Japanese Street Food Tour in Osaka, Japan – DEADLY PUFFERFISH Sashimi (FUGU) + Noodle Tour of Osaka!

– All right, check it out guys. It’s Trevor James. We just got into Osaka, Japan. We’re on a World Noodle Tour
and today we’re bringing you for an extreme street food adventure and we’re gonna go for one of the top bowls of ramen in the city. Check it out. (upbeat music) This is it, Osaka. Home to some of the best
street food in Japan and today we’re bringing you in deep for four incredible street foods, including the ultra deadly
Japanese fugu puffer fish. So make sure to watch
all the way until the end to enjoy them all. Let’s eat. This is it right here, guys,
deadly fish for breakfast. (speaking in foreign language) – Hi. (speaking in foreign language) – Oh, Fugu – Fugu, fugu.
– Fugu Wow, and you can actually see there is also big long
eel in here as well. So there’s eel and then
there’s these, fugu, poisonous puffer fish. Look at that, wow! We’re gonna get the biggest
one and have it in a hotpot as well as with sashimi. Oh, oh, oh, oh, (laughing) there it is! Wow, oh it is, it’s soft. It’s a definite puffy feeling. (speaking in foreign language) – Very, very delicious.
– Very delicious. (laughing) This is deadly first meal of the day. Oh, here’s the slicing. (speaking in foreign language) Oh, so there’s a gland inside here that you don’t want any of
the liquid inside to infuse into the flesh because
you will die very quickly. I was reading online that six people die every
year from eating fugu. And I’m a little nervous because, while it is safe and all
these chefs have to train and take a course, there is still definitely a risk. There’s this big bubble
that’s full of air, which makes it all puffed up. So you can see in the back
there he just pulled it. Oh that’s the poison. (speaking in foreign language) – Poison.
– Poison. (laughing) And this is Mr. Ken who’s
been working here for 30 years slicing up this fugu, Ss I think we’re in good hands. It’s just watching that whole experience of the puffing, the slicing, the throwing of that gland full of poison. So we just have to be confident
that there was no juices seeping into the flesh, which I think, looking at this
scene here is pretty good. Oh splatter! And he’s got a fugu facial of fugu juices and I think a little went
into my mouth as well. And there it is. (speaking in foreign language)
– Very very very, very delicious.
(laughing) (speaking foreign language) – We’re gonna try it out. (speaking foreign language)
– Sashimi style. (speaking in foreign language) – Okay, oh and here is the fugu hotpot. (speaking foreign language) – Fugu skin, fugu skin sashimi? – Yes, yes, wow! So we got a lot of different
ways to eat the fugu here. I’m a little nervous. This is the sashimi and I hope I make it through the day guys. We got a lot of food to eat today. And on our world noodle journey, we’re on a two-year journey for noodles. We got one of the best bowls
of ramen, if not the best. Coming up after this, so let’s hope we make it through. Let’s try it out. Mm, oh, wow that is
actually quite delicious. The fugu texture is just maybe
slightly springy and soft, and when you dip it this
is actually a Ponzu sauce so it has a slight citrusy-ness to it. So it’s really quite a
simple and light fish but combined with that
Ponzu, it’s really nice. And we can also dip it in some chili. Mm, mm. Okay, let’s go in for
that hotpot next guys, let’s take a nice couple chunks and he said we should just put it in and do five slow turns. So one, two, three, four, five. Okay, there it is. And then you just dip it in
to the Shabu Shabu sauce. Let’s go for that. Mm, oh yeah! Really satisfying. That is really just
elegant, light, bringy, soft (speaking foreign language) I’m still alive. I don’t feel any numbness. I was a bit worried, but
we made it through guys. And we’re gonna finish all of this flesh and keep going for the rest of the day. Mm. And you can see it’s definitely worth it, if you wanna try a new delicacy. This is totally a unique
experience in Japan. Mm. And then we’re gonna go in for that skin. We got chili in there, green onion, no poison in here this is
expertly cut fugu skin sashimi. Let’s try it out. Mm, mm. It’s fatty. It’s spicy with the Ponzu
sauce as well in there. Citrus-y. And after trying all of these here, I find it hard to believe
that this fish actually kills about six people per year. I’m feeling good. We’re not gonna have to call an ambulance. We’re not gonna have
to visit the hospital. We made it through, guys. So out of all these, I’m having a hard time deciding what is the best. The sashimi is very delicious, but quite plain. The real kick is from that Ponzu sauce, but this stock right here is sooo Umami with the mushroom and the fugu aroma in there. It’s thick, it’s bold, yet it’s smooth at the same time. Mm. Oh that is pure comfort. (speaking in foreign language) Thank you, see you, bye bye. Amazing guys. Bye bye.
