Japanese Street Food Tour in Asakusa (浅草) | Tokyo, Japan

Alright guys good afternoon. It is time for another street food video here
in Tokyo, Japan. And today we have come to Asakusa (浅草). I believe that is how it is pronounced. In Japanese it is known as Asakusa (浅草)
to foreigners. That is a lot easier to say. Um but yeah we’ve come here it is packed. There are so many tourists because this is
the sight of Sensoji Temple (金龍山浅草寺). So yeah we’re just going to be walking down
this one street that leads all the way to the temple. There is lots of street food in the area. We have come hungry yes so let’s do this. That is our primary goal. To eat all of the street food. So this is the plan of action. We arrived as Asakusa (浅草) station. We walked over to Kanimarinom Gate (雷門). We’re going to be following the street Nakamise
all the way to Senso-ji Temple (金龍山浅草寺) and the Five Story Pagoda. And along the way it is going to be all about
the food. So we found our first little snack. I’m not entirely sure what it is (Ningyo Yaki – 人形焼)
but it looks waffle-y or pancake-y. And we got three of these for 150 Yen. Also after we purchased it they showed us
a little sign that said you cannot walk and eat on this street. You have to eat it in front of the shop. So that is what we’re doing. Yeah, let’s take a look at that. There we go. Opening it up. Oh. Look at that. It looks like it looks like the lantern. The red paper lantern we saw at the very front
of the street. And that is the shape of it. Yeah. Let’s bite in. Mmmmm. Of course red bean paste. Oh yummy. It is pipping hot. Gotta love it. Mmmm. It is very tasty. It is very sweet. Anything with the red bean paste always tastes
so much better when it is warm. Freshly made. Freshly made. Yeah. And I have to say they have like this mechanical
contraption that is like pouring the dough stuffing it, cooking it, flipping it and then
it just keeps moving along. it is quite the system. Really impressive and this is so tasty. Mmmmm. Oh my gosh I love this. Anything with this red bean paste is just
such a hit for me. It is one of my favorite things after having
lived in Korea for a while. I eat this a lot. And now to be in Japan and having all of these
things oh it is right up my alley. Time for our second snack. That was only a few footsteps away. And we got this little bag (Kibi Dango – きびだんご) with
five sticks. I’m going to venture a guess and say this
is some kind of rice ball covered in powder. It sure looks like it. It actually looks like the kind of snack you’ve
been buying yeah for your little dinners. That is what leads me to believe it is probably
sticky rice. Yeah. And with that we’ve got some cold matcha. Some green tea. And it is cold because it is summer. Yep. And in terms of price these five little dessert
skewers it was 330 Yen yep. And for the tea it was 110 Yen. So here we go. Time for these little skewers. Let’s dig in. Mmmm. Yeah, I don’t know if you can see but it is
definitely like a sticky glutinous rice. And it is coated in some kind of powder. I’m not entirely sure it is almost a bit nutty. And it definitely has sugar granules in there
to make it extra sweet. So yeah it is pretty tasty. Mmmmm. We’ve been keying in on the sweets so far. Mmmhmm. And you got some green tea to go with that
to wash it all down. Some green tea. That is very light. I was actually expecting it to be like a really
bitter green tea to kind of contrast with the sweetness but it is not. It is just very light, very refreshing and
just very palatable. Easy to enjoy. So yeah that has been really good. I have to say of all of the street food tours
we’ve done in Tokyo so far I think this maybe the busiest street. Yes. Yeah. It is all about the location because we are
right next to the temple. Brings the crowds. Oh those are good. It is sweeter than what I was expecting. Yeah. Which is really cool. Mmm. Yeah, that has got some sugar and it is very
nutty. Very nutty. I’d say we’re off to a good start so far with
this little street food tour we’re doing here. Oh call it spicy. Oh, spicy. And use the spoon. Oh. Yeah. Time for the next snack. Mmmm. Spicy? It is spicy because we added spice to it. They made it that way. Hot. And it is really crispy and crunchy on the
outside. But then it is like really gooey and sticky
on the inside. Oh wow. That is very interesting. That is an interesting contrast of textures. Yeah. You know what? We’ve been in Japan for several weeks now. First time seeing anything like this. First time trying it. Yeah. Well you’ve been trying all kinds of different
things so far. Yeah. I was thinking maybe there might be some repetition
but not at all. No. Totally new things to eat. Oh and how much were they? 100 Yen for a skewer. Cool. Here he goes. Oh my gosh now I know why you felt like you
were going to sneeze. That spicy powder just like kind of overwhelms
your throat. Yeah. Mmmm. It is really interesting. It is far more savoury than I expected. Yeah. I was thinking it was going to be sweet for
some reason but not at all. That is a really interesting one. Next up we got a cheese and sweet potato pie. Well we asked for the cheese and sweet potato
pie but she kept saying cheese pie. Cheese pie. So I don’t know if they were out of sweet
potato or what. Well there is some cheese in there. Some kind of pie. There will be some cheese in there. Um yeah so it is really small. And we paid 350 Yen. Yeah. Which to me seems a bit pricey for the size
of this. But they do look good. It is warm. I sure hope it is densely filled with cheese. Yeah, it is fresh out of the oven. It really is. I think it will be tasty. I’m actually looking forward to trying this
one. So let’s break that in half. Yes. Oh woah there is the cheese. Two fillings. It was not lost in translation. No. We got cheese. We got sweet potato. I’m excited to try this I don’t think I’ve
