guys so we have another street food
video coming your way. Today we are visiting Togoshi Ginza (戸越銀座商店街)
which apparently is the longest shopping street in Tokyo. 1.3 kilometers over 400 shops. So this should be exciting. We brought our appetite. We purposely skipped breakfast so let’s go
eat Japanese street food. Yes. Oh my goodness so of course we have the bros. Look who is back again for some Japanese street
food. Are you hungry my friend? I’m really hungry. And I hope we find some good food. I thought this was going to be more like a
Pedstrian street. Yeah. Yes. Same here. But it is just kind of a there is a decent
amount of traffic I have to say. There is a lot of traffic. I mean no foot traffic but there is a lot
of real traffic. Alright let’s go in search of Tokyo Street
Food. Okay so this is looking good. It looks like some meat, some breaded cutlets,
pork. Chicken. Shrimp. So I think this is going to be our first stop. Let’s get some meat inside of our systems. (Speaking Japanese) Alright boys. Got the goods. Yeah. So this is our first street food (Korokke
– コロッケ) item here in Tokyo, Japan. So I’m going to unveil here. Check this out. It is a fish. With its tail. Breaded fried fish (Korokke – コロッケ). Breaded fried fish. I’ve got the shrimp over here. A little shrimp-y. What do you got in your hand Rob? I’ve got pork which is kind of the classic
one here. And then I’ve also got a potato one which
I just saw hiding in the corner. Yeah. I figured we’re not going to let that one
go away. Okay so time for me to try mine. I’m going to start with this massive shrimp
over here. Let’s dig right in. Mmmm. Check out that meat. White and flaky. Look at that. So our second order was the breaded fish. Yep. Oh it is so good. So salty. And then really crispy on the outside. I love that. And then tender in the middle. Nice strong fish flavor. It is delicious. Off to a good start. Yeah. So our first snack is over. And how much was that guys? Very good. Well it is all different prices. It really depends on what you are getting. But I just had a peak at the prices and it
is between 130 to 370 Yen depending on whether it is meat or vegetarian or seafood. So not bad for a little snack. And how about yours? My pork and onion one was 214 Yen which is
about $2 US dollars or just under. Yeah. And the my favorite which was the potato was
130 Yen. You know what? So like a dollar. That is the consensus hit between the two
of you right now. You both said that. It was like potato salad deep fried. And I missed out on that. Alright guys I think we have found our next
stop. We were just wandering down the street and
then we saw this picture right here. It basically looks like a cookie stuffed with
ice cream or milk and a whole bunch of fruits. 320 Yen. We’re craving something a little sweet after
deep-fried greasy food. It is warm today. It is going to be highs of 30s so. This could be good. I hope they have some ready to go. Let’s go in. This looks super cute. They’ve got like cookies shaped like pets
and people. Let’s grab two of these. (Speaking Japanese) Okay. Yeah, okay. (Speaking Japanese) Thank you. So (Arctic Melonpan) now that I’m looking
at this up close and not just in the picture it is not cookies like I thought. It is actually a bread bun that has been cut
in half and filled with some kind of cream. We’ve got a cherry and maybe a grape. Maybe some mandarin in there. Mmmm. Wow. That is like halfway between whipped cream
and ice cream. That is really tasty. It has some tangerine in there. Wow. Nice and citrus-y. Lots of surprises in there. Mmmm. It is also a sweet bread. And they are 320 Yen. This is quite good. 320 Yen. Alright, it is now Sam’s turn to dig in. Yeah, so we each got our own. Yeah. And look it is covered I think in flour on
the top here. It is icing sugar. Oh it is icing sugar. Yeah. It wouldn’t be cool if it were flour. We’re eating raw flour. Mmmm. Wow. What do you think? Yeah, it is a lot different than what I was
expecting. Yeah. Wow. You get that taste of the fruit a bit more