– Bye bye. And this has got to be one of the joys of food ranging, guys exploring for food. Right up ahead, I hear there’s a famous
Yakisoba fried noodle joint. We are on a world noodle tour, so we’re bringing you guys for a couple iconic bowls of noodles here. One is a fried noodle and
then later, this afternoon, we’re going for number one ramen in Osaka. Let’s go try out those
fried noodles first. And here we are guys. Fried noodles here at Mizuno Okonomiyaki. So we just got the menu, I think we’re gonna get eekaw seafood mix – Yes, thank you (speaking in foreign language) And ekaw modunyaki – Thank you – Now we’re just going upstairs now guys. (speaking in foreign language) Oh wow! Look at this
guys, fried noodle heaven. So we just sat down, guys We’re gonna get a fried noodle yakisoba and we’re gonna get a rokonomiaki. Wow so we got a pork,
shrimp, cabbage, egg mixture and that’s gonna go right on the grill Oh wow. You can see all of the shrimp
and the pork and the egg is all coming together and
then look at this guys, noodle right on top. That’s like a noodle mountain
on top of a shrimp pancake. So you can see it guys, this is one of the noodles
on our world noodle tour. We got that base cabbage,
shrimp, pork patty and then we’ve got these
fried noodles on top. And we’re gonna be adding
in a bunch of sauce on top of this and I
can’t wait to try it out. We’re just adding on some bonito flakes. Bonito? – Yes – Wow! (laughing) – Ooh the flip, the iconic flip. Look at that crispy layer. (food sizzling) World Noodle tour. Wow, look at this guys, two noodle dishes right here. We got fried noodles, thick fried noodles with a fried egg on top. Looks like it’s half done, so it’s really nice and gooey. We got seaweed flakes
on top pickled ginger, green onions, squid, shrimp and we can just mix that egg in. Oh and look at that, the egg yolk. So we’re gonna get a nice bite. These are fried japanese noodles and that’s gonna be the first bite of fried noodles in
Japan, guys the yakisoba. Right from one of the
most popular restaurants for yakisoba in Osaka. Let’s try it out. (light jazz music) (noodles slurping) Mm, mm wow! It’s all about that ginger in there, guys that pickled ginger gives it a nice, almost slight spice. And then the sauce, inside the noodles maybe a little sweet. And of course, the noodles are charred up, so it’s a little smokey. You gotta come to the source to try these. Oh yeah, look at that. There is the sweet sauce. We’re just adding on. Wow look at that mustard and mayonnaise and the sweet Okonomiyaki sauce. Wow, that is a noodle dish
for our world noodle tour and more sweet sauce. Just look at that guys. We’ve literally seared
the bottom of the noodles, so they’ve got a brown,
crunchy, smoky layer. Doused it in a sweet
glaze Okonomiyaki sauce and we’re just gonna cut into it like a pizza, the pizzanoodle. And what I really love is how it kinda sears off on the bottom, so it’s gonna be crispy as well. Ohh yeah! Look at the bottom, there. It’s totally crisped up. We have to try that out. (slurping noise) Mm, mm, mm, wow guys! It is so mayo-ey. That’s the defining feature. It’s saturated with mayo and that sweet, almost
candy-like Okonomiyaki sauce. It’s really just like
a pancake of noodles. That’s a noodle pancake. The ramen is the
highlight of Japan for me. But, tasting this, at okonomiyaki joint, just like this, is really convincing me that there’s other types of delicious noodles too in Japan. Mm (speaking in foreign language) Wow that was delicious, guys. Osaka is amazing and we’re going for more. And this is it, Osaka. We’re just exploring
around all day today guys and right up ahead there’s a spot Ting
and I came to last time on our trip to Osaka that we didn’t film that has some of the best
street-style, homestyle tempura and this is it here, guys the source of tempura. We’re goin’ in deep to a local spot, “The Tempura Guys.” It’s some of the best food in Japan to try and right up here, this is it. (speaking in foreign language) Wow look at this guys, little Tempura bar. We’ve got a beautiful Tempura set. We’re gonna get the
special deep fried bowl. It’s got two shrimps, beef, Conger Eel, seasonal vegetables, rice
cake and a fish sausage. (speaking in foreign language) Wow, it’s going right in! And we’re just putting in some shrimp. Chef is gonna make us a
beautiful meal today of tempura. So it’s basically breaded, battered shrimp and eel and all types of good stuff that’s gonna be in there. Wow! (speaking in foreign language) (chuckle) People are so friendly here in Osaka. And we’re just covering it in that batter. Chef is a true expert here. So, you can see, we’ve got a big selection
of tempura here, guys. We got that Conger Eel. We’ve got shrimp. We’ve got a couple of slices of fish. We got pepper and oh, it’s all in here. (speaking in foreign language) The bowls are almost ready now, guys. Chef is just pouring some
sweet soy sauce on the rice and covering it in all that
crispy, greasy tempura. It’s gonna be really, really satisfying. Look at this, guys, we got our special bowl right there. Oh yeah, you can see there’s
so much going on there. We got two shrimps, and
beef and Conger Eel. We got seasonal vegetables
and a rice cake, as well as fish sausage. Oh and we’re just covering
it in that light soy. So we just covered it in that soy and now we’re just putting
some seaweed flakes on it. (speaking in foreign language) (laughing) Guys, look at that. That’s the pure greasy
satisfaction of bowls. He’s actually covered it in a
sweet soy sauce on two layers. We got the rice and the tempura and just look at this
big selection of tempura. We got zucchini, we got pepper, shrimp, there’s a beef, like a beef steak. We’ve got eggplant, fish,
fish sausage, rice cake and then look at that big chunk there. This is the Conger Eel. And we tried this last
time we were in Osaka and it’s just so satisfying, guys. That sweet soy sauce with the greasy, almost sloppy filling, tempura batter. That’s what life’s about. Let’s try it out guys! (tempura crunching) Mm, oh that’s the Conger Eel. Mm it’s all about the extra filling batter combined with the sweet soy. Wow and the flesh on that eel is very soft and then of course the
rice will just fill you up. It’s really hard to
have a bad meal in Japan anywhere you go. So good! Mm, and then we can
just go right in for one of those completely battered shrimp, mm. Let’s try that out. Mm, this is it guys. You gotta come to Japan to eat. Eat the tempura, eat the
sushi and the sashimi, the raw fish, the crabs, eat it all. You’re gonna love it, mm. (speaking in foreign language) Wow, a true tempura bar. – Bye Bye.