ever this combination with cheese and sweet potato. Mmmm. If you take a closer look here you can see
we have a chunk of sweet potato. It is so sweet. So so sweet. And the cheese it kind of reminds me of a
feta but slightly creamier. Kind of salty. Wow. And it is kind of melted. This is like some premium ingredients in there. It is so flaky. Like I don’t know if you can see this but
this is wonderful. Look at the layers. Wow. It is crispy yet buttery. Verdict. I’m loving this. This is probably the best thing I’ve had so
far. Willing to pay the 350 Yen now that I know. This is so good that I just couldn’t wait
until I got on camera. I was already nibbling away at it. So. Oh my gosh. It is just that combination of the sweet potato
and that salty creamy cheese that just makes it so delicious. Like I agree with you. It is by far my favorite thing I’ve had so
far. The other X factor is the flakiness of the
pastry. And it is kind of buttery too. Oh my gosh that is so good. I got some socks and I want to say they are
toe socks but they are not because they just split like your big toe like your thumb toe. Hahaha. From the other four. Your thumb toe. It is called your big toe. Your big toe. Hahaha. I think they are meant to be worn with sandals
here but I think they are just really cute and I got the Sakura pattern which are like
the cherry blossoms. Mmmhmm. So yeah there is a pink one. There is a teal one. I hope my sisters like it. I hope their feet aren’t too big. Haha. It runs in the family. Oh wow. Ice cream. Oh it is nice and big. Hahaha. Thank you. Oh thanks so much. I have to say I’m very excited to have found
this. We tried to eat this in Osaka. Melonpan (メロンパン). Do you remember that? Yes, we went there on a rainy day yeah and
the food truck that serves melon pan was closed for the day. What a sad occasion. Then we went to a different market where we
had melonpan (メロンパン) but without the ice cream. It was just the bread. This is the real deal. So we got the real deal. If I open it here it is so big. We got like a square of ice cream. It almost looks like butter. And guys it is huge. Put your hand out for comparison. Like that is a big melonpan. It is bigger than my palm for sure. It really is. Yeah and the reason it gets its name melonpan
is because it looks like a melon on the exterior. Like a cantelope. Um it is not melon flavored so yeah not at
all. Don’t come assuming this is melon ice cream. Purely in shape. Oh brain freeze? Argh. Not brain freeze. Sensitive teeth. Oh. I can’t bite into ice cream apparently. I can’t either. My gosh like that it just makes me feel sensitive
just thinking about you talking about that. Hahaha. That is vanilla ice cream. As for the bread I think it is just the classic
plain flavour. Yep. Because we did go to another bakery in Tokyo
where they had like cinnamon, caramel, chocolate. Yep. All of these options but this one is just
plain with vanilla. Cool. So it is alright but I feel like it is a lot
of bread. I feel like I’m going to run out ice cream
before I eat all of the bread. Time for me to try this bad boy. I have to say there is a little. There is a pigeon waiting for the food. Waiting for the spoils. Waiting for the spoils. Probably the bread to fall down. Yep. I’ve already been dropping some bread so he’s
sticking around. Oh! Oh! Oh my gosh. That is ice cold. He pulled it out of the freezer. I made the same mistake as you. I bit right into the ice cream. It kind of reminds me of like a giant ice
cream sandwich. Mmmhmm. Yeah. You’ve been having a lot of ice cream here
in Japan haven’t you Sam? I have been. Ice cream sandwiches from the vending machines. My gosh I’ve had way too much ice cream in
Japan so far. So this is right up my alley to be honest. Alright guys next snack it is going to be
a savory one. So yeah we paid 200 Yen for each. Let’s bite into it. Yeah. Getting a little windy here too. Hmmm. What is that? A very very good question. The other day when we went to Yokohama Chinatown
we had a whole bunch of steamed buns. This is like a steamed bun stuffed with curry. Like a beef curry and then it has been deep-fried. It has been cooked in oil. So you are getting steamed-fried bun. Wow. That is what this is. That is fascinating. Um it is not my favorite. No? I don’t really love it but it is okay. Mmmhmm. Um and yeah it is savory but it also has a
certain sweetness to it from the meat. Let’s see what you think of it? Mmmm. I think I like it quite a bit more than you. Yeah? Yeah. Yeah, this is your thing? Yeah. And you know what. It tastes like the Japanese style curry. Not the Indian curry. Oh, the kind you get at the Coconut Curry
House. Okay. That is what it tastes like to me. And they also had a whole bunch of sweet fillings. Yeah. Like you could get this with pumpkin, sweet
potato, chocolate, custard. All kinds. Yeah there were tonnes of different flavors. Yeah. Like there must be over 10 for sure. Yeah we were just in the mood for savory after. Yes, we’ve had so many sweets we didn’t anticipate
having this many sweets so yeah we’ve been craving something savory. And for me this has been really good. I like this quite a bit. Yeah. Mmmhmm. Alright guys so here we are. We have reached the end of shopping street
and that concludes our food tour. We’ve also reached the temple at long last. I think we probably spent about an hour or
hour and a half here. Yeah. I think it is just like 250 meters but we
meandered. We sampled food. We were eating and following our noses. It was a really tasty Japanese Street Food
Tour so we hope you guys enjoyed it. It has gotten like really windy. So I think it is going to start raining any
minute. So we’re going to say goodbye and we’ll see
you soon with more food and travel videos here on our channel. Bye. Bye.

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