than I thought. Mmmhmm. And then also it is really creamy. I know. And it is so refreshing isn’t it? It is very refreshing yeah. It is not um. It is just perfect because it is so warm outside. I’ve gotta have another bite of that. I’m going to try and get a cherry in there. I’m going to try and get that. Oh. Yeah, I would agree. This is a great summer snack. Just very light with cream. A bit of fruit. It is all we need. So what do you think Rob? We all tried it. I’m just cool right here. Literally. I’m cooling off eating this ice creamy whatever
it is. It tastes processed. It tastes delicious. Yeah. I mean I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought it was ice cream but it is not. It is just good. It is just good stuff. I have a 10. I have a 1 here. So we’re competing over who is going to pay. We’re combining our resources. How much does it come to in total guys? Less than 400 Yen. 320 Yen. 320 Yen. So like $3 US dollars. Yeah. And we’re getting four and we’re going to
share them. Little pieces. Yeah, it is going to be great on top of the
custard. It is just my stuff. Crying for it. We did this in the wrong order for sure. Alright guys so here we go this stop was for
Oden (おでん) and basically it is a winter-y soup. It is like a light broth and you get all of
these different ingredients that are just floating in the broth and then you pick and
choose what you want to have. So we ordered a little mix. We got a lot of tofu actually. A lot of this is tofu and different shapes
in different sizes. Yeah. Giant sized, bite sized. Oh, it is so hot. Not at all. You know what? This is something similar to be had to what
we had in Korea. It was called odeng there. This is very similar names. That is probably the same thing. I see a slight connection. No but yeah this is pretty good. I mean it is definitely something you’d want
to be eating on a cooler day. Yes. It is like 30 degrees. Summer out in Tokyo right now. More of a winter savory food. Mmmhmm. And yeah it was 320. The price was 320 Yen. What did you think Rob? You had some too. I’m a huge oden (おでん)fan. Yeah. I mean I never knew I loved it until I tried
it. I mean it doesn’t look like much. Yeah. But it packs a heck of a punch. It is comfort food. Soul food. Soul food. Just like Audrey said maybe you know the most
desirable in 30 degrees at noon. Haha. But I mean it is good. It is good. Yeah. I’m loving it. What do you think Rob? Coming on a Monday in the morning. It is like we wanted to avoid the crowds. Yeah. And we achieved that. Yeah. But I think a little bit more soul would have
been nice. At the moment it is kind of a ghost town. It is. Half the places are closed. We’re just walking around in the heat of the
day eating like wintery favorites like oden. This is not the quintessential uh experience
in Tokyo where you’re rubbing shoulders with yeah but at the same time I mean it could
be the complete opposite where it is so busy you can hardly think. Yeah, so at the moment we’ve got the place
to ourselves. You want to look at the positive we’re eating
good food. It is a beautiful day. So it is cool. Hahaha. We’re a fussy crowd. We’ve changed cats for dogs and dogs with
cats. But we are getting some donuts. (Speaking Japanese) Hahaha. Well Audrey you’ve got a couple things in
your hands. Two donuts. So more sweets. We stopped at Floresta which is a donut shop. I ordered a really cute one. Mine is a seal. And Sam was just like I want coconut. I want coconut. Exactly. Is that really a seal? Go back. Come back. Yes. Is that really a seal? Look at it. Its little flappy arms. Oh wow. Oh wow. Yeah. And it is made with sesame. Yeah. That is the black seeds you can see all over. And yeah this one is white chocolate and coconut
but no cute creature. No design. Ah, how sad. Womp. Womp. Here we go biting into this cute doughnut. I’m biting into the bum. Hahaha. You don’t want to attack its face until the
end. You want to keep it as pretty as possible
to the very last moment. That is what it looks like on the inside. Oh wow. Mmmm. That is kind of like a bit of a salty glaze
with the sesame. Oh really? That is not sweet like I was expecting. That is interesting. And they’ve crushed the sesame seeds. It is like crushed and roasted sesame seeds. Wow. So not super sweet. But oh and before I forget how much were the
donuts? The cute ones are 200 Yen. If you’re going for a plain one. The non-cute one 180 Yen. 180. I remember the 180 Yen price. Your turn my man. Well Mister Plain Old Sam with his plain old