– Bye bye. (chuckles) See you. Bye bye, bye bye. wow!, amazing guys and
we’re goin’ for more. Next up is the iconic
bowl of ramen from Osaka. Check it out. And this is it right up here guys. This restaurant has an interesting name “Human Beings Everybody Noodles.” It’s a Shoyu Ramen, the line is down the street, and it’s got a clam broth. Clam seafood broth. So you can see there’s
three types of noodles to order here, guys. There’s the macro, micro
and the original flavor. Macro is a shoyu. A little bit lighter. This is a shoyu with dark soy sauce and this is just clear stock. So we’re gonna get macro. It’s a little lighter, but it also has a clam seafood base and we’re gonna get it
with a slice fatty chasu and a half boiled egg. We just been waiting in line for an hour and we’re gonna go in any second. Let’s go check it out. (speaking in foreign language) Ohh and look at what we just got guys. We got rice sitting at the bar. You can see the giant
cauldron of stock in the back. This is most incredible noodle scene guys. Look at this. We’re just boiling away these noodles deep in the cauldron. So I think you just put
a little oil in there and there’s the Shoyu guys. That’s the dark shoyu. That’s gonna be mixed
with the seafood stock, and the ramen and the chasu. (upbeat music) There comes the stock. Look at that, guys. Whoa! Oh and there’s the noodle. Look at those. Wow look at this guys. We’re just slicing that chasu pork. That is the most tender-looking pork. Apparently this place
is very famous for chasu (speaking in foreign language) Wow! (speaking in foreign language) Number one – Number one number one (laughing) This is awesome, guys. Look at this. We’re in a local ramen joint, number one on the ramen
directory of Osaka, and we just got the most
gorgeous-looking bowl. And this is just
absolutely insane-looking. Look at that! Oh oh oh, Chasu Pork. Thick wheat noodles and thin bamboo shoots with a half boiled egg nicely sliced, perfectly
evenly sliced, nagi greens. And look over here. This is Ping’s bowl. She got the dark Shoyu, so it’s a little bit stronger. And then over on mine over here. It’s lighter with the clam seafood stock. We’re just gonna go right
in and get that first, ohhh look at that meat just falling apart, we’re gonna get that first bite of that meat with the noodle. Try it out. (broth slurping) Mm, oh wow! Wygee, number one. Whoa it really is all about the pork. That is the most fatty, flavorful pork infused into the stock there. And this broth, it’s very elegant, yet it does have a slight
seafood flavor as well. These are wholesome noodles. You can actually see there’s
little chunks of wheat in there so they’re very nutritious and dense and almost like a little
earthy at the same time. Oh, let’s go in on another one. (broth slurping) Mm, it is all about the
fatty pork in there guys, with those noodles. They’re very wholesome
and the stock itself, really it’s not too salty. you just got pure aroma from soy, not too salty, aromatic with fatty pork. And you can see why this is number one because there’s just so
many people slurping away. And it’s really delicious. And there’s that half-boiled egg. Look at that guys. There it is. Look at that nice soft yolk, Mm. Mm. Okay.
(speaking in foreign language) Bye-bye
(speaking in foreign language) Bye (speaking in foreign language) Whoa, that is just so satisfying guys and so smooth amazing, amazing ramen. That was one of the most amazing
experiences guys in Osaka. One of the best ramens I’ve ever had and I would love to hear what
you thought down below guys. We’re continuing the Noodle Journey. We’re going to Kagawa next. Please also click that
notification bell as well, so you don’t miss any of these videos. And consider supporting our channel through the membership
feature on YouTube or Facebook Thanks a lot guys!

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