coconut donut. Let’s try that. Yours smells really good. Oh, it does. It is coated with coconut. You really smell the coconut. I know. Apparently there is white chocolate too but. Yeah. Mmmm. What do you think about that? Mmmm. Oh yeah. That is really good. It is not as sweet as like um Canadian or
American donuts. Yeah. Which is kind of nice. It tastes a bit healthier. Not like Timmies. Good old Tim Hortons. It tastes a bit healthier but I really taste
the coconut. I don’t taste the white chocolate so much
to be honest. Hhhmmm. Interesting. Yeah. Okay and now that you’ve tried yours do you
want to take a bite out of my sesame seed donut and see what you think. I would like to. Am I allowed to bite its head? Sure. Oh my gosh it is going to have to be eaten
at some point. I’m so cruel. Mmmm. Oh wow. Do you know what you mean about the saltiness? Yeah. It is salty. Yeah. Wow that is really good. Look at that. There is actually a walnut in there. If you can believe it. Is there? Yeah. Look at this. Can you see that? Oh an almond. Sorry not a walnut. An almond. Yeah. There is another almond here. That is its little arms. Its little arms or ears. So now we are going to try melonpan (メロンパン). It looks like a bread, is shaped like a melon. Several flavors to choose from. Okay time for melon pan. Okay my friends so there is nothing melon
about this in terms of its ingredients. It just kind of has the shape of a melon. The shape of a melon. It looks like a melon. That is it. I can tell it is kind of like sugary granuals
on the outside. It is hard to the poke. To the poke. It is fluffy in the middle. And they also had a whole bunch of flavors. Yeah, they did. There was cinnamon. Cinnamon. Caramel. Chocolate. Yeah I ended up getting the caramel. And I’ve never had this before so maybe I
should have tried the plain but I’m going to try caramel anyways. Woah, in he goes. Oh yeah it is good. 180. It tastes crispy on the outside and doughy
on the inside. And how much did you guys pay for your melonpan? These are 180 Yen. Mmmhmm. So you’re talking like just over a dollar
fifty US. A dollar sixty US. Not bad. For this. That is a great deal. Are you going to have a beer? Yeah. Yeah. I’d like a beer. Okay Whisky Ginger Ale. Okay I think we’re going Whisky Ginger Ale. Are we not. Finish strong. Go out with a bang. What is going on? Well, what is going on. Can anyone explain over here. Just whisky in the middle of the afternoon. Just a midday whisky. Midday. What I want to know is what is the name of
this place? Yeah, good question. Oh and how much were they guys? I don’t know I think those are 400 Yen each. Oh, 400 each. Yeah, that is correct. I remember that now. And we have chicken to come? Chicken to come. Haha. Alright. (Speaking Japanese) Look at my shoes. Wow. And Japan shoes. Japan. And ugly Canadian shoes. Hahaha. (Speaking Japanese) Oh what has arrived at the table my friends. Alright we have fried chicken. We are having some interesting conversations
in lots of different languages. We’ve been looking at shoes. We’ve been looking at shoes. Yeah. It has been interesting. So confusing but the fried chicken is here. We’ve got some chicken breasts. Oh that is so hot. It is hot and greasy. Hot and greasy. We may have to let it cool down a little bit. And then we’ll dig right into that. Rob show us how it is done my friend. Mmmm. That looks lean. Good and greasy? Mmmhmm. The only way to do it. The only way to have it. You can tell that like it is like. It is like the chicken has been inpregnated
with the grease. Hahaha. At the cellular level. Wow. Alright boys. How was that? That was one insane outing. It started off a little slow and as the day
went by it picked up and it got really interesting near the end. We may be on Japanese TV. We met a couple really colorful characters. Maybe. And we finished off with a bang. What did you think of it Rob? I liked it. Like Sam said it just got more and more interesting
as the day progressed. It kind of started out slow and we might be
on Japanese television. And that last stall was filled with interesting
characters and good flavors. So all in all just a fun time. It sure was so that concludes our Japanese
street food tour. And we will see you with more Japanese food
and travel content soon. Ciao for now.